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exterior yeah let’s talk about the exterior to me curb appeal is figuring out what you can do to the front of your house to make it feel really personal if your house is a reflection of you your family you’re going to like the way it looks and everybody else is going to like it too one of the ways i love to update the front of a house is by adding texture so if the front of the house is just one material say it’s all stucco i want to mix it up a little bit adding texture where there wasn’t texture before is a great way to change the look of the front of the house i love board about insiding because it’s a really simple material it’s usually budget conscious and it’s a great accent material they’re evenly spaced strips of wood over a flat panel behind it we’re putting the battens up on this board and batten siding this is one of those things that the value is really good you know like we’re not spending that much money on this but it’s completely changing next year of this house this is a traditional craftsman style finish but it can be used in mid-century modern architecture if you’re going for more of a truly modern look you can also use this material it’s great on a cottage i use it in what i call a california craftsman all the time so there’s a lot of ways to use this material i love using lab siding because it gives you the feeling of custom carpentry this lap siding is going to be the detail that sets this house apart it’s going to look cottagy it’s going to look craftsman it’s different than just something that’s flat it has a lot of movement to it and it’s a great way to add interest to the exterior of your house i love adding stone to the front of a house it’s a great way to add texture it’s another material it feels really natural that said i don’t think you need to put it on the entire face of a house or it’s going to feel like you live in a castle so which isn’t a bad thing if you want to live in a castle by using stone in strategic spots you can really add a lot of visual interest to the front of the house for not a lot of money a front door is a really great way to add personality and really say something about who lives in this home picking a front door color can be hard if you’re really struggling look at your closet figure out what you wear i mean maybe i like the color yellow literally my front door is painted this exact same color i just realized that carrie told me she wants a new front door the first time i met carrie she’s wearing this bright blue shirt i was like i really like your shirt she’s like it’s my favorite color i’m gonna paint her front door that color it’s gonna make all the difference in the front of this house protect the manicure you know what i’m saying there are a few rules when painting your front door my secret is to go with a color that i really like and then go all the way down to the darkest version of that color so this isn’t bright blue but it’s definitely a pop of color for the front of the house the reason i picked the bottom color is because usually it’s the most saturated version of that color and it just feels a little bit richer it has a bit more of the hue to it so when you look at the front of the house it reads that color but it’s not quite so jarring painting the garage door is a great way to add a lot of curb appeal to the house and visual interest that said you don’t want to get too crazy this garage door is literally the same garage door that every other house in the neighborhood has so i am spraying this beautiful beachy blue think about how this garage door can function with the overall design so if you have a blue house don’t paint your garage door the same color blue do something that’s a bit darker or a bit lighter and then you’re going to have that contrast that the front of the house needs adding wood to the front of the house is a great way to add just a natural element i mean you have that like really organic texture with the wood grain it’s interesting and it’s just something that isn’t painted it definitely matters what type of wood you use for the extra of your house and the finish also matters a lot as well so if you live close to the beach choose a wood that’s really hardy and can withstand a lot of moisture if you live in the desert choose a wood that can withstand the sun and the heat i mean there’s just a lot of different things that go into choosing the type of wood but your local hardware store can probably help you sometimes people get a little crazy with the paint and they paint over things that should be left we’re literally blasting away the cookie cutter of this house yeah absolutely yeah we sure are like oh you want to be a cookie cutter [Music] posts and beams over the years they get these layers of paint added to them and by removing that paint and bringing back that natural wood grain it can provide a beautiful contrast and just something that’s really unique to our house adding a metallic accent to the front of the house is just a great way to add just one more layer that you might not otherwise expect but when you see it on there it’s like oh now i get it it just looks good i love copper because it’s a metal that isn’t as predictable i mean you see a lot of brass you see a lot of like galvanized or like a silver color metal but copper is somewhere in the middle and you don’t see it as much i want to put new gutters on that are copper that are going to like be the jewelry on the front of this house like they are going to sparkle they are going to shine over time it will patina and it’s going to be totally different i mean i haven’t seen any other house in this neighborhood that has copper gutters and that copper rain chain i mean you can’t argue with that it’s almost like having a fountain in your front yard it’s just one more way to set this house apart by adding copper caps to the end of these beans i was able to just add a little bit of bling to the front of this house and really set off that spanish hacienda style design right now it’s shiny like a penny but as the weather hits it it’s gonna change right it will start to turn a little brown red and then hopefully eventually green you know the patina oh my gosh it’s so pretty wow i could see myself hey look hey [Music] you
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