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hi I’m name’s Kelsey my name is Becky and we’re the scigirls and we’re super excited to bring to you a video today that’s sponsored by therapy Thank You bear for sponsoring and collaborating with us on this video without you we probably won’t have been so inspired it’s true so you guys know we moved into a new office I guess not to know been here for a while but there’s been a list of things that we wanted to do and one of the big things is put in like a kitchen area basically put in a kitchen where there wasn’t a kitchen and if you guys know us we don’t like spending money so we went out and got some old cabinets and it made them over with Behr marquee interior paint so this video is great if you guys want some tips on repainting any kind of like cabinets or anything similar or if you need some inspiration on some color blocking or design elements for a makeover you want to do in your space so here’s how we did it so we’re going to break this project down into some easy-to-follow steps assess it our first task in redoing our kitchenette cabinets was to actually acquire some kitchen cabinets because our office didn’t have any to begin with we got these bad boys online off of somebody that was redoing their kitchen we put them in place to assess what our plan was in the process we learned that this was the X spice cupboard and although the drawers all look the same they are all slightly different and it would have been really smart to label them but we didn’t so this was our first game of musical drawers and this guy on the end lost next we have to prep our area and cabinets we lay down a drop cloth and pulled out the drawers and remove the doors from the cabinet’s sand it you guessed it now we give everything a light sanding we use both an electric sander and a sandpaper sheet to get into the nooks and crannies wipe it use a damp towel or oops don’t trip pick a tack cloth to remove all the dust from your sources paint it finally we get to painting we are starting with Behr marquee which is bears most advanced paint in ultra pure white although ultra pure white isn’t a part of the one coat hide collection it does have superior stain blocking and resisting technology we don’t often get to roll but it’s much easier than brushing the one thing you have to be sure of that you have enough paint on your brush so you get a solid even coat but not too much that it’s not spreading out evenly we did however use a brush for hard-to-reach places like the drawer and cupboard handles make sure to tape up any areas that you want to avoid painting and then let it dry assemble it since we knew we want to do color blocking we reassemble their cabinets in order to continue this was another fun game of musical drawers design it now that we have our white canvas ready to add some color we had over a thousand colors to choose from these ones are from the one coat hai collection which is great because we won’t be spending all day doing multiple coats in the end we pick two colors this gray called distant star in eggshell and this tan called almond butter also an eggshell extra pretended we were fancy designers on a home readout show and tried out some color blocking options in Photoshop we ended up deciding on this design only a couple of blocks of color in order to keep our cabinets from looking too busy tape it simply using our tape as the straight line we stretch the tape from point A to point B and press it down any tape that was on the glass or in an area that wouldn’t be painted we removed and used it to line the handles of the drawer and the cabinets since we decided to leave these white then you can paint it again starting with distance star we got to rolling but remember when painting do the final coat all in the same direction oh but be careful when switching directions yes this was easily cleaned up with some warm water once we finish all the gray we remove the tape we’d like to remove the tape right away to minimize any under table leakage you know it always seems to happen no matter how hard you try we left the gray for two hours so it could dry completely now we’re outlining the next color with some tape and remember to line up a piece of tape exactly with the edge of the color it sits up again after taking the handles we started rolling on the almond butter the color of course not the food but hey we should definitely stop some almond butter in our kitchen after this product is complete another tip for painting is to go around the corners are hard-to-reach areas with a brush and then smooth it out with the roller make sure you do this quickly so that the brush strokes don’t dry defeating the whole purpose of smoothing the met with the roller after removing the tape which is way too satisfying and our cabinets all dry it’s time to install this countertop that we picked up from that Swedish furniture store you know that one we’ve never installed a countertop before but it can’t be that hard right but you know what is hard lifting the cabinet I know it looks like we have it all together but this cabinet was a serious mission once on the countertop we secured the cabinets to the wall this is our last game of musical drawers and it wasn’t so much musical as it was shove the door into the opening and this is what the final product looks like we love how the color-blocking makes a statement but it’s still super easy to style it’s a great feeling creating something from nothing what do you think of our kitchen that was the never kitchen before I think we did a pretty good job considering we didn’t have anything to start from if you guys missed the announcement in the previous video it already happened we have a new website slash blog that has a whole bunch of our stuff more videos and like more pictures and other content and like a shop so go check it out it’s so exciting alright so that’s all we have for you guys today a big hello to all of our new subscribers all the existing subscribers and if you’re watching this and you’re not subscribed you can sub in if you love it and like it if you like it doing things different today live a different all right thanks so much for watching guys bye you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J89gIKIBhuk

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