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How To Get Legs Like Jennifer Lawrence

now Jennifer Lawrence you might have had a little bit of a slip up at the Oscars but she still has great legs and I’m going to show you today how to get those legs so we’re going to start on your feet together and we’re just gonna squat out to the side sort of like a side lunge squat and we’ve got 24 of these alternating on each leg so we’ve got 12 on each leg he’s done for now I played hockey two days ago and I’m feeling really stiff so if I don’t look as flexible as normal that’s why it’s not cuz I’m not trying hard I can just really feel my feet my hamstrings and my cords were super tight I can’t even sit down yesterday with that painful okay keep it going hair so really squat down fill it in that inside leg hit it in those glutes keep it going you just got four more let’s see do one more panda shake those legs out okay now we need to pick up the dumbbells you haven’t got dumbbells then you can just use like tin cans of food does just as good job and I just want you to put your feet more than shoulder-width apart and your dumbbells on your tin cans are going in front of you I just want you to squat down keep that back nice and straight I’m gonna do 15 walking feeling my glutes every single time I come up to the top okay really squeeze keep that back nice and straight try not to arch it or put your head forward just keep that spine nice and straight okay keep going keep breathing inhaling and exhaling great job everyone come on keep it going we are toning up those legs by to go four count with me whoo and your last one and ready squeeze it as you get to the top okay we’re gonna hold onto those dumbbells and I just want your feet when we keep width apart just gonna hold the dumbbells to your side and we’re just gonna slowly raise up and then come down just doing slow cross raisers okay we’ve got 15 now taking it nice and slow now I want you to see that I’m not gonna go all the way down with my heels now gonna completely touch the ground you just want to hover them about half an inch above and it might not look like much of an exercise it really is gonna be strengthening up those calf muscles you can see – super tight they were really cramping up on Sunday and then drink enough water that’s my problem and if you do get cramps in your calves the best thing to have before you do any exercise is something like a banana okay four to go how to keep that back nice and straight – and your last one slowly taking it down cool ready for my carbs are so tight okay keeping those dumbbells in the same position and I just want you to lunge backwards and back together we’ve got 12 on each leg let’s do one leg at a time keep your back nice and straight those arms straight holding onto the dumbbells okay keep it going guys come on you should be really feeling in those quads now five to go keep it going guys three two come on squeeze last one okay let’s popping straight over on to the other leg no rest in between oh I tell you what I haven’t played hockey for about five years mrs. field hockey okay keep lunging with you I’m gonna tell you my story this is field hockey I know American you think of hockey is on ice skates and skating bear this is just a normal astroturf pitch and I haven’t paid for about five years you’ve got five more of these to go and I’ll tell you what it really was a shock to my body I had a great time doing great sport okay come on two more and the last one okay get those legs are shaky get now coming back to similar where we we’re on the car phrases oh and your dumbbells in front of you the slight bend in your knee and we’re just gonna come forward and then come back up again now I can’t move much today cuz my legs are really sore but it’s just a small motion okay you got ten of these you’ve done – okay that’s it we really are strengthening out those hamstrings this feels good to me it’s a good stretch my legs five to go that’s it thank you back back nice and straight and gonna arch it try not to stick your head forward you that’s fine nice and mutual okay come on give me one more make it count okay now you can put those dumbbells down give your arms a bit of a shake now this one I know it’s going to be painful because I’ve been trying it out this morning and it’s really good for stretching out those legs so we’re going to take it back one at a time as if you those you would start position in a race and I want you to come up without touching the floor bring your knee up okay you got ten on each side now it’s really good for your balance too and if you are struggling and you can just bring it here and then bring the knee up if you can do it all in one motion it’s gonna be even better halfway through on this leg can you feel the burn guys cuz I’m feeling in my legs three more two more whoo keep it going and your last one got my legs about to give way okay let’s go babies a little rubber leg that came just in time ten again on this side to really want a big lunge okay it’s not just a normal lunch it’s a lot wider as if we are going to start for that sprint can you feel it you feel the burn you’re halfway whoo Debbie feel it in my leg you can see I’m starting to wobble it’s okay you can just put that leg down if you need to two more last one make this one camp okay your last exercise now I want you to put your feet as if you’re in the first position in the ballet class and we just step out to the side your legs are going to be more facing a 45-degree than straight forward and I just hook it to a Down we have 12 on each side okay it’s your last exercise guys so let’s make sure we keep going all the way to the end you really are going to see the results if you get through each workout that’s what they’re designed to do designed to work out all those muscles in our legs okay keep it going you got five to go on this leg for countdown with me as the best thing to do is countdown when you know you got three left to go to last one on this leg okay let’s take it out to the other side I’m just going to give it extra extra right what all these guys credit points you can keep finishing all the way to the end okay so you want to think about when you go out to the side you’re bending both legs in the beginning was more of a side lunge we’ve had one leg straight but we’re keeping these both knees bent five to go and then you can have your s3 I’m gonna look and pull to my rest up this last one all the way down all the way up bring it in and then shake those legs out whoo okay well that was a definitely a great exercise too if you’re feeling like really stiff you might have done a really big run and your muscles are feeling a bit tight best thing to do is really stretch them out cool and that also weird me out to exit has got so many more videos for you you can subscribe to the channel you can hit this link we’re gonna sign you up for the newsletter my name is reka Louise you can follow me on Twitter at the model pilot it’s been fantastic working out with you today and I hope you work out with me again soon
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