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How To Shop For Plants, With Christopher Griffin | House Plants 101

well hello darling christopher here aka plant queen and i am the author of you grow girl plant queen’s lush guide to growing your garden so queen whether you’re a plant obsessed or a total lush little newbie i am here to help this is houseplant 101 [Music] love a lush little green girl but don’t know where to start well honey today i’m talking foliage queens for every type of plant parent [Music] honey we are in the streets of brooklyn and we are at one of my favorite plant shop greenery unlimited honey let’s go plant shopping [Music] dive into the lushness darling dive into the lushness this plant shop is known for its biophilic design and biophilic design is when there is intentional incorporation of nature in the architecture or design of a space so darling we’re going to spread around this plant shop and get into some of my favorite foliage queens so right to my left we have an amazing green girl that is really really easy to care for and so if you’re a plant parent newbie honey you may want to add her to your little plant fam and so this is the chinese evergreen and is a fabulous plant that is very light flexible light flexible means that this plant can tolerate a bunch of different lighting situations from bright light to lower light now when i say low light that does not mean no light all of our green girls need a certain amount of light to thrive and engage in what photosynthesis honey and so the chinese evergreen is one of my favorite queens i actually have about five of these queens in my own collection moving on to someone who’s a diva of the plant scene we have the fiddly stig and her nickname actually comes from the shape of her leaves which is shaped like a violin or a fiddle her latin name is actually ficus lyrada and so this is a tropical queen of ficus she enjoys a lot of humidity her native habitats are lowland far so she loves a sultry scene so make sure that you’re giving her bright bright light you want to make sure that you’re letting her soil dry out in between watering and you want to make sure that you leave this queen in one spot she is very sensitive to transplant shop and so you want to leave her in one little spot and make sure that she’s allowed to adapt and get used to her setting honey yeah she’s one of the more difficult queens i’m not even going to share how many of these i’ve sent to the little botanical garden in this guy we’re going to keep that secret moving on so this is the synapsis pictus and this queen is another one that is low like flexible i have this queen in a lower light situation and she’s actually doing quite fine and so for a queen who’s just starting out on her journey this is definitely a resilient easy going kind of plant that is very easy to care for i’m getting really excited because there’s so many lush queens here uh let’s move on to one of my personal faves the zz plant she’s one of my top three for beginner plant parents and that is because she’s so resilient and easy to care for you do want to get her in a brighter light situation even though she can tolerate lower light conditions you also want to make sure that you let her soil dry out in between watering she’s adapted to tolerate drought and so you do not have to water this queen as often so if you’re a queen on the go and you forget to water your green girl this is the queen for you okay girl get into it [Music] you’re thinking of all the planned parents that are going to watch this so this is a variety of calatheas calatheas are known to dry out really really really quickly because they enjoy a lot of humidity the one of the best things that you can do for this queen is bottom watering basically letting this queen decide how much water she wants to take up because she enjoys a sultry scene you want to make sure that you either have her in a bright bathroom or you have a right next to your humidifier because she will brown so quickly i actually don’t have any calatheas in my collection because i do not like brown edges i know a lot of planned parents who brave it out and have a couple of these in their collection but yeah if you are down to care for a very sensitive queen honey then you may want to get yourself a little calacia she loves a show stopper here we have the ficus audrey uh who is related to miss fiddly fig they are tropical queens they really enjoy humidity you want to make sure that you’re giving them a good amount of light so i found that bright filter light so i have south facing windows and i have this queen right in front of that south facing window with a sheer curtain so she’s not being burned with that direct harsh light she’s getting that ambient light that’s being filtered through the curtain and she’s right near humidifier in my experience with having this queen her leaves may begin to drop as humidity begins to fall as winter approaches and as the sunlight decreases from the day so you do want to just be mindful that you’re trying to stabilize her habitat and give her as much sunlight as you can and give her as much humidity you can as the winter approaches she i would say would be more so like the medium to harder you just want to make sure that you know yourself as a person and make sure that you have the time to take care of this queen oh okay all right i’m gonna give folks who are watching this some time to guess what this queen is all right i’m letting you guess all right did you figure it out all right queen this is actually a baby monster deliciosa and isn’t she gorgeous her nickname is the swiss cheese plant because of defenestration in her leave and so when these queens are much younger they do not have those administrations that’s something that comes with age and maturity but this is the baby monstera and i really enjoy getting baby queens and watching them grow into their larger majestic there’s just a certain type of appreciation you have for the plant when you’re able to watch it grow from a baby to an adult okay so funny story i actually have um this queen i have a very complicated relationship with fern so i brought this queen home uh from a shoot and she was just looking so lush and uh she began to thrive and i was like oh my god i can keep other ferns alive outside of the staghorn firm she’s not actually a fern she’s actually considered an invasive species in some country so i was like oh that makes sense while she’s driving with me one of the things that you want to make sure that you do is doing research on the plant before you bring her into your home while she’s nicknamed the asparagus fern she’s not actually a fern so you just want to make sure that you know what you’re getting into honey so let’s get into the crocodile fern and you can kind of tell why absolutely gorgeous the pattern on her leaves is just so beautiful now when it comes to ferns you do not want them in direct light you want them in very soft light and they love humidity you want to make sure that you’re keeping the soil damp um not soggy right because our queens their roots they need air just as much as they need water so you don’t want to drown the plant in wet soil and you do not want to burn the leaves of this plant so if you have a bright bathroom with a filtered window that’s next to the shower that would be a wonderful spot for this particular queen and i would be remissed if i did not bring this showstopping queen out the snake plant oh look how tall she is just as tall as me almost so i love the snake plant she’s really really easy to care for one of my top three when it comes to beginner plants and the reason is because she’s adapted to withstand drought so i water my snake plants about every two to three weeks when it comes to lighting conditions they’re often marketed as low light plants again i use light flexible because she will thrive better in brighter light conditions as compared to lower light conditions and according to nasa she’s known to be one of the best air purifying plants as well so i just love this queen i have about 25 different snake plants in my home and they’re all thriving and doing quite well now we will head on over to the bird of paradise one of my favorite tropical queen and if you’re trying to make a statement when it comes to plants honey then this is the queen for you you do want to make sure that you’re giving her a good sultry scene so a humidifier a human space because she is a tropical queen if you’re looking for a majestic foliage queen honey this is the green girl for john so darling there you have it welcome to the jungle of options you have before you to bring those green girls into your home now remember when you are bringing lushness into your home there are a few things that you can do to make sure you are ready to welcome that green girl into your space number one is to do an environmental assessment of your space sunlight humidity and temperature so you know what you’re bringing that queen into number two researching that green girl and really understanding her needs and her natural habitat i’m telling you it would be so helpful if you understand where that queen is coming from and making sure that you can match that queen to the theme she enjoyed number three making sure that you have a permanent planter ready to go for that queen after she established herself in her new home you want to make sure that when you’re bringing a plant into your home that you are isolating that queen for at least two to three weeks just to make sure she’s not infested with any nasty path and then you want to repot her when she’s showing some new growth or that she’s showing that she’s stable in your new environment and then number four darling planned parent patience honey trust yourself that you’ve made all the right decisions that you’ve done your research and let that queen thrive honey do not move her about let her get adjusted to her new space darling so are you looking for those high maintenance queens like miss fiddle lee fig or you’re going to start with those low maintenance queens like miss snake playing honey if you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to handmade for more plant tips like this [Music] you
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