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How To Restore A $20,000 Abandoned Cottage | Good Bones | HGTV

[AUDIO LOGO] The house kind of looks
like a haunted house. It’s a single-story home
with pretty basic layout. It’s got a living room, kitchen,
two bedrooms, and a bathroom. We got it for a
really good price. It was $20,000. We bought it less
than a year ago. But that’s not a thing now. You can’t buy a house
on Talbott for $20,000. So the front is super
cute, actually, with like the little wood details. I want to be able to
do something with them. I don’t know what. So I think we need
to do a, like, complete 180 because
this is very dark, very gray, very like foreboding. Freshen it up and make it
like happy little cottage with like a nice creamy
color and a fun accent. [MUSIC PLAYING] Good job. So entry living room. So musty. Yeah, it doesn’t smell good. Yeah, this all has got to go. Right now we’ve got something
reminiscent of two bedrooms. This whole front
space I think makes sense that we open
all this up to be kitchen, living, dining room. Put a couple of
bedrooms on the back. Yeah. I think that probably
functioned as a bedroom and that functioned
as a bedroom. I would agree. Because it’s all
kitchen back here. Bedroom has a nice sized closet. Well, it’s not going to stay. We’ve got a nice like 30-degree
slant on this kitchen. It’s completely rotted. This one is what mom
calls a chop and pop. We’re going to chop
off the back portion of the house, where the
floor and the foundation are in the worst shape. And we’ll pop on a
two-story addition in the back that will
include our three bedrooms and two bathrooms. On the front of
the house, we need to fix the existing foundation
and open up the front three rooms to create an open
floor plan for our kitchen, living room, and dining room. We bought the house for $20,000. And with all the foundation
issues plus the addition, we’re looking at about
$180,000 in renovation costs. So we’d be all in at $200,000. But since we sold a similar
house about a year ago for $230,000, I think we can
get $250,000 for this one. Yeah. You’re like a little tornado. I got a call. And I have a little
bit of a problem. And I’m like smiling
and laughing. And it’s– Because you want to cry? It’s just because
this is ridiculous. What? It’s gone. What happened? It just fell over? It fell over. We had to make some fairly
significant accommodations. The old house was super
close to the property lines and exceeding the
allowable green space. But because it was
grandfathered, we were good. But now we’re not anymore. We’re no longer grandfathered. So we had to shrink it a bunch. So we chopped off
some from the back. We chopped off some
from the front. Although the house
will be smaller now, we designed the front elevation
with the three big windows that were in the original
cottage, keeping the front porch and door
just to the left of it. And we kept the
open layout when you first walk into the living room,
dining room, and kitchen area. The big change is
that now we have space for only one
bedroom and bathroom instead of two bedrooms
on the first floor. The important part was we had to
shrink our footprint so we met our new easements
and our green space, which meant putting
a bedroom upstairs. So we still have
the three bedrooms. Because we’re pouring
a brand-new foundation, it’ll be strong enough to
support a full second story. And that means
that now, when you come up the stairs, the
main bedroom and bathroom are to the left. And that third bedroom we
didn’t have room for downstairs moves up to the second story
to the right of the stairs. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) It’s so hard. Despite our initial setbacks
to the Talbott cottage, our team has been hard at
work pouring a new foundation and framing our brand
new two-story house. (SINGING) Everyone’s got a home. You know that I am with you. After we made the changes
to add the third bathroom and move the water
heater downstairs, we quickly moved on
to siding install. And on the inside,
drywall is finishing up. And we’re priming the walls. Nice little calm morning
to lay some floors. Yeah. You know? Birds are chirping. Sun is shining. This floor goes down so easy. With the flooring down,
we’re making progress in the rest of the house,
turning our little cottage into a minimalist,
modern farmhouse to appeal to our
potential buyer Jared and his girlfriend, Jordan. Inside, the white shaker
cabinets have been installed. And they’re going to look
great with the white subway tile backsplash we chose. In the main bath,
our mosaic marble tile surround is in, which ties
in our minimalist color scheme. Mom’s repurposed
console tables are going to add some wonderful
farmhouse charm to the kitchen. Oh, perfect. Outside, the sod has been laid. And Austin and I planted
some boxwood bushes and a tree out front to add
some color and curb appeal. We’re also installing a barn
door to add another layer of farmhouse to the main suite. Ta-da. Ooh, it’s got a
nice little bounce. Boom. Jared and Jordan have already
put an offer in on this house. And they have just been chomping
at the bit to see it finished. But it’s not a done deal. They could still pull
their offer if they’re not happy with the house. So we really need to make
it feel like home for them. This is definitely going
to give him plenty of room for entertaining. Oh yeah, this is nice. I just love it. A little trey. Love it. I’m obsessed. It’s gorgeous. So you know the story
that the original house that was here, that we were
going to rebuild, fell down. So an opportunity– Yeah. –to give you a little
more square footage. Yes.
