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ah [Music] hey guys welcome to my room back in the UK in my parents house as you can see on the bed behind me I’ve got all my stuff ready for my next trip and also on the table here so this video I’m just going to go through all of the things that I normally bring on one of my trips so you can replicate that or get an idea so you know the kind of things you need to bring for a budget backpacking trip now I will mention I probably have more stuff than most backpackers as I do make these videos as well and I think in general I just take a little bit more so to begin with I have two pairs of shoes here one or more like a big pair of trainers and these are slightly smarter more casual shoes that can be used for anything or they probably need a bit of a clean both black easy to go with anything moving on to the clothes underwear I always bring 10 pairs of boxers and 10 pairs of socks and also ankle socks usually about four pairs shorts and trousers I’ve got this pair of more casual shorts which are good for lounging in hostels they’re really comfortable one pair of these Chino shorts black jean shorts some chinos black jeans and one smarter pair of trousers which are kind of like chinos and casual as well I know that’s quite a lot most people probably only bring one pair of shorts one pair of trousers you can go that far if you want to but that’s why I bring t-shirts I bring tendon total long sleeve t-shirts for sleeping at night I’ve got two there and one pair of like pajama trousers and these are long-sleeved and long trousers instead of shorts or t-shirts because in countries like India you have mosquitoes and I currently don’t take any Malarone or any malaria pills and so when I sleep I want to cover all my skin apart from my feet I don’t cover my feet I can still get bitten there but in general you’re like 95 percent covered from mosquitoes when you sleep if you wear these clothes and that is half the problem if you’re sleeping in just your boxes then of course you’re more likely to get bitten three shirts here as you can see sometimes I like to mix up a bit one jumper plain blue not that thick pretty thin goes in my bag quite easily as most the countries I travel to a pretty hot based on your time of year you probably won’t need a jacket but it depends where you’re going and I have one thin raincoat here which is really good as well goes in my bag really easily so that’s if all my clothes they go my main bag and I’ll show you my main bag in a minute but I’ll just head over to all my toiletries first to give you an idea of what you need for a few months worth of traveling so I’ll start from this side to begin with toilet paper must-have for countries like India China probably as well for Southeast Asia although I’ve not been to that region of the world yet in general have a roll of toilet paper with you all times of course when this runs out I’m gonna buy a replacement and carry on that way cleansing wipes I always have these wet wipes to clean my hands and they go in my day bag which is this bag over here I have one at a time I keep the other one in my main bag and antibacterial wash to wash your hands before you start eating of course after I’ve used the wet wipes just minimizes the risk of getting sick basically so moving on here as you can see these are all a bit worn because they came back from my India trip and well I don’t have to buy any new ones so might as well use the same stuff again although at the end of a trip this is the kind of condition your stuff might end up in anyway it’s always good to have some plasters ibuprofen and paracetamol are pretty important just in case you feel sick and you want to you know save yourself a trip to the doctor maybe you can pop a few of those and you’ll feel better in a day or two imodium is a bit of a lifesaver if you think that you might need to go to the toilet on the bus that doesn’t have one or if you’re on a train journey that you don’t want to have to squat down ten times four or if you just have diarrhoea in general they will basically stop you from needing to go for about twelve hours I used three of them in India I’ve got three left for my next trip they don’t make your stomach feel too good I have to say they’ll go a long way and they’ll really save your life at times multivitamin tablets a good extra to have keeps you with all those minerals and vitamins that you might be missing otherwise as you know eating out and about all the time isn’t necessarily the healthiest lifestyle pair of scissors they do just come in useful again an extra you probably don’t really need but I use them I’m left-handed and these are left-handed scissors and I don’t know I just can’t go without them bonjela again unnecessary but if you have any cuts in your mouth or anything you can use that salve lon I think this one is quite important its antiseptic cream and so if you get a cut you can rub this on and it minimizes the risk of infection you don’t want to get any infections while your broad mosquito repellent extremely important if you’re not taking malaria tablets in a part of the world where malaria exists and also minimizes the risk of things like Japanese and careful itis and dengue fever none of those are particularly appealing things Sun cream of course important if you’re a pale white pasty boy like me and you need to stop yourself from burning again sudo cream I mean kind of similar to South LA you probably don’t need both but this time I’m planning to go for a while so I decided to bring this to toothpaste toothbrushes enough to keep me going for quite a while as you can see small scissors and nail clippers pretty self-explanatory a razor has at the moment I’m rocking the clean-shaven look my hair wax moisturizer all-in-one shampoo shower gel and face wash that kills three birds with one stone they’re of course deodorant a razor to obviously cut hairs what else does a razor do some shaving gel of course which goes with my razor after shave pretty straightforward and of course some aftershave balm for whenever I shave so most of this stuff goes in my to wash max which in turn go at the bottom of my main bag I’m gonna show you all the rest of my stuff now which I bring my other vlogging tripod at the moment I’m currently holding one of my tripods and obviously my main camera my laptop here and my laptop charger of course my wallet inside my wallet I have one two three bank cards you want to have your money split across some different bank accounts if you lose one card then you’re not basically screwed my phone and my Kindle which I use because when you’re traveling