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How To Make A VEGAN CHOCOLATE CAKE RECIPE How To Cook That Ann Reardon & Vegan Frosting

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon
and today we’re finally making a vegan cake. It’s been a long time coming and that’s because
I’ve been spending quite a bit of time doing experiments and baking all different vegan
cakes so I could develop a recipe that I was actually happy with. This is quite a fudgey sort of cake – if you’re
after a more of a traditional sort of airy cake texture I’ll put another recipe on the
website. To make this cale though, you will need flour,
sugar, cocoa powder, flax seed meal, vegetable oil, vanilla, baking powder and water. And I’ll put all the recipe quantities on
the website for you and I’ll link to that below. Add the sugar and cocoa powder. Now I’m using cocoa powder and the main difference
between this and cacao powder is that cacao powder is made from unroasted beans and the
cocoa powder is made from roasted cocoa beans. And so because of that the cacao powder has
a much higher Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capability – which basically means it has a lot more
of the good stuff in it. But we are going to bake the cake in the oven. So I’d only suggest using the cacao powder
in recipes where you are not using heat because it’s a lot more expensive and if we’re heating
it anyway we are going to reduce that amount of good stuff in it. But it is important to say though even normal
cocoa powder still has very high amount of the good stuff compared to other foods. Add the flax seed meal. Now this is replacing the eggs. Some vegan recipes use apple sauce but I experimented
with that and found it justsunk in the middle and it’s just adding more sugar to the recipe. While the flaxseed meal gave it a bit more
structure so it had a better shape to it. Add in the oil, water, vanilla and baking
powder. And mix it together until just combined, you
don’t want to overmix it. Pour that into two round a lined baking tins
and bake at 180C (350F). For the frosting you’ll need almond milk and
vegan chocolate. Just check the ingredients on dark chocolate
and find one like this that does not contain any milk in it at all. Heat them together in the microwave in 20
second bursts stirring well each time until you get a nice smooth ganache. And once that is good and it looks like this
put that vegan ganache in the fridge to chill. Once the cake looks ready, pull them out of
the oven and insert a knife into the centre. Now if that knife comes out clean they are
done. Run your knife around the outside and then
just leave that to cool in the tin. Now take some icing sugar and dairy free margarine
again just check your ingredients to make sure you find one that you’re happy with – and
whip them together. Once it is smooth add in the ganache that
we just made and whip it through to make a beautiful rich vegan chocolate frosting. Now if you don’t want it quite so rich you
can use a bit less ganache but Iike it to be quite chocolatey so I add a bit in there. Place one of your cooled cakes onto a cake
stand and add a generous scoop of frosting. Spread it out to make it level and then add
the other cake on top. Then use a spatula to cover the top and sides
of the cake all the way around. And put that in the fridge to chill. Once it has chilled give it a second thin
coat of frosting and take your time doing this, we want to make it look really nice
and neat. Now to make our decorations for on top. Melt some more of the vegan chocolate and
spread it out on some acetate. Once it is just starting to set draw lines
across it using a knife. And yes you will need to temper this chocolate
if it contains cocoa butter – you can find my tempering video on the chocolate playlist
on the How To Cook That Channel. Then immediately place a rolling pin in the
centre and wrap the chocolate up and around it and press the ends together. You migh want to put something on it to weight
it down so you don’t have to hold it. Take a thin strip of acetate and cover it
in chocolate then carefully sit that inside a baking tin to make a ring. Once that is set spread out a circle of chocolate
onto acetate a little bit bigger than your baking tin. Then add the ring of chocolate that we just
made, make sure you take that acetate off it before you put it on. On the inside of the ring sprinkle some sliced
almonds because they will go nicely with the dark chocolate and add a bit of crunch. Then once that starts to set run your knife
around the outside of the ring. To make our bow, remove the acetate from the
curls and gently break them apart. Arrange six of them in a circle and then add
some melted chocolate into the centre. Now add another six curls in the gaps in between
each one of the ones that you put there for the first layer. Then add a few more to the centre, just add
as many as you can get to fit so it looks like a full bow. Take off the extra chocolate from around the
lid. Then carefully place the bow on top, and if
any break off just add them back into place using a little bit of melted chocolate. Pile up fruit on top of your cake over to
one side. Then rest the lid on top of that. And there you have a beautiful vegan chocolate
cake. Give this video a thumbs up, subscribe to
How To Cook That for more cakes, chocolate and desserts, click here for the recipe, here
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