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How To Thrift Like A Pro, With The Crafty Lumberjacks | Thrifting 101

[Laughter] hello i’m dennis i’m andrew we are the crafty lumberjacks today is a very special treat because we’re going on a field trip that’s right we’re going thrifting we each have 50 and we’re gonna see who finds the best stuff let’s go all right when we went to our first thrift store i was feeling a little nervous about what we were going to find you there boy what day is it [Music] i end up finding a record which i really like the cover art for i don’t even have a record player but that’s fine and a mug which i ended up really liking i found this awesome painting it looked handmade it had like stuffing in it maybe embroidered or yeah it almost felt like a piece of fabric but it was almost more than half of my budget so i didn’t want to rush in and buy it i wanted to see what else the thrift stores had to offer so it was hard to part with it but i feel good that somebody will pick it up and they’ll land in a great place yeah i have a little regret that you didn’t buy it but it was really expensive i mean thirty dollars i well i’m telling you now so you feel bad thirty dollars was a lot of money for that but it was really cute it was cute [Music] the second thrift store was much cheaper i was loving those prices and the holiday section was huge which i was thrilled about [Music] i found a lot of kitchen items which are always fun i found these awesome little hot plates which i think can be turned into wall art or decorative art and i think i spent under 12 for everything i bought i was thrilled we were checking out and then on the way out we found this awesome vintage suitcase yes i love the color it was under six dollars diy potential there a cat bed or even storage for our craft supplies we were really excited about to bring home all the christmas stuff i found oh yeah yeah there you go the third thrift store had a lot of items that were from like old hotels old renovations that weren’t used i really like that last one i think it was a win here it is we got all this stuff for under a hundred dollars we still have some of our budget left and we were even able to donate to the local charities at each thrift store i feel really good i feel like you got some really big ticket items yes it’s on trend it’s so cute maybe we can add some cross stitching to it or something like that yes yeah i mean it’s in really good condition yeah and i of course i’m in love with the holiday stuff i found that’s a great tip too like to find uh seasonal things off-season yes you can always find them for cheaper when it’s not on season and it’s easier to find too as well yeah i have been looking for a santa like this on ebay and i almost paid like 25 for one that looked just like this so 99 cents i was thrilled i found this great shoe shine box you know it’s in okay condition but i really loved how it was made and the way it’s just put together it’s really cute i’m thinking this is uh like a wrap pool table roll table i don’t know but i thought the shape was really cute yeah you know all right got some wallpaper i love the modern yeah i feel like we could do a lot with this two rolls five dollars each a great price and this mug i don’t even know where this national park is but i just really love the colors i thought it was so cute and don’t own a record player but i could frame this and be really thrilled with the look of it all right my turn sorry so the first thing i found was this lampshade i’m always looking for good lamp shades it’s in good condition it’s really cute yeah again i think i could add some like yarn detail or something diy it love that i’ve also found this cute i was going with the whole kitchen theme here i just really love this artwork here it’s just a small little cute picture yes so cute it was only like a dollar this just brought me so much joy yellow a bright color spring is on its way i thought it could be cute with a little uh plant or succulent something like that these i thought were awesome very cheap some wall art maybe yeah maybe add some yeah pops of color the suitcase we thought we always whenever we go shopping we think of our cat of course and right away i was like a cat bed for teddy two for the price of one baby happy thrifting [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuEaLQKYCzg

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