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ever wanted to give rowing a try today we’re here at equinox marina del rey with world champion rower and elite endurance athlete josh crosby here to show us how it’s done so josh why rowing why is it such a great workout rowing is an amazing sport because it uses over nine major muscle groups every stroke wow also it’s rather low impact so you can work really high intensities or go for distance without feeling so beat up after you’re done yeah not a lot of impact on the body that way so josh how do we get started how do we set ourselves up here that’s the beauty of the machine too is it’s really simple to get going what you want to do is you want to first adjust your foot stretchers okay and so you want to move these things up and down you see there’s a bunch of holes if you have shorter cute feet like yours my feet are little you’re going to want to lift them okay so that you have maybe five or six holes showing all right i’m gonna have four holes showing i’m gonna put my foot underneath there and then i’m just gonna tug this down yeah it doesn’t need to be too tight it kind of comes right over the shoelaces right here all about going over the ball of your foot right not the toes not the heel perfect now next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to hit the center button on your monitor that’s going to turn on your screen so that you have all your info to look at okay and then you’re going to grab the handle with a nice loose grip and you’re going to be ready to go yeah all right easy here’s the deal there’s three things you need to know order power and timing so let’s go through the order first order if you just move with me you’re going to push your legs down first you’re going to lean back second then you’re going to pull in with the handle right to the chest okay now on the return it’s the exact opposite arms come out body comes forward legs come up and we’re just going to move back and forth in that order so just think legs core arms arms core legs legs for arms arms core legs let’s get into the power 60 of the power comes from your legs a lot of times people think rowing is all about the upper body right it’s actually more about the lower body so you’re gonna push with the legs really driving those legs down and when the legs are almost all the way down then you bring in 20 of the power from the core and finish it off with 20 of the power from the arms i like that so you really do get the legs to do a lot of that initial burst that’s right and that’s just really gets the cardio going i feel it in the core as well a lot and then that little final touch it’s one out to count in so power phase is a count of one and the recovery phase is a count of two so it’s like this one two three one two three i’ve been too nice to you so far it’s time to bring the intensity okay so how do you do that the beauty is with this water rover gx is you push and pull harder just like you would in a boat so give me a little more push and pull to bring that intensity up think about jumping to the back wall oh my numbers are going up too good give me a little more jump and a little more speed but we still keep that count one two three oh yeah that makes a huge difference now give me five like we’re racing to the finish line go one champion i did no match that’s it one more on this one and there you go wow that’s incredible i feel the cardio my legs are burning more than my back but my core is so engaged that was awesome well you’re a quick learner and thank you for letting me take you down the river thank you josh and equinox marina del rey for showing us how to use these great rowers you were a lot of fun and you just got to keep on rowing nice we’ll see you guys next time on pop sugar fitness
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