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How Silk Can Cut Through A Coconut

Silke is famous for being soft and smooth but if it moves fast enough can it cut things as well have you ever seen the videos of people cutting things with paper on an angle grinder I am so you’ve said on an angle grinder I’ve actually seen people do it with Dremel pieces okay so smaller little wheels on a dremel I’ve seen it on an angle grinder and I’ve also seen it attached to a table saw blade I want to try at least the angle grinder version of this but that’s not paper I have some paper so we can try it ourselves but then I also yes I have some cloth this is a couple of silk pillowcases I thought that silk is even softer and more malleable than paper it’s like stronger but it’s very flexible so yeah I thought it’d be interesting to just try this to see if high-speed silk can cut things similar to the way that high-speed paper can cut things here’s the basic idea we’re going to take some silk cloth and attach it onto power tools that spin really fast will the quick moving silk be able to cut through things that it normally wouldn’t so with silk if you burn it what you’re supposed to get is sort of a sputtering flame that’s not very visible it should go out pretty easily and the biggest key is that the smell will not smell like anything artificial or plastic it’s gonna smell like burnt hair which is not fun no but it makes sense but it it is so silk is entirely organic so it doesn’t make sense they would smell kind of like burning hair it’s either flame very much sputters a little bit and put itself out and boy does that smell like burning hair yeah oh okay we can be done now if you can no more smell of burning hair so we’re gonna try it with this silk assuming that it is real silk and if it’s not then it’s gonna be with whatever claims to be so but start I want to try it with the paper okay [Music] that is our paper blade it’s four layers of just standard printer paper put together I think it’s time to see how much this can cut okay I thought I’d start off with a piece of PVC pipe it’s somewhat rigid and hard compared to some things and a lot of what I have is fruits and vegetables because I thought it would look cool but I feel like once the paper gets wet the effectiveness is gonna go way down so I’m gonna start off with this PVC pipe and see if I can cut into it at all here goes paper it didn’t fly apart that’s encouraging all right there’s definitely some burning going on but we have a very nice thin cut into this PVC it’s a little hard to control the angle the paper is flexible enough that it started to deflect and you can see it just and it kept going off at an angle here but it’s cut and how’s our paper hold time actually okay looks great it’s got a little bit of a burned edge at this point I don’t think we have lost too much of the diameter of it but that got pretty nice I can’t tell which is winning the brick is definitely winning Wow it marked a tiny tiny bit of it and then started like shredding the edge of the paper a little bit so brick not so much training against a piece of wood the brick one the plastic lost what broke the paper blade well I got a good way through probably halfway through this piece of wood and then something in there it didn’t cut smoothly it seized on and just shredded our paper blade did and it was burning it as it went I think let’s try and make like three silk blades because I do suspect that things are gonna get ruined let’s see how they go one of the things I want to definitely do probably start with just one but I suspect because the silk is woven it’s you know it’s got the fibers going warp and weft whichever is which there’s no edge to it once you’ve cut it and so I think I’m gonna turn it on it’s just all gonna unravel spectacularly very quickly but that’s why we’re gonna have multiple layers glued together at like cross angles to give it just enough strength to not fly apart starting off we have one single layer of silk what are your predictions for this I think it’s going to completely unravel I think all the weave is just gonna come apart and it’s just gonna be like a tangle of threads I very quickly don’t think it’s gonna bend it was just like lightly buff but I see maybe we’ll get some shine all right so I’m gonna turn it on and just let it go for a few seconds before I even connected to see if just spinning does anything to it yes watch we’ve invented rose that’s blade you win okay I turned it on for a half a second it shredded itself to bits I’m gonna turn it on again I’ll be over here all right so now it’s it’s sort of a shredded to a point where it’s holding a little bit so now I’m gonna take this nice frayed brush and see what that does to the PVC Nate we have sent silk fibers blasting out in a wide range you know I think I polished part of the PVC quite nicely right here that’s got some good shine to it single layer of silk with no reinforcements pretty much shredded instantly and was ineffectual cutting anything yeah