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How To Make A 3-Course Meal In One Pan • Tasty

uh how do you pop chris do you twist i don’t think you do i mean this is not popping you’re doing it backwards oh yeah [Laughter] hey guys we’re back in my kitchen and i don’t know about you but i am so tired of doing the dishes i don’t have a dishwasher just have one of those drying racks so i have challenged myself to try and cook a three-course meal in one pan that’s right guys i’m gonna be doing an appetizer an entree and a dessert all in this pan i don’t i honestly don’t know if that’s achievable but but it’ll be fun so let’s give it a try and then we’ll get chris in here to taste test chris you’re gonna taste test so first thing i’m going to do is prep our appetizer and i think jalapeno poppers would be perfect i love the gooey inside the crispy outside and then like just little kick of heat from the jalapeno so we’ll take one jalapeno and just cut him right in half next we’re going to use a spoon to remove the seeds and the insides of the jalapeno the seeds are what make jalapeno really really spicy and we’re going to try to tone it down a bit and if you don’t have gloves don’t worry just make sure you wash your hands afterwards and try to avoid touching the seeds as much as possible when doing this go ahead and repeat this on two other jalapenos our final one is done i have one more jalapeno left and this is going to be for our main course which is going to be [Music] so i’m going to slice this into thin slices so we can put it as a topping on the pizza push these off to the side and we’re gonna stuff our jalapeno poppers so i bought already whipped cream cheese this way i don’t have to put in a bowl and kind of break it up with a fork less dishes less fuss that’s what we’re all about today so take about a tablespoon of cream cheese per jalapeno boat i have some bacon strips i’ve cut in half and we’re just going to wrap those around the jalapeno and try not to overlap the bacon when you’re wrapping this because we want to make sure it cooks all the way through especially since we kind of have limited amount of cook time we’re dealing with other elements don’t overlap next thing i’m going to do is basically make like a little foil tray for our jalapeno poppers this way if any bacon grease like falls drips off it’s not going to seep into our pizza or our dessert so i’m gonna fold in two inches on one side and i’m gonna fold in about two inches on the other then you’re gonna kind of dog ear the corner and fold the two sides together all right my little tray is complete i’m gonna put him in the corner and we’re gonna put our jalapeno poppers inside cute i’m gonna go wash my hands and we’ll move on to our main course so the next thing we’re gonna make is pizza and the reason i picked pizza is because the dough bakes at around 425 and you can cook the jalapeno poppers and the bacon around the same temperature and hopefully for the same amount of time first thing i need to do is open it which is always i forget pop press peel yeah okay pop oh i’m just gonna try it with my hand pop okay pop how do you pop chris do you twist i don’t think you do i mean this is not popping you’re doing it backwards oh yeah [Laughter] get out get out it’s been a while oh he’s open i’m gonna oil my pan and then we’re gonna lay out our pizza dough okay next step we’re gonna do is i have a can of marinara sauce here and i’m gonna use that as my pizza sauce this is totally customizable you could even do a pesto base for this or an alfredo base next we’re going to sprinkle with some mozzarella cheese we’re not using fresh mozzarella on this because we don’t want any of that moisture to leak out and again get onto our dessert and i love a little pepperoni on the pizza so i’m gonna do about 12 slices here last but not least i’m gonna add some jalapeno slices on here for a nice green color and i just like a spicy a spicy pizza she looks so good i gotta chill out i gotta calm down but i just didn’t know you could do this all in a panda i mean we still i’m celebrating a little too early i don’t know if it’s actually gonna work i’m so excited about what we’re gonna try for dessert so let’s go get all the stuff for that and i’ll be right back the last thing i’m going to whip up is a s’mores pie i love s’mores so much it reminds me of camping it reminds me of summer but instead of using pie crust i’m going to use puff pastry puff pastry generally bakes at 400 degrees which is perfect for our pizza dough and our jalapeno poppers with the bacon so first thing we’re going to do is lightly flour our surface here we’ll set our puff pastry on top we’re not going to roll this out very much we just want to get rid of the creases so we’re going to measure out a 6 by 8 rectangle and then you can save this puff pastry and use it for something else another little quick dessert next i’ll score a half inch border around the rectangle make sure you don’t go all the way through the puff pastry if you’re doing this at home so the last thing we need to do to prep our puff pastry is to dock it with a fork and this is going to allow steam to escape and keep the bottom from puffing up while the outside will grow much bigger this looks great i’m going to transfer this to our pan next thing we’re going to add is a little bit of a hazelnut chocolate spread and you’ll just take that and you’ll spread it all along the base sprinkle some marshmallows on the top but this is going to give you that roasted marshmallow camping taste we’re going to take graham cracker of course and we’re just going to coarsely crush this up so you can just do this by hand it doesn’t need to be fancy one last thing we have to do and i don’t have it ready hold on hey chris where’s our pastry brush last thing we need to do is brush the edges of our puff pastry with a little bit of egg wash this is just going to give it a nice shine and golden brown color not the healthiest dinner but a fun one so i’m going to go put this in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 to 25 minutes watch it like a hawk and hope that everything cooks perfectly together fingers crossed all right wish me luck it actually worked i’m so excited so last thing we’re gonna do is add a little bit of garnish for the pizza i’m going to take some fresh basil i’m going to do some torn and some whole pieces we’re going to add a few more marshmallows to our s’mores pie and we’re gonna break up one more graham cracker and then i’ve melted about three quarters of a milk chocolate bar in the microwave and i’m just gonna kind of zigzag that across the top it’ll help keep our marshmallows down and our graham crackers down chris chris i have made a three-course meal whoa in just one pan first up we’ve got jalapeno poppers as our appetizers delicious for your main course is a pepperoni pizza ooh and is that some spice i see on there is it some jalapeno jalapenos some fresh basil and then to finish the night we have a delicious s’mores pie this looks really really good let’s let’s make our plates then okay ready okay okay you know what’s really good about that everything everything let’s try your lovely pizza next okay my fresh basil it’s really good okay can we have dessert now [Music] oh my god i just blew my mind it’s more of an experience than it is it’s an urban experience right you have a puff on your face do i no it’s over there i love you i love you too oh so much chocolate so much chocolate in that case sorry all right what movie should we rent uh can we rent something like that takes place in a period piece how about the history of soup no [Music] you
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