a lot you just have so much time on your hands that you know it’s good to read this is a universal adapter which is really neat as you can see on the universal adapter you have the different settings for depending on which region of the world you’re in so just use it accordingly as you can see you can select the different ones that you want depending on where you’re going this is my old bike lock and this obviously goes in like that and I put it around my bag whenever I’m on a train and it goes under the bed at the bottom while maybe I’m sleeping on the top and I know my bag safe because my bike lock is there to protect it so no one can steal your things while you’re on public transport this is my camera case inside here I have just my own vlogging stuff it’s my camera charger and some lenses my memory cards in here it’s actually my old Gameboy case in here I have some wonderful pictures of myself in case I need anything for one of my visas I have like three or four I think I about five there actually which is really useful make sure you have some pictures of yourself that you can use in case you need them passport of course can’t go anywhere without this add this baby for a while now as you can see you can’t even really see United Kingdom at the front probably need to get a new one European health insurance card I’m not currently heading to Europe but it’s always useful to have it with you in case you do end up in Europe sunglasses of course kind of a must if you’re going to hop bright countries this is my external hard drive or my memory from all my or clips of my videos and finished videos on this baby here travel money for the place that I’m going I’ve got the money I have in US dollars to get my visa it’s always good to have two hundred US dollars backup money so say your wallet gets stolen and all your cards are in there which shouldn’t happen because I’m gonna split my cards into different parts of my bag but say you lose all your cards or say that your card gets rejected for whatever reason you have two hundred US dollars emergency money to transfer into local currency to get yourself out of a sticky situation until someone can wire you some money or whatever you just never know when you’re gonna need it so it’s always good to have emergency money here I have a photocopy of my passport I also have that on an app called Dropbox but it’s good to have it in person it can really come in useful because of course if you lose your passport then it’s not completely the end of the world and then this is my day bag which also can attach to the front of my bag here and make one massive mega bag but I rarely do that I just saw carry this one on my front and carry this one on my back okay so now I’m gonna go through my big bag he’s been with me on two trips now as you can see it’s from mounting warehouse and it cost me about a hundred pounds the key when buying a good backpack is to look for something that has lots of different pockets and layers so you can see I can put my laptop in there or I can put some things in this slit at the bottom there’s an extra pocket which is where my wash bags go yeah I love this bag it’s really useful so that’s it that’s all my stuff I’m gonna quickly show you how I get it all into my bag and the best way you can pack it up so when it comes to putting it all in your bag what I normally do is I roll up all of my socks and stuff them into the soles of one pair of my shoes the pair that I’m not wearing take two socks like so roll them from the bottom and then pull them over so they go into a tight little ball you can probably get 80% of them into your shoes and then the rest just go in the bottom of your bag and this bag is going to be your wash bag so whenever you have dirty clothes you can always throw them in here and then that separates them from your clean clothes and it’s easy for you to know when you’re away what needs washing and what doesn’t need washing shoes then go straight into the bottom of your bag that’s the first thing on top of your shoes you want to put your first wash bag as you can see I’ve put my toiletries into to wash bags now one of them goes on top like that and the other one I usually put in this section at the bottom next of course start with all your underwear and roll up all of your clothes like so so you can get as much in as possible for that and they’re like that the same goes with all your t-shirts and trousers and shirts roll everything up like so pretty straightforward and that makes everything much much easier to fit into your bag huge tip which I think you already know never put your valuables in your cabin luggage of course keep them in your hand luggage that’s laptops cameras currency whatever it may be if you lose that then at least you only lose your clothes and your toiletries and it’s replaceable all the underwear inside at the bottom with your wash bag and shoes don’t forget to set aside one pair for your outward journey and make sure when you go out you include wearing your jumper and your jacket to save space and do yourself a favor on the flight don’t go with the black jeans go chinos or something comfortable like trackies or joggers next I usually go with trousers and shorts and then on top of that I roll up all my t-shirts and then finally I add in my shirts all of this stuff goes in my day bag and that goes in my hand luggage of course when I’m out and about during the day when I’m traveling this stuff stays in my hostel or my main bag in my locker in my room so I’ve managed to fit everything into these two bags one more thing to mention I have three locks that I use at all times these usually go on my bag here this one for the bottom section this one for the top section just in case someone tries to get inside your bag when you’re traveling it’s very common this one I use in hostels as my main Locker padlock slightly bigger than the others I’ll put these two on whatever bag my laptops in if for example I’m leaving my bag in somewhere where it’s not protected in a locker so that’s everything for this video I hope you found it useful and if you like these travel tip videos then I can make more of them let me know in the comments below what you think or if you just prefer me making travel vlogs and actually going to places please let me know your feedback I know you’re all dying to know where I’m heading so I won’t put you through your misery any longer I’ll reveal my next destination waking up tomorrow morning to catch a flight to Bangladesh that’s my next destination and videos are going to be coming out pretty soon stay tuned
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