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How To Create A Maximalist Home, With Bari Ackerman

[Music] hi I’m Barry and here are six tips for creating your own curated maximalist home number one establish a color palette throughout your home in this house I use oranges greens and pinks and I use varying shades of all of them so that you have a lot of depth in the colors that you choose tip number two don’t be afraid to mix patterns I have a really easy formula for this contrast plus through line equals pattern mixing success and what that means is you’re going to contrast maybe the scale of your patterns or the different types of patterns that you use but you’ll use color as a through line to make all of those look great together tip number three is more is always more unless it’s not used with intention and purpose so one of my favorite signers of William Morris said something to the effect of have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be beautiful or purposeful totally paraphrased so when you’re looking at what you’ve put together be sure to edit it for purpose and beauty tip number four is when creating a gallery wall be sure that you make it cohesive in some way not just willy-nilly put things on the wall there’s three different ways you can do this you can use a similar subject matter throughout the wall you can use a frame that maybe is similar throughout the wall doesn’t have to be the same frame maybe it’s all gold frame maybe it’s all an ornate frames but something that’s similar throughout that or you can use a color as a through line throughout the wall so on one of my walls I have all florals in this room behind me I used a similar color palette throughout the wall it’s mostly Reds with little bits of green and bits of blue in it tip number five is if you have collections display them as collections put your like things together to create a really beautiful visual statement tip number six is to embellish small items in your home right here I have a stool that I embellished I painted it all green and then I did some really easy breezy florals that I’m going to show you how to do so I’m going to put this apron on so I don’t get myself schmussy which I pretty much don’t own anything that doesn’t have paint on it so let’s be real okay so what I have here is just a piece of paper to show you how you could put different really easy abstract florals on some of your furniture so I’m dipping my brush it’s just a round brush into two different colors and this is really just like Mark making on your paper so maybe the top of a little flower maybe I’ll do a little swirl here just want to keep it super simple you’re just Mark making so that’s a little bit with the round brush and then I’m taking an angled shade brush dipping that into a little bit of the green I’m using that straight part and then I’m pressing down to create a leaf all I just straight and then a leaf and then we’re going to kind of like connect these florals so like if I was doing this on a dresser I could kind of have them connect together simple easy don’t worry about it being perfect and if you keep to a very simple color palette you’ll be able to create a really pretty cohesive little design you’re just making marks it’s not it’s not rocket science you’re just Mark making like there’s a little petal there there’s a big petal here and your brush is really doing the work sometimes I’ll take the tip and I’ll dip it in some paint and that’ll give me some little dots again I’m going to take the flat angled brush the Shader brush little swirl Swirls and then we’re going to connect our pieces together the more you try to be perfect I don’t know about you but if I try to be perfect on anything I’m I’m gonna end up making a bigger mess than anything the more fun you have with it the better it’ll be so when you’re embellishing your furniture just don’t be afraid to do it pick up the paints you know you’re going to make a mess maybe practice on paper first and the more you do anything the better you will get at it so those are my tips for creating your very own curated maximalist home have fun with it edit and play if you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to handmade for more videos like this [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msv8JZF-wzY

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