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How I Ended Up On Interpol’s Most Wanted List | Fakes, Frauds & Scammers

we could steal practically anything because it was just unheard of stealing shoplifting abroad in europe no one did it the money underneath the silver was astronomical grands grands grands would basically rob nearly every shop in holland [Music] petty crime had been going on since i was in nappies it was all do or dared everyone just stole you had to go in the shop if you come out with nothing you was probably out the firm this is how i really start again into what we call grafting which is really shoplifting i crafted someone who doesn’t want to work 95 but isn’t lazy he’s an entrepreneurial thief he just doesn’t want to pay for anything we had a motto to pay was to fail and a lot of people would say i followed my other brother colin but colin was pretty much in your face you know just took what he wanted we tended to sneak around eventually all these steep thieves we all got our act together like so we’re now in twos and threes we go at garden centers where tills were unattended but the funny thing the first till i did in a garden center was a big wooden drawer and as i pulled it out it was so old it felt the pieces all the cash was on the floor so eventually colleen was going abroad we thought why don’t we go abroad i mean everyone’s oh where’s that where’s this it’s abroad where’s abroad what’s abroad we thought it was a town you know i didn’t even think it was in europe we obviously went to amsterdam because even at 16 we were all smoking joints me and me mate ended up in a wolf shop and i’ve always said it what are two lads from england doing in a wool shop simply underneath the till i’ve got 500 gilders which in them days i was only 17. it’s like 150 pounds the average wage was 20 pound in england then we started buying little cheap cars going out it was just basically going around you could do a thousand shops a day we went to austria then we went to switzerland germany belgium liechtenstein luxembourg as a rule we didn’t bother with major cities they were more clued up but the villages were great so easy it was pathetic a few years into it and we were really targeting jewelers for rolexes you know you’re talking 30 rolexes even if you did it among scraps there’s 30 thousand pounds we travel for three or four hours for the rolex jobs and if they never happened we just work our way back and that would be just ad hoc but we go in jewellers again we just see a window we’d say right there’s a nice wind they’re full of gold gold gold yeah we’d all say yeah yeah yeah it become actually an art when someone comes in a shop and disappears out of eyesight everything’s safe it’s locked up but they don’t know we’ve got the keys we looked all over the place and the keys were next door in the shop and they’ve got their wares in a cabinet with exactly the same key in a jewelry shop so we collect all these keys we’re getting a jeweler sometimes where you’d open the safe there’d just be trays and trays and trays and trays of rings that that’s how we were living we were live for the moment none of us expected to reach old age i’m afraid it was funny because we had spud who was smaller than me and then where john mcgee’s name was he was a really big guy and he used to cover us all the time but john mcgear had six heinekens in the car before he went out he was a edwin taker once you didn’t know where he went we found out that we’d only taken a little bit so he could get through the day so they weren’t out the reds they knew what they were doing so john mcgee was a character colin was a live wire he just wanted to rob from every single shop he went in we eventually someone told he said you know the police are watching you and we fought enough enough at the time because we could easily lose the police you know with all the canals in amsterdam and had no fear of the police at all i first got arrested in a place called leiden which is about 30 kilometers out of amsterdam that was on a baker’s robbery which i’m not proud to say but you snatch cash outside the banks in about three four days it’s usual it wasn’t me you got the wrong man and they’ve had to let me go he said yeah interpol what i were with you and i’d found nothing of it i ordered a taxi i could feel someone following me just as you’re coming into amsterdam i said taxi driver that’ll do me and i just run yeah because i knew i knew i’d been followed from leiden that night we’re in a club it’s called the roxa everyone’s on ecstasy at this time it’s about 9 87. i don’t think she’ll be in the club tonight last we’ve gone out the club jumped in a taxi drove past him so we’re giving it that then that’s when we first got the inkling that it was interpol and not the police after 15 20 years of heard in english english english english they put they put a dossier together on us about 1987 i got stopped in holland we’ve been following you we’ve been i said i know you’ve been following us but you’re not very good at it but eventually they put about five or six of us in jail and it wasn’t the exposure it was just the time was up security had moved on cameras were starting to appear in the shops ct tvs on the streets and this is the kind where you think that the days are numbered in the end i got eight just 18 months which even i thought was ridiculous i thought i was looking at five years but the jewelers we never got done for you
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