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How The Texas Tenors Went From Construction To ‘America’s Got Talent’

[Music] before these guys were the Texas tenors they were construction workers three friends just trying to make ends meet [Music] we were all just doing things to get by and living paycheck-to-paycheck like most musicians and actors you know life is like this you know you’re it’s feast or famine I think we were all kind of in a slump and doing different things odd jobs JC and I actually met doing construction together we were doing construction every day John and I at the time I was actually laying some tile and he was in there doing some sheetrock he had this long hair and he always had his hat on and then he just bust out and song and I was just like people need to hear that there’s only a few months ago that we started this group I lost my job and these guys were struggling to pay the bills and we saw this audition posting for America’s Got Talent and we thought well let’s give it a shot that shot paid off classical music meets cattle ranches they are the Texas tenors the Texas tenors became finalists on America’s Got Talent coming in fourth place on the show’s fourth season America John Hagan an opera singer Marcus Collins the pop performer and country musician JC Fischer became the highest-ranking vocal group in the show’s history [Music] I just see that billboard in Las Vegas with the three Cowboys go now as one of the top 50 acts of all time the trio will return to America’s Got Talent the champions hosted by Terry Crews it is one of my favorite shows on TV it doesn’t seem like it’s been ten years one hand it seems like ten years in it and it seems like 20 it’s nice to be acknowledged by the show as a champion because we feel like we are champions of the show we talk about them all the time and we talk about how that was our that platform that launched us out there I’m not even an American being on the reality competition show all those years ago to win this competition gave them the push they need it to get you into the international spotlight we look back on our time on the original America’s Got Talent very fondly and loved all experience the judges sounded great that you in the middle of your heart I like killed the Texas tenors have performed in more than a thousand concerts including the white house tree lighting ceremony and their own PBS special the Texas tenors who were finalists on America’s Got Talent their children’s book was even featured on Inside Edition in 2015 well now they’re authors to the country trio has written a new children’s book ruckus on the ranch but as they move forward in their careers with the new Broadway inspired album and a focus on writing original songs they never forget their roots we look back on our past and we don’t take anything for granted we’ve been trying to get back as much as we can with this platform help build houses for Habitat for Humanity and there was an opportunity to go and build a house and we took it we jumped on it Texas tenors that got the looks we got the talent they got the song who could imagine a whim audition would lead to such success tonight they plan to change our lives forever we had very supportive families which is key so we say to parents you know if your kid has a dream encourage them and try to encourage them to follow that to an extent and I think something that was important for us is try to be who you are be who you are don’t try to guess what they want you to be or who they want be authentic living the American dream performed by these three talented tenors I’m Lea chefs for Inside Edition dot-com
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