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How To Lose Weight Fast

hello and welcome to exit I’m Kelsey Lee and you are going to be doing a hundred calorie workout today meaning we’re going to try to ditch those hundred calories that you got from whatever you ate that you shouldn’t have or just wanting to lean out a little bit and get your your fitness on so we’re going to go ahead start in a squat position do a couple these just regular and we’re going to bring it up to a squat jump you guys ready for that all right here we go just little baby jumps there you go gonna get the heart rate going activate the cab good work nice and tighten the core ok don’t want extra compression on your lower spine nice and relaxed through the neck keep it up good job alright if something’s hurting just take a little break I know we just got started but we want to take it slow good work keep reaching just a few more and we’ll move on last one and hold it nice job okay so next up after those awesome squat jumps that you just did we’re going to switch it up go in the lunge position static lunge is nice and slow low-impact but super effective drop it down all the way you don’t need to tap your knees almost okay good work nice and slow nice and tight in the core good job feel the quads from the glutes working hamstrings too-hoo heart rates going up already good work about eight more we can do it all the way down don’t cheat last one alright go ahead and switch bring it out nice and slow if you haven’t stretched you could be really tight drop it down bring it up perfect keep going big range of motion drop the knee down make sure you have a wide enough stance so that ye isn’t going over your foot keep it up you guys are awesome glad you guys are getting your workout on with me today keep calling a few more if anything’s hurting seriously take a rest one more all right bring it up nice job okay next up we have a squat jump and a tap so what that’s gonna look like squat position jump up tap it together okay can’t even make it that time but you know what to do here we go jump on in take your time good job magical here today like wings keep going should be burning at work whoa almost there keep it going oh my gosh oh good work clouds of burning oh my gosh so next up more squat action but this time one-legged just like this my heart rate is like hello keep going one-legged oh not a big range of motion all we’re doing here getting some stretch through the quad as we come down to the glute good work should really feel the 20 outside the front area good work keep it going don’t give up I’m still going alright one more of those bring it all the way up nice work okay so you see what I did there all I’m doing is crossing my leg over so ankle right over the knee how many jump ever so slightly okay bringing it back up if that’s not working for you just take one leg raise it up a little baby squats okay perfect alright so let’s go ahead and get this leg going jump on in nice and slow good work whoo and I’ll be on it I think I pulled something in my hamstring earlier I’ve been doing a lot of horse riding lately and so I’ve been super tight so if you’re like me you’re a little tight today take it slow don’t rush through and not a huge range of motion good work ankles who like stabilizer stabilizer a good thing one more oh oh all right good job okay good work you guys just knocked out lower body we’re gonna bring it to the upper body and then putting it down to the ABS and be done you guys ready for this all right good work we’re gonna move on get on the floor get our push-up going you guys ready so bring it on down you can totally do girl push-ups use your knees if you want otherwise she’s gonna look like this just pull it up jump on in good tickets well point the toe take it flow up like a toe making a rap song over here at kick album will be out tomorrow go to work can’t see in my hairs in my face keep going point the toe bring it up more last one one more push F Oh take a little break you guys doing okay next up we’re doing more push-ups I’ll move it around okay and we’re going to incorporate a tee we’re gonna open it up you guys ready here we go all right push-up position whoa here you go jump on in widen your stance with your feet here my nose good work open it up starting to sweat there you go rotate hm last one one more push up oh whoa good job okay we don’t get it just fit here we have to get up so go ahead and stand oh my heart rates going crazy this is a good thing all right so we are moving on and now we’re gonna get the fight not with each other but our imaginary friends who are mean to us all the time take out some of that aggression sirs gonna go hit hit bring it down uppercut make sense bring it down hit jump on in good job trying to not get my hair in my face good work keep the hands up I’m not a pro boxer so don’t hate good work guys good job 30 seconds on each side and we’re switching get that person to the chin you guys are awesome keep it up last one oh all right go ahead and switch don’t line my hair going everywhere alright so remember what to do hit hit bring it down make sense jump on in good job I know I’m moving a little slow over here got some hamstring hurtin good job v up moving my mat around good job whoo all right last one Pitts all right okay stay right there and I’ll see you like that oh all right got my medicine ball you guys have weights you can use those too all right basic bicep curls open up the chest axis of rotation as a shoulder and get them under there a little more there you go notice my soft knees I’m not super bent not locked out when we controlled squeeze at the top you want to feel full isolation keep the elbows in do not let your elbows align keep them right there nice and still nothing’s moving but your forearms good job slow and controlled you can using super light weight and you would be feeling this good job all right bring it up overhead tricep extension okay keep your elbows together I don’t want to see any of this over there on the other side of the computer screen okay right here here we go jump on in you want to split stance you can do that too watch the elbows you don’t know that’s what I’m watching you good work keep it going all the way up keep the elbows in we’re almost done with these bring it down so you’re feeling of stretching the back ear tricep back of your tricep back of your arm tricep okay bring it on bail nice slow steady good work all right we are done with this so we’re gonna pull it on out because I just see that I almost my house down okay all right nice work today you’ve already done our lower body our lower bodies on your lower body and upper body I’ve done mine over here okay so we’re gonna hit the ABS to bring it on down max let’s start with mountain climbers so go ahead face this way and all we’re doing you’re pulling it up okay just slow in control get the isolation at the top so you bring the knee and go ahead and exhale jump on in good work keep the butts down as much as you can probably won’t be as flat at the plank but not way up in the air good job keep it going pull it in nice and tight there you go don’t give up be a do it not a watcher right keep going hey I’m sweating over here that means you should be too keep it up feel the lower abs work in pulling up shortening contracting bringing the knee in good job keep going oh we’re getting er done good job seeing the light at the end of this tunnel whoo almost there few more last one and take a break oh all right back on the mat okay bicycles are next you guys aren’t gonna believe me but there is sand all over my mat cuz we were to Beach recently doing some fun stuff so I’m getting sand B over here bicycles but straighten out the leg okay let’s bring up the lower the lower the upper abdominal area and rotate good transition there nice work good work you guys get here it over here but there’s some funny sounds going on across the way keep it up almost there really Palma me rotate the elbow make your knee and your elbows kiss it’s gonna see touch but make them kiss there we go good work keep it going keep it going we’re almost done how do you guys we’re getting through this better be some beads of sweat happening over there if that sells crying whoo all right three two last one ha okay so next up we have flutter kicks that means you’re staying right where you are point the toes and kick there you go the lower you bring it down the more resistance little baby flutter kicks are best like this oh I’ll keep it going good work bring it up active breast there you go nice and flat through the lower lumbar take a break if your back is coming up and it’s hurting and all that means is you need to keep your conditioning going you’ll get easier I promise oh stop all right next up we have some super tricks all right so what that means is land position and switch them in front of each other pretty simple right look how mesmerizing my magical shoes are awesome keep it going point the toe not a big range of motion don’t bring it out wide keep it real small there you go switch switch switch Oh perfect straighten out the leg seeing the light at the end of the tunnel we are I promise whoo two and one oh my gosh all right you guys you are amazing and you’ve completed today’s ab workout upper body workout lower body workout so proud of you guys keep it up make sure you’re subscribed here on exit leave a video comment we want to hear from you and also follow me on twitter at Kelsey we calm
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