It all worked out. The original house
was about 900. So it kind of worked out a
little bit better this way. This is so cool. Do you want to go
see the inside? Yeah.
Heck yes. Follow the leader. Ta-da.
Holy smokes. Oh my gosh. I love this. This is beautiful. Look at the backsplash too. Absolutely beautiful. I love the backsplash. And the high up, all the way
to the ceiling, cabinets. Yeah, the cabinets
to the ceiling. Oh my goodness. This is so cool. I love this. So before, it was just three
rooms that were all separated. So even though it
fell down, we still kind of kept the front
edge looking the same so it fit in in the area. So it’s still got a little
bit of that charm to it. I love the openness of it. This is awesome. Oh my goodness. Perfect for entertaining. Everybody’s all in the space. We’ll go around this way and get
a closer look at the kitchen. OK. I love white. This is beautiful. I love the knobs. I know. I love the color of the knobs. We wanted to do the copper
again to bring in some warmth Because it is a lot of white. You got the quartz countertop.
I love this. That’s white. All the cabinets. So the copper just kind of
warms it up a little bit. Yeah. Oh my goodness. I love the amount of light. We go a little crazy
on our cam lights. And the rectangular
windows, I love. We kept the front windows– well, new ones. But then we wanted to add
these high, skinny ones so you do get some more light
from the north and south. But you still have some privacy. Yeah. I love it. Yeah, the natural light in here
is going to be really nice. You got, you know,
plenty of seating. You could fit a
massive sectional in here if you wanted. You got lots of
options for sure. This is perfect. Holy cow. It’s a nice little space. What we had before was
the closet on the right. And then it was actually
the furnace and the water heater on the left. And I got to give
Ted some credit. He was like, we got enough
room if we scoot the wall. So your closet’s
a little smaller. But you have a full en suite
bathroom for your guest room. Awesome.
That’s awesome. Yeah. Yeah, we have lots of friends
that’ll come into town. So this will be perfect. This will be awesome. So we have a queen bed in here. But you could easily fit a king. Yeah, we have a king, so. Yeah, I feel like–
Perfect. This is awesome. You got the nice high,
skinny window on the back. So you still get some light
but a little bit of privacy. [MUSIC PLAYING] [VOCALIZING] Do you like the shower?
Yes. I love it. This tile is amazing. Oh this is perfect. You guys not only
have an awesome house, you have a huge backyard. This is perfect. I feel like your dogs
are going to go ham. Yes.
They’re going to love it. Love this backyard.
The fence– I feel like you’re going to
have some really cool cookouts. Yeah. 100%. Yeah, I love this. And I love the patio. Like, the size of it is perfect. Yeah. It’s absolutely beautiful. I love the openness, the
floor plan of everything. The master bedroom is awesome. I love the barn door. It makes it so cute in there. And then when you walk
into the bathroom, oh, I just love the bathroom,
the separate vanities we have. Mm-hmm.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWYeAxNJRtc

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