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How To Build A Bow Drill Fire | Live Free Or Die: DIY

I’m thorne I live in the forest this is how I build a bow-drill fire got a tinder bundle get cattail down inside and this is tulip poplar on the outside this is the ember plate that’ll catch my coal this is my hand hold the stone that I found and word it out the pretty crucial part of this sad is having a spindle that’s gonna work with this hearth board the fire board carved a notch in here the knotch goes all the way to the center what will happen the spindle will set in there my bow will spin this the powder from this and from this both will push down through the notch and hold a coal and sustain a coal for just long enough for me to get it from my ever played into my tinder bundle right now I’m putting facets on the spindle on the bottom edge and that’s going to help create friction up here I’ve pointed it and I don’t want any friction on this point because it’s got to move freely it’s like that so those you can grease it up you haven’t had a creak slam in a while that makes a little a little faster one all the friction to be on the low end this is a corded buckskin with the grain on and it’s been a good string it’s got a little bit few more fires in it lock in and burn in let’s get the hole started you that’s how I build a dog
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