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How To Thrift Like A Pro, With Katie Mack | Thrifting 101

hi I’m Katie if you saw my recent home tour you know I love to discover vintage Vines for my colorful home here’s how I find hidden gems all over Los Angeles and Beyond and some of my favorite finds of all time this vintage Nova of California double Arc lamp is actually my favorite vintage find in my whole home I was able to score up for 300 bucks on Facebook Marketplace and it inspired me to change up my entire room and really sparked my love of postmodern pieces first of all go often if you’re going to find an amazing score you can’t expect to do it if you go like once a week you need to go several times a week and try to go on off days not on the busiest times during the weekend find out when your local stores restock and that’s the best day to go I got this from the PCC flea market for only 50 bucks as well which for a vintage marble statue is an insane steal it’s so beautiful and so well made and it even inspired one of my new wallpapers from my new capsule collection make sure to get there early you definitely want to be one of the early birds to get the good things there are lots of swap meets and flea markets in Los Angeles and the vendors are typically willing to bargain so definitely try your luck this really cool wavy squiggle glass side table I scored on Facebook Marketplace for 125 dollars I actually kind of had a stock the guy because he wasn’t responding and I was so obsessed with it and I knew I was gonna have to fight off a bunch of other people for it which I did but I persisted I wrote him for three days straight finally he wrote me back and I went and picked this up in Malibu and it was definitely worth it if you’re looking for a specific piece and a larger piece like Furniture make sure to always carry a tape measure with you I always have a small handheld tape measure in my bag and it definitely comes in handy so this is my super cute pocket tape measure I actually thrifted this I mean come on how cute is this I was so lucky to score this amazing vintage large round shelf on Facebook Marketplace for only 50 bucks I did drive for it I drove almost an hour to get it but I jumped on it quickly I fought off a ton of other people that wanted it it’s vintage 80s potentially early 90s and I just absolutely love it it goes with my postmodern theme and displays some of my favorite Treasures super excited when I found these super rare 70s mushroom lamps by style design on Facebook Marketplace I was able to score them for 250 bucks so much of my home has come from Facebook Marketplace if you find something you love it’s definitely worth the drive this one may seem really obvious but look up when you go into a thrift store a lot of people miss out on really cool lighting and artwork just simply because they’re laser focused on what’s right in front of them so make sure sure to look up and if you love something buy it you do not want to miss out on it and it may not be there tomorrow another suggestion that I have when I go into a thrift store is I do a scan on my phone with a video and look back through because sometimes I see things in the video that I miss with an eyeball scan so that’s a helpful tip next I’m going to show you one of the best scores that I’ve ever gotten I got this for ten dollars from a thrift store in Florida it’s a Richard Burkett clock I love the Memphis style it’s so quirky and weird when I went to go buy it was so funny the guy at the cash register was like you want that and I was like oh you don’t know what you have yes I do I was like that’s such a cool piece trust your instincts is my other good advice too don’t worry about what’s trendy and what’s popular worry about what you love and what draws you to the piece if you’re really drawn to it just go for it I’ve based an entire space off of a vintage find before and you want to really look for the quality of the piece too pick it up touch it inspect it for any damages is make sure to look at labels on pieces look for signatures look for markings pick it up and really study it if you’re not familiar with it just touch it and get a feel for it the fabric the quality of it see if it feels heavy if it feels like a quality object what are the materials that it’s made out of you can also take a picture and reverse image it on Google search on Google lens and you can try to pull up that piece and see if you can find out if you’re getting a really good deal or not so I also scored this Paul belardo sculpture for Austin Productions It’s Made In 1980 and it’s Too Faced which is so cool I got this on Facebook Marketplace for 35 you would be surprised at how many amazing and affordable art pieces you can find in a thrift store and curate an entire gallery wall out of them I’ve done that so many times you can get a variety of sizes and shapes make sure that you have your spacing correct and then put it up on your wall I was also able to score this amazing David Fisher for Austin Productions 1985 sculpture for 35 on Facebook Marketplace I also like to shop for sculptures for studio pottery vases lamps coffee table books clothing don’t miss out on the jewelry too you can find some amazing deals on antique gold and also on costume jewelry some designer pieces you can find some really good scores if you fall in love with something especially clothing and it’s not the right size get it tailored I actually did that recently with a jacket that I found I fell in love with it it was way too big and the shoulders came out way too far and getting it tailored was still cheaper than buying a brand new piece and then you have something that fits you perfectly and is one of a kind when you see an item think about how you can repurpose it maybe you can paint it maybe you can change the hardware I spray painted the Shelf in my kitchen I also got creative I bought a brass ice bucket and I use it as a planner so sometimes you can find really good deals on items that you can purpose in your home I hope that these tips were helpful and I hope that they encourage you to start looking for vintage finds of your own
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiCN1ONiVQo

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