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How To Get Legs Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel Model

Valentine’s Day is coming up an exit and me Rebecca Louise are going to help you get into shape with our angel series today is series one and we will be working out those legs so taking it to start we do a squat and then we’re just going to take it out to the side just staying on the same level we’ve got 30 seconds of these so we are going to be working these legs this whole exercise is designed to get those Victoria Secret Angel legs as it keep it nice and low now the whole way through this routine just make sure you’re breathing the whole time I will keep reminding you but I often am holding my breath when I’m working out and that’s what’s going to make you feel dizzy keep it going five seconds and your last one okay take it into a wide squat and we’re just going to take it down and up okay so really squeeze those gluts as you get to the top working out these quads and the glutes as you get to the top as it nice and low and you’ll be getting in shape for Valentine’s Day guys you do with your friends everybody involved squeeze it in okay ten seconds Oh three two one okay next exercise when your feet together now this is actually one of Victoria’s Secret models do so we’re inspired by them we’re going to take it out to the front and then step it out to the back okay you’ve got 12 bees that’s it that’s a nice simple exercise but if you do it controller you’re gonna really feel it in those glutes and again in those quads as also improving that outer thigh as well that some of you have been asking me about okay keep it going you’ve just got 12 of these on each leg nice and tall okay give me two more touch to the front to the back you can really start to feel it on that ten to one especially commit okay let’s warp it over so just a little tap to the front and back round as it really squeeze those ABS too it’s going to help with your balance and keep squeezing your glutes all the time all the time that’s it really squeeze okay keep it going to feel your heart rate getting up that’s it he’s breathing almost there okay two more and touch to the back okay now we’re going to take it out to the front we’re going to stay in the same position on you to extend the leg up and then take it out to the side and then take it to the back okay ten of these on each leg forwards side and back this is really good too for your balance if you’re finding it hard and you are wobbling just thinking about staring at something straight in front of you and just focus now we’ve been working out the legs of doing the similar sort of exercise so you can really start to feel it on this supporting leg now that’s it squeeze those glutes in you’re halfway there that’s it eally if you can just put it up a little bit off the floor that’s great it’s a good start oh really feel it and that underneath leg now okay just give me one more of these flow to the front and to the back okay switch over to the other side I needed that mother leg was just about to give way pull it to the front okay nice slowly and controlled there we only do five of these it’s not going to do anything you need to do the full set and after when we are doing exercise and when it starts to hurt we give up but those times that it hurts that’s when it’s really working our muscles and we really are gonna be toning up so if you feel pain just keep doing a few more excellent job guys keep it going we’re getting those angel legs squeeze those glutes through over halfway that’s it taking it to the front and squeeze to the back okay give me one more of these and finally to the back okay give those legs a shake I can definitely feel might have been working okay we’re going to take it down to the floor okay coming down onto the floor I just want you to get into the cat position we’re just going to extend the leg out bring it in touch that knee to the ground and then extend it out we’ve got 12 of these on each leg now if you don’t need to or you’ll find this too easy you don’t have to touch your knee to the ground just bring it into your chest and then extending it out and squeezing those glutes you get to the back let’s let’s squeeze keep that leg nice and straight as you get to the back that’s it keep it going you can really feel it in your tummy too so make sure you’re putting that belly into the spine number ten two more extend out and last one let’s swap right over onto the other side so extending it out and then bring that knee into the chest now you don’t need to extend your leg much at the back just so that it makes a line it’s a straight line out that’s it pull that tummy in keep it going eight nine ten and give me two more if you can on squeeze and your last one okay never gonna do a similar move so back onto this other leg I want you to take it out on a diagonal and bringing it across to me working those different muscles in our legs you’ve got 12 of these again so just nice slowly and controlled extending that leg out and bringing it in excellent job guys just think about how you can feel after you’ve done this workout and the improvement you’re going to see on your body if you just keep doing these workouts excellent job guys keep going eight nine that’s it keep breathing and two more last one go and squeeze okay take it to the other side to extend that leg out on their diagonal and then bringing in across now they’re just changing the angle that we’re extending our legs is going to change the muscles that we’re working and get as an all-over tone up legs okay keep it going now these Victoria’s Secret models it’s not like they were just born like that they also they work out hard and you can do it to ten that’s it you’ve just got two more of these make them count last one squeeze and down okay staying in the same position again we’re just going to bring our leg up into a right angle and we’re just going to push up to the ceiling twelve reps two three that’s it squeeze those glutes pull the tummy in that’s it keep it going now we’ve been working at a fast pace if you need to stop at any time just make sure you just press pause and you come back as soon as you’re ready okay let’s switch on to the other side and they’ll push it up to the ceiling it’s just a small movement so don’t need to drop it down to here just taking it up that’s it six pathway eight exit your small pulses up to the ceiling okay two more okay two more exercises left so coming on to your side are we to bend the underneath leg and take one leg just shrug it out to a diagonal oh and it’s going to lift up so really are gonna be working this outer thigh we’ve got 12 reps okay try and keep your back nice and straight it’s going to be squeezing those glutes as well we’re going to swap onto the other side after you three more two last one okay scoop it right over to the other side no breaks again bending that underneath legs shaking out to a diagonal and 12 that’s it keep it coming pulling time we don’t want a slab you just want to keep it up nicest to keep that out late nice and straight okay squeeze those gluts each time you come up to the top two more okay switching back onto the other leg straight over bending that leg again underneath and we’re just gonna bend our leg in and straighten up okay 12 the beads again I just redid you just keep doing these exercises just one today you really are going to improve the toning in your legs these outer thighs it’s hard to work and your glutes too so we’re going to get that perky little butt that we want for summer keep it going give me two more okay stopping right on the other side can really start to feel it in those glutes now you’ve just got 12 reps to keep it going all the way into the end of the routine go on squeeze make each one count you can do this just when you’re watching TV you just watch TV sit down do some leg extensions and you won’t even know you’ve done it okay keep it going you’ve got two more push and last one make it’s quick but you can’t squeeze and relax okay well you’ve done the first in your series of our angels so if you want to keep going and working out and getting ready for Valentine’s Day then you’ve got to check out the video tomorrow then make sure you check it out X he has also got plenty more workouts for you legs arms cardio the whole works is there it’s free to subscribe so no excuses my name is Rebecca Louise thanks for working out with me and I hope to see you again tomorrow
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