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How To Set The Table, With Rajiv Surendra | Life Skills With Rajiv

it can be many months before the rain comes Sabu [Music] just love a rainstorm Heavenly this is the perfect weather to be cozy inside my own apartment having dinner right here in the bedroom with the windows open with the rain with the storm setting a table this is how we do it properly [Music] this little table has um seen a lot I do all kinds of arts and crafts on here to cutting wood cutting leather painting and it’s the perfect size for four people to have a nice cozy dinner when I want to do that and all I need to do to elevate this to a dinner table is cover it with a tablecloth this is one of my favorite tablecloths to use it’s just a linen tablecloth with some drawn work which we have seen before there is some Embroidery in the corners and you know what little stains like this stains on the tablecloth that’s gonna happen um many people if they’re setting a table for a formal dinner will put down like an underpad under the white tablecloth that has has like a felt underneath a plastic layer and that goes on the table first and then the cloth goes on top of that it protects the wood from any hot plates that are being laid on the table but it also acts to kind of quiet in the sound of like things on the table I live in a small apartment I don’t have a lot of room I don’t use or have a silencing cloth so the tablecloth just goes right on the table centered and it has been ironed it’s just a nice little touch next plate usually about an inch from the edge of the table that’s standard next cutlery so the knife goes on the right hand side of the plate with the blade facing inwards so not like this it goes like this the bottom of the knife lines up with the bottom of the plate so everything lines up with the bottom of the plate if you have a spoon and you’re going to have soup maybe you’ll have a soup bowl on the plate the spoon goes beside the knife again lined up at the bottom and the fork goes over here so if I had a salad fork I would put that on this side of the dinner Fork this is the Big Fork so that’s the basics knife spoon fork now you might have a napkin the napkin should go this is not it’s not pretty enough for camera the standards are slipping if you have a napkin I like to use cloth napkins again use them let them get stained throw them into the the rag bag when they’re done and get some more they’re nice you do have to iron them don’t be afraid of ironing I want to talk about ironing a little bit because I get I get a lot of pushback about ironing like who has the time to Iron why would you iron some I would never iron something when you’re ironing you’re not just ironing you are alone with your thoughts which is a very rare thing in this day and age to actually be alone that’s not this is not being alone this is somebody else’s ideas that you’re looking at not your own so I want you guys to ask yourselves how often and how long and every day are you actually completely alone with your own thoughts when do you have time to sit and think about your problems and how you’re going to solve them you can’t run away from them that doesn’t work and when I’m ironing I’m alone with my thoughts and I’m processing things so two things happen you achieve something that you can see and touch and hold but you’ve spent quality time with yourself so if you don’t want to do it that’s fine I love doing it and I will always do it I earned napkin goes beside the fork like that and the next thing the glasses so usually when I’m having people over for dinner we have wine there’s a wine glass and we have water now the water glass is supposed to be on the inside of the wine glass like this but very often a water glass will be something on a stem as well I like these glasses for water these tumblers and I just don’t I don’t like the look of this so I break the rules and I put the water glass on the outside and the wine glass on the inside like that if you’re gonna have a separate plate for bread and butter the bread and butter plate goes right there if you’re having dessert I like to always have a fork I go to a restaurant and they give me a spoon lots of people eat pie with a spoon and I think it’s just wrong there’s a different mouth feel like the bottom of the spoon is coming in contact with your tongue when you’re having pie and you sh I feel like you should be able to feel the pie on your tongue the fork is essential for most desserts this is like for ice cream or pudding so I usually put both on the table Fork goes this way with the handle going that way and the spoon goes this way with the spoon handle going that way just above the plate okay final touches some candlesticks for our atmosphere I would never have overhead lights like this if I was having people over turn the lights off light the candles and a little flower arrangement that’s small it’s a small table you also don’t want something so big that you can’t see the person across from you without having to look around it so there we go done [Music] 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