you would well actually I want to go on to this this is for but also not secured it’s it’s got a little bit of glue in the middle but again love floppy discs as a floppy disk is an old way of transferring files of a physical medium like a thumb drive but big and awkward and couldn’t like what your save file button looks like okay actually you know what I’m going to take the guard off because I think it’s possible that it’s just shredding against the side of the metal here probably true and so I want to see if the cloth holds itself together better without the guard there to run into last time it took like half a second so we’ll see if we get the same thing yes yes we’re definitely getting some shredding and it’s like not staying together is like one unified piece it looks like it’s about half an inch wide let’s try an apple [Music] beautiful mess that’s really good to see in high frame rate just that the fact that it’s not even pretending to act as a blade it’s rushing brushy brushy brushy brushy brushy okay three layers of silk this is being held together with glue stick glue hopefully the glue stick glue is not imparting too much additional strength and throwing off the test we know that without the glue stick glue it does nothing so that’s interesting because it did stay together much more but it also is not traveling like as a nice blade is like offset a little bit when we were pressing these down we were pulling the fibers could be twisting a little bit even though it’s moving a lot I do want to try it on the PVC I want to see if it can cut through it and then move from the PVC to some produce well what we did it yeah so the blade was wobbling a lot so it didn’t cut like nice and smooth but it did wear down through yeah I think it just made PVC dust Apple time tuned very very slight bruise maybe I don’t think you can get through the peel maybe something more drippy unless flippy we have a very oh I think I did the skin is very cleaned right here and then there’s a very slight indentation that almost gets down to the actual potato part you think we’ve probably used up this blade so far we have been unsuccessful at cutting anything but we do now have this lovely silk brush so where I want to try is this is some metal polish I’m going to try and apply some metal polish to our brush and then go on the aluminum here that we have around the edge of the workbench see if it works as a Polish I suspect what’s going to happen is I’m going to get covered in metal polish haha we got a polished spot all right mate is a polishing wheel a very inefficient polishing wheel but that is a very shiny spot you’ve got it basically a mirror shine there you can see yourself I mean part of yourself you can’t see your whole self in it at once but very shiny all right we do have one more soak blade okay this one has four pieces to it it looked like you was cutting it for a second a second it did I think it just folded actually let’s try with the coconut okay they made a mess yeah I’m beginning to suspect that paper holds itself together [Music] now it just looked like a blade at this point is basically just a plastic blade that’s what we’ve got going on here and we’ll see if it holds itself together or not and I’m gonna be kind of hiding behind the guard as much as I can here with my glasses on when I first turned it on just because I am a little nervous about what’s happening on this alright here goes well that cuts right into pineapple no problem that was super easy didn’t really slow it down let’s try the PVC a little bit okay [Music] oh that’s a smell hmm strike coconut okay did you set it on fire coconut shell holy likes to smoke a lot it looks like we set a fire it smells like superglue my love so let’s think this through should you make a blade out of superglue probably not know it cut things a little bit but it smokes a whole lotta notes just friction burning superglue so I’d say you should just purchase the blades yeah rather than trying to make them out of silk and Superboy its buttocks real silk actually cutting stuff not so much it looks pretty and it did polish this little spot on our desk overall I think the paper was better cutting because we cut through like a good piece of wood with that we cut through the PVC pipe silk is just very soft and flexible if you have any ideas of other things you’d like to see blades made of like something that’s somehow different from everything we’ve already done not something like paper not something like silk so yeah I know there’s a thousand other types of cloth but I think they’re all gonna be mostly similar thing that’s woven isn’t gonna work if the fibers can come apart and the other thing that’s knit is probably gonna be too stretchy not candy that’s just gonna break guys that’s not all you know we’ve always got more for you to see and if you like this kind of content make sure that you hit that button to subscribe we’ll see in the next one talk to you then [Music] you [Music]
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