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HOW TO MAKE JELLY BEANS How TO Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon This week I am going to show you how you can
make jelly beans at home. The first thing that we need to do is make
a mold and to do that I am going to use playdoh to make little jelly bean shapes. You can make it whatever shape you want but
it doesn’t come out super detailed os keep it simple. Your finished jelly beans will also be bigger
than your molded shape so if you want little jelly beans then make these molded shapes
smaller. Use a hot glue gun stick them to a ruler or
flat piece of wood making sure you leave some space between each one. Now fill up a baking tray with cornflour and
we need this to be completely level and smooth on the top edge. So I am filling it right to the top of the
tin. So that I can use the edge of the tin to smooth
that out flat. Now take your jelly bean shapes that you made
and push them into the cornflour to make an indent. Continue to do that all the way down the tray
so you have a whole sheet of jelly bean shaped indents. In a saucepan mix together the sugar and the
cornflour, and for the ingredient quantities that you need for this recipe see this weeks
recipe post on the website, there’s a link in the description just below
the video. Then add the glucose syrup or the corn syrup
and the water and stir until they are well combined. Place the pan over high heat and stir until
the sugar is dissolved. Then remove it from the heat and wash down
the sides of the pan using a wet pastry brush. This gets rid of any sugar crystals that might
still be on the sides because they’ll make the inside of our jelly beans crystalize and
we don’t want that we want it to be nice and smooth and chewy. Return to the heat and add a candy thermometer
and heat it until it reaches 245F or 118C Using a spoon pour the hot syrup into each
indent. And you need to do this straight away or it
will set in your pan so quickly get a spoon and pour it in. This is why your cornflour needs to be completely
flat, because if it is not then the syrup will run out of those indents. Now you need to leave those to cool for a
few hours. Once they’re cold you can scoop it all out
into a sieve and shake it to get rid of the cornflour. And this leave us with the middles of the
jelly beans. And you can eat them just like that if you
want to but if you want to make them colourful on the outside then what we need to do is
put some corn syrup into a bowl and add to that some colouring and flavouring. I am going to use a deep pink colour which
is almost a red colour and raspberry essence for these ones. Mix it together really well and then put two
small spoons of that into the beans and mix them around and around until they are sticky
and coated on all sides. Then transfer those jelly beans into a bowl
of caster sugar which is just fine sugar and then stir that so that the sugar sticks to
each one and coats it, make sure none of the beans are stuck together just seperate them
because you want the sugar on all sides. To make the coloured layer thicker then you
can just repeat that same process add more or the flavoured mixture and then more of
the sugar on top. Now you could serve them just like that but
if you want them smooth like real jelly beans then you need to tumble them. For that you could do it by hand but you’d
be standing there for an awful long time so I am using a kids rock tumbler. Add in the jelly beans and to stop them sticking
together I am also going to grate up some cocoa butter and add that in as well. Now real jelly beans when they are making
them they either use an edible bees wax or commercial additive like shellac and that
makes them shiny and it stops them sticking together but I don’t have those so the cocoa
butter is just going to stop them sticking. Turn on the machine and let them tumble for
about two hours. Turn them off and tip them out, and now you
can see after a couple of hours of tumbling they are nice and smooth, they are not as
shiny as real ones, as I said you’ll need the additives for that. But they are just as yummy. Subscribe to How To Cook That for all the
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website. Have a great week & I’ll see you on Friday. [music: The boat song by youtube/setsailtv
used with permission]
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