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[Music] hello good morning welcome to Sofia and in this video I’m doing a breakdown of my daily expenses and also showing you some of the costs and prices in the city to give you an idea of how expensive things are so firstly let’s do the breakdown as I’m British I’ll be using pounds but if you use the dollar or the euro then you can kind of roughly work out how much the exchange rate would be see you so one pound sterling is 2.2 – Bulgarian Lev five pounds 11.1 for Lev ten pounds twenty two point two nine eleven fifty pounds one hundred and eleven point four nine eleven and a hundred pounds 223 or is nine eight eleven so I’m saying in which is arguably with that hostile or price in the whole of Sofia it’s nineteen point five six Bulgarian Lev for tonight they have a breakfast buffets and also vegetarian dinners every single day or their gas which is incredible values I use the buffet this morning so my breakfast basically included in that cost my room is the loss of the building and 24 beds mmm so quite interesting experience but you get to meet so many people by saying in such a busy group and it’s a cool hostel in that by she friends so I should probably explain where I am in the fact I just walked past the herd of goats in Sofia is probably tell you though I’m not in the center I’m in the far south and I’m just beside to the Tasha where I climbed a couple days ago I’m heading to Vienna church but I didn’t cover it in my other videos because it’s so far out of the city so I’m going to do it in this video there’s my attraction for today so to reach a part of Sofia this far south I took the tram I get the feeling we’re on a church is really out the way because I took that tram and then I still have to walk 50 minutes to actually reach it the UNESCO World Heritage Site so you know there’s supposed to be probably a lot of tourists there but I don’t think there’s going to be so I’m nearly at we had a church but I just got to show you through the brightest in a Bulgarian supermarket observe example for the pound you can just remember to essentially half anything as it’s 2.2 – so this would roughly be about 40 P or just just over for 1.5 liter bottle of water loaf of bread 99 8590 most licenses meat which are you know a popular thing to put sandwiches and just have a general in cog area are 250 so just over 1 pound 145 for a deeper slide yogurt past third normally just over two there’s less than a pound for Heineken one left for a Bulgarian can of there some big advice ones or 179 they actually freeze the water here and as you can see really quite cheap as well fresh fruit and vegetables all very cheap so I’ve come to a fairly decent restaurant so I’ll just run through the menu and how much think are pretty good deals most of them roughly a fiber smoke do you need side dishes dessert as well three pounds four pounds so in total my lunch came to 990 I had beetroot and pumpkin risotto with homemade bread I didn’t buy a drink because I’ve got my own water with me you can drink the tap water in Sofia I’m now here at Breanna Church I’ve finally made it after such a long walk it dates back to 12th century and didn’t renovated somewhat over the years apparently entrance and slide Boyana for student price to level [Music] [Music] [Music] so like usual you can’t take pictures or videos inside but I recommend going inside if you come do not check out the outside because the inside the mural paintings is why this church is so famous just click on Google Images boy Anna church inside and then you’ll understand what I mean about the paintings [Music] hey guys now evening time and I’m in the center of Sofia I paid an extra 160 to return from Vienna to my hostel on the so I’ll add that on to the total and also I’ve just had my dinner of the hostel which also is included with my room price right now I’ll just take you around the city and show you some different prices of places you can eat maybe some a little bit more expensive and some cheaper and give you a general idea for what you can get your money here so this is the place on Victoria a view as you can see pastas for just under and just over and less starters pretty cheap sandwiches the main dish is a little bit more expensive for some of the more expensive meat fish about ten pound poultry much much cheaper pork quite cheap as well cut off the cautious tree cafe again not Bulgarian food but you can see how much prices are side-dishes really really cheap they are extremely cheap as well some cocktails on Vitosha boulevard 648 for a Mohito Kisha or just 12 left if that’s your thing pretty nice-looking place Vulgarian salad only a lab meat dishes are very popular in Bulgaria some steaks under-20 level under 15 less the pork and dark over 20 fish dishes if you’re vegetarian very cheap this one is another Bulgarian menu and as you can see typically like there’s so much meat but all for extremely good prices sides and vegetables salads really big in Bulgaria and extremely cheap so after adding up everything my total spend for today is 34 there’s 66 which only equals 15 pounds 54 probably more like over 16 pounds because of the exchange rate however do bear in mind the fact that my breakfast and my dinner was included in that so really you’re probably looking at 2025 pounds a day spend if you’re staying in hostel that’s about 10 pounds a night I think I’m getting a good deal for today’s money but generally Bulgarian prices are pretty similar to Romanian prices if you saw my video how expenses regressed Bulgaria definitely very cheap if you’re Western European or if you’re from say America or Australia or even from information it’s a cheap place to travel and so much to see here so there’s good reason to come all right thank you very much for watching this video I hope it was useful and it doesn’t reflect or Gary as a whole it just reflects my experience for today thank you very much for watching [Music]
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