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How To Train Like A Victoria’s Secret Model

hey there Exeter’s guess what we have a super special episode actually as super model series for you with my friend Andy or Veck here who’s been taken through a couple exercises that are going to rock your socks off and she’s got a lot of expertise and she’s trained some amazing women thank you nice to be here so I want to show you some of the things that I’ve done with my Victoria Secret supermodels getting them ready for either on runway or the print it’s a series of five movements one minute each you’re going to go super fast get your heart rate up wherever your metabolism for that fat burning get your legs in your butt tone and then we’ll continue on while your heart rate is really high we’ll go right into our weights so here’s what we’re gonna do air squats you’re gonna stay nice feet shoulder-width apart quick as you can thirty Seconds up and down very good wonderful so now if you’re going into this really super fit or you want a super Hardy workout you can carry five six pound hand weights to add on I recommend starting this out just with your body weight it’ll be hard enough on your heartrate very good so from here now thirty seconds into it you’re going to add a little momentum once we get to the 30-second mark this move is going to have a little bit more emphasis through your heels and your toes five more seconds four more last three last two very good enough on the heels up on your toes down on your heels up on your toes there you go perfect good so you’ll be able to strengthen your calves your quads inner outer thighs and your glutes very good yeah you definitely will what I love about Kelsey’s form is she’s getting nice and low and she’s using a lot of power momentum to get up off the ground that’s perfect I bet you feel your legs already good change is coming after this we’re gonna kind of get into a little bit of a speed skater position we’ll be static in the beginning and then we’ll go a little faster two and one so stay nice and low from here go ahead and guard nice and low and I’m gonna have you like a speed skater go from right to left right to left very good yes thirty Seconds here you’re going to stay nice and low on the heels make sure that your glutes are working and your abdominals are holding very nice perfect posture so with this movement after the thirty seconds you’re going to transition to a little bit of speed and plyometric lis go from side to side good job alright so that time is coming you’re getting ready good five seconds four three two now jump from side to side Kelsey very good nice work so as long as your form is good and your knees are healthy for this depth try and get as much momentum and speed as you can in the remainder of that thirty Seconds just like that good breathing good work on the heels getting yourself ready for short short season bikini season coming up you’re going to do what I call jumping over the fire you’re going to do plyometrics from side to side same work with the legs five seconds from here four three two and one with both legs together nice and low arms and guard you’re going to go from side to side jump from side to side I’ll cue you on the transition very good so 30 seconds on the clock good change at the halfway point good work so we know why of course a speed skater has such great bombing legs that’s excellent and then from here the transition to make a little harder if you have the energy you’re going to jump across and pull up the knee that’s coming stay with me I’ll transition you into the movement five seconds four three two now pull up the knee jump over knee jump over knee good nice work so if you don’t have the energy or you feel you’re new in form with this movement stay within the first half of the 60 seconds not the after good job Kelsey that rocks are getting nice and low excellent movements to get you ready for the runway you’ll definitely feel it now in five seconds from here your transition is coming you have four three two and one so to add on to your legs we’re gonna do a little bit of bump a nice and wide every time you squat you’re gonna lift and kick up the leg alternating right to left go one minute from here I’m gonna have you stay here and do the same movement for the entire minute halfway through you can add a little tempo if you have the energy good girl so you’re lifting nice and high squatting through the legs using your glutes to finish off the movement very good okay so you’re ready for my thirty second challenge good girl stay on your heels all the way up counting six more seconds five four tell tempo three two and one Rock and Kelsey a little quicker now same thing yeah go ago there you go there you go good last thirty Seconds good grip with the feet lift up nice and high keep your abs tight shoulders down and back there you go almost there so after the fourth movement we’re going to move into a little bit of plyometrics and ballet we’re gonna combine it for nice long lean legs toning your calves and bump counting down almost there hang on with me good breathing pattern you’re really gonna feel your lungs and your legs four three two and one good stand on up shoulders down and back heels together hands on abs to know they’re working nice loose you’re gonna open from first to second position where you go thirty Seconds good girl so these are kind of go anywhere movements you can do them anywhere you don’t need the gym and they’re really effective to get your heart rate up and to get your ABS glutes calves working very good so it’s no surprise why a ballerina has such long lean toned legs now at the 30-second mark you’re going to start to add the arms it’s going to look somewhat like a jumping jack same plyometric response good girl okay we’re counting four seconds three till we add those arms two now add the arms last 30 seconds very good so this is your last 30 seconds of five minutes of cardio awesome work early nice land on the heels nice reach through the hands perfect formation so these movements can also be divided and you can do a set of weight with a little bit of cardio in between they’re versatile and they’re effective that’s awesome loving your form all the way to the end of the runway last 30 seconds we’re going to take advantage of your heart rate we’re going to put you right into the weights three two and one catch your breath come on over good so while you’re recovering I’m gonna have you grab on nice wide base of support arms are up and then you’re going to just keep the burn in the legs and go right into weights nice wide basis support hands are up nice and tall good I’m gonna have you do 20 nice deep squats very good perfect now if your heart rate is really high you need a sip of water you need to recover for a minute go on ahead and do that Kelsey’s a rock star so we’re not giving her any recovery at all very good after the 20 we’re gonna challenge you and keep you down nice and low to ensure that the quads and the glutes have all that workload in your posture that’s awesome girl I love how your knees are nice and open arches are lifted weights on the heels very good I imagine you’re feeling it totally girl now five more from here and I’m gonna challenge you last three good girl last two now stay down open your knees get as down low as you can lift up that chest my girl now pulse twenty times that’s it perfect so these are the movements that are efficient and they’re fast and they’re intense sometimes you don’t have the time and you don’t frankly need it I know you can feel it very good nice lifted chest very good so on xx one we’re gonna go single leg movement stand facing forward very good nice tall frame alternating reverse lunges isolate the glutes count of 10 per leg 20 told here we go nice and quick pop on out very good love it so what you’re doing well is you’ve got your knees behind your toes and you’re keeping the momentum going so the heart rate stays elevated great to burn the fat 20 total then we’ll do a single leg version with a little bit of overhead press loving your posture and your breath very good so we have six five from here four more till we hold last three Kelcey two more now hold left leg stays back hands above the head up and down ten times per side ten good girl nine excellent posture eight seven six from here five good isolation four more three two switch legs switch legs very good alright hands above the head transition up and down it’s all about the quad and the glute of this leg three four to ten five four more good girls there’s four last three last two last one come on up good shoulders down and back Romanian deadlifts we’re going to add a little bit of hamstrings and glutes to this movement to finish it up drop on down for 15 and a tall super hard contraction at the top lower and lift perfect work good so if you combine all of these movements the minute moves with the plyometrics get your heart rate going your metabolism fired burns a lot of fat you finish it up with all of these muscle tone movement you’ll have great summer body short short season for summer very good squeeze the glutes nice transition v from here last four and you’re done lady last three good hold at the top last one and squeeze your bum squeeze your bum squeeze your bum done that was awesome you were great killer workout my pleasure I don’t care who you are you have got to give that a shot you were just watching see if you’re here with Andy or beckon me calculate here as tickets when you subscribe get involved up email newsletters you can figure out who I’m sweating so much because you guys keep the folks here exit so you could comment you can follow me on Twitter it tells me calm and buy candy at Andrea orbeck calm perfect you guys
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