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How To Make Decent Bread From Scratch

have you ever wanted to learn to cook but just didn’t know where to start well we’re the guys from sorted food and we’ve teamed up with coops great now cooking a free online course to show you how to up your food days so head over to now cook it to get started but for now check out this video from the course today we’re going to show you how to make basic bread it uses some really simple sheet wall ingredients flour yeast and water but in the oven it transforms and something that everyone loves freshly baked bread so the key ingredient is our flour this is strong white flour by strong women it’s a strong content of protein or gluten in the flour and that’s what gives the bread its elasticity bounce it’s crumb that all goes into the bowl and then we’re going to add in some salt some sugar and our yeast and this is the dried stuff you get it in a sachet you want about 7 grams one sachet worth for the 500 gram flour that can go in as well make sure it’s separate the sugar and the salt is grief so wait until it doesn’t really like it give it a mix up now the yeast did in there as a leavening agent so it Jones reduce the dread its rise but also so much of its flavor let’s activate it needs four things one of those is food it gets food the forms the natural sugars and flour plus the little bit of sugar we added these things up it also needs moisture or water so we’re going to add water to the mix any injuries though thirdly it needs wool which is why how horses just slightly warm to the body temperature about 37 degrees basically anything out of a wheeling cap it isn’t too hot and finally it needs time we’re going to come on to the time in a minute so what we need to do is pour our water into the dough leave a little bit back of your measure that amount in case you don’t need it all can always add more if you need it you can’t take it away and then mix it together I’m just using a table knife really simple while it’s wet to make sure it doesn’t stick to too much and a table knife is a lot easier and a fork or spoon is much easier please this whole process can be done in a mixer with a dough hook it’s just a simple to do it by hand it just takes a bit more effort this will need a little bit more of a water when I get my hands in as soon as you start to get one dough then it’s best to get your fingers in you want to bring it together and as soon as it’s all in one lump get out on on the board make the next process a lot easier if any point you find your bread is a little bit City it has tiny touch more flour but we don’t enjoy this out you do want it Cassie philosophy what is he doing is stretching the gluten in the flour that will give you a really elastic so at this point you can see it’s kind of going to break this muscles not looking great we have to keep working it like this for about 10 minutes till it’s soft and elastic that will give you a little a movement is using the heel of your hand just moving it around on the board you’re not beating it it’s more just kind of giving it a rough matter it’s worth mentioning that into your flour you salty sugar you can add other flavors like dried herbs or garlic powder or spices but today we’re just going for the classic if you’re doing this by machine 5 minutes probably enough of my hand a good 10 let’s really get that stop slacking even offer a few minutes it’s getting better it’s not there yet let’s go and pass the dough a completely opposite to pastry dough these ones we want to work hard straight to the gluten give you a trainload of the plaintiff needles we have a soft pillow of dough and now you can leave it to rest attend determine to prove and in that time the you is going to the men do you want to touch bottoms unders with a nice smooth top we’re going to leave it they fold covered with a tea towel in a warm room attempt importantly if the piece time and again in that time it’ll feed on the sugars and it will give off carbon dioxide and that’s what gives it bubbles and makes it rise half an hour it looks something like that that’s our proven dough and at this point we knock it back which basically take out the excess bubbles you can see the texture of the dough now and as you do that you can smell it yeast is giving so much flavor to this bread give it one final need and at this point if you want to you can put in some extra flavor some fresh herbs and cheese sandwich Marcos or olives now’s the time to add it after that first proof and after that first group you can see the consistency the bread it’s even softer than it was before and now time to bake it and you can bake it anyhow you like we’re gonna do in the lopatin so grab yourself a loaf tin again just like before you’re gonna stack it under so you’ve got nice round tops this time not a ball it’s like an elongated shape and put it into our pin push it out flatten it slightly and then we’re going to leave it for a second through for another 30 to 45 minutes hundred key now again just a room temperature and it was ballooning up at that point you’re ready to face debate our risen go preheat and average 220 degrees there’s different places ovenproof raid on the bottom of the oven as the bread goes is where water is that straight and that’s abuse is Prust you want to bake this for 15 minutes at the 220 and then turn the temperature right down 180 degree Celsius for another 20 minutes later you know when your load is cooked because not only has it risen a little bit more than before it went in the oven but it’s now golden on top and if you turn out give it a tap it should sound hollow at this point you need to let your loaf completely cool before slicing it in summary a few things to remember to get your bread right every time first of all is the room that we use need to do is proving that’s why you warm water and through this at room temperature the second one is time give it plenty of time to double in size first in the bowl and then secondly in the load Nick thirdly when you bake it a really high temperature start with and a tray of water at the bottom of the oven sprayed see then turn it down perfectly baked finally we know it’s they do you’ve got that follows now remember all those and if everything you need to make basic quick [Music] and then
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