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How To Make The Perfect Egg With Eric Nam • Tasty

this dress it’s like the SATs hey guys it’s Eric Nam and I’m here at tasty and we’re gonna make my favorite eggs and even more Chinese I’m not gonna eat them Inc is gonna eat them so excited I’m just gonna try not to kill you here we go it’s very very simple guys we’re gonna take a bowl we got some eggs we’re gonna do three eggs I have three eggs in a bowl trying to process what I do raise chopsticks because chopsticks are really great for cooking they’re nimble and they aren’t like this two little sticks now we’re gonna put a little milk in it too it’s kind of oh there you go your milks gonna make a little bit more fluffy and a little creamier we’re gonna start whisking if you want to get technical go to culinary school follow a recipe on tasty this is not one that you should follow you could follow it but I’m just all right right definitely put a little too much milk in it this is how eggs are supposed to look right you know what because there is a whisk I’m just gonna try it and you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna add another egg you look hungry too look this is clunky chopsticks so much better it’s a little more edgy there we go there’s the egginess now I do I asked for truffles do you think it’s bougie exactly why it’s for truffles what I actually have travels in my house hell no these are going to be gone and like dead and rotted and Suzhou shaved truffles carpaccio and extra virgin olive oil they are from Italy oh it smells so good you can cook your eggs in olive oil I’m actually gonna do them with butter because I’ve never done it with butter before I’m gonna go low heat long time fluff them up just fluff up your eggs just gonna go back to the chopsticks shot at the chop whoever made chopsticks couple hundred or thousand years I don’t know brilliant there we go you have it on that’s why it wasn’t heating up I’m looking at the truffles and I really don’t know what I’m gonna do with them I’m just gonna get really inventive that’s enough about it right drop it in here we’re gonna take some truffles I’ve never used truffles before just gonna chop them up just a little bit do I look like a chef it’s David Chang gonna call me be like yo you have some really good knifing skills you want to join my team like how much you gonna pay bro oh wow these are definitely warmed up when I throw the truffles in here because we’re gonna get that truffle flavor into the butter instead of having big chunks of truffles in your eggs I think truffles are best when there’s like a hint of truffle nice too much truffles and you’re like wow that’s like so overwhelming I have like fungus all over my food I’m gonna add the eggs I’m like really stressed right now because I need this to work out add these in now it’s a question of how are we gonna cook these I actually don’t know but I’m gonna use chopsticks right now is that enough it’s probably enough we’re gonna put a little salt in it a little seasoning coarsely ground black pepper how do you like your eggs you’re eating it you should tell me okay all right we’re going scrambled that’s what’s happening we’re gonna scramble them up just like this and we’re done but these look horrible so okay look it smells like nothing meaning it’s definitely under flavored underseasoned I like you barely smell the truffle like you smelled butter we’re gonna do a little bit of garnish right here horribly cut can’t even do these all right here’s what we’re gonna do we have this version of eggs right here those are there but I’m insecure and I have more eggs left so we’re gonna do one more version see how this turns out welcome to tasty y’all we’re gonna get some butter on this skillet I’m gonna get more truffles distressed just like the SATs I swear to god they’re amazing oh you hear that crackling sound of oh did you see that jumpin truffle it just just jumped up god I hope this is good we’re gonna use a new technique to finish off these eggs guys your fault I’m not eating these I don’t know I like I’m actually don’t know what I’m doing here’s my thing with eggs just eat them anything’s fine I’m trying to make you a nice omelet it’s not working maybe I’ll turn the heat up just a little bit why is this not cooking I try this get the edges we’re gonna try rolling them that’s what we’re gonna do do you think it’s gonna work you don’t look confident in my abilities it’s fine we should definitely do the chef’s flip – one – whoo I knew that was gonna work out works out perfectly I might have pulled something my neck now we’re going to tuck this in somehow you know what it’s probably done and it’s probably perfect so I’m gonna go ahead and plate this for you that’s supposed to break off look I’m just gonna top it off with some salt you know it’s a little bit of seasoning all right we’ll give it a little bit of chili flakes perfect fluffy beauty miss perfectly done truffled eggs I just hope you like these eggs and if you don’t I’m just gonna say like maybe like your flavor profile is it yeah you might want a lot of sriracha sauce – mm-hmm all right thank you her face is getting red I’m really nervous right now it’s really good that was a very very again a very mousy very good it was very good okay he’s right really mmm I know you added salt later it was a really nice touch and then I like the chives in there and then the truffle you were right about the truffles it’s like just enough so you get a hint a bit of it and it’s not just like I’m bougie I’m gonna add you let me say it’s like we’re a budget bougie right yeah you don’t try you should try it I should try it because I have no idea what this tastes like very good no I should have my own series this is great tasty I like I’m open to doing whatever you want with good all right guys thanks so much for watching I hope you guys try these eggs they’re very very good don’t be surprised when they’re so good you freak out and pass out cuz they’re freaking amazing thanks for having me if you guys make it go ahead and tag me on the social so I can see if you make them better than me you probably can but in the mean time as you make your actors you listen to my new album it’s called before we begin and the lead single is congratulations and it’s a jam so I hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you guys soon [Music]
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