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[Music] good morning from Mumbai this video is going to be showing you how expensive things are here and I’m going to break down the costs of one day’s worth of spending so to begin with my hostel backpacker panda one of the highest-rated hostels on hostile world cost 859 rupees just below 10 pounds expensive for India hostels in Mumbai generally are more expensive than the other place in India most of the time my hostels have cost 400 rupees to 500 rupees so Mumbai is certainly expensive for accommodation and accommodation is always going to be your biggest cost the hostel itself backpacker panda is a good posture and I recommend it for Mumbai it’s clean good Wi-Fi nice common room decent location in the north in Andheri East however gang to the south of Mumbai isn’t always the easiest thing to do as I’m going to mention later on in the video so for breakfast as you can see I’ve got some bookmark some South Indian thick porridge usually made with semolina and it comes with this dip 265 rupees sing by this clean restaurant in the middle of Mumbai here are the prices you can get doses a little bit more expensive than a viewer to buy them on the street special doses uttapam which is the thicker slightly more filling version of grosser sandwiches within a pound different snacks different types of roles burgers if you fancy western food all the different types of pav Bhajji we want soup you can get it for beneath a hundred rupees for most of them Indian dishes we have all of them under 200 rupees of course you would have to order that with Rottie or rice so let’s have a look at the rice steamed rice is 100 for rocky will cross you just 18 for one a non-quality or 64 one doll lentil curry will cost you just over a hundred rupees every fancy Chinese food a different option you can get some noodle dishes 200 rupees for fried rice quick drinks often breakfast shy on the street by local 15 rupees so right now I’m in an area called port which is in the south of Mumbai you can get to the south of Mumbai from the north by two options really first of all you can take the train service which as I said in the last video and be extremely uncomfortable and crowded especially during rush hour but even during normal times they do want to do that it’s just ten rupees take the train the other option is to go by taxi so you can use uber or you can use a normal City Taxi the normal City taxis which are black on the bottom and yellow on the top run on a meter and they can be a lot more expensive than to go from the north to the south generally is about 200 rupees when it’s not rush hour they can be up to four hundred rupees during rush hour so it varies a lot on some occasions that can take two to three hours to get through the city and that’s because Mumbai is like this bottleneck surrounded by sea so everything is built upwards I’m like Delhi where they can build outwards and so it’s the second most densely populated city in the world after Dakar in Bangladesh I believe so very intense and lots of people and lots of traffic everyone for the bus everyone wants to train everyone wants to try and get on the road it is very concentrated rickshaws are another useful method of transportation in Mumbai but generally they only can go short distances has to go from the long distances you need to take the big highways and rituals don’t really stand out the taxis on those routes but everywhere in them by the rickshaws will have a meter unlike northern India where you can get ripped off as a foreigner or as an Indian or using a ritual so on two occasions I’ve taken the train to get through the south from the north so I’m going to use that 10 rupees fee for today because it is the cheapest way you can do it and I want to show you just how cheap you can do things in Mumbai it’s going to be 200 extra rupees if you decide to take an uber so at Pancham hoodie Bella to get the Pancham Tolly it’s just a hundred and fifty rupees that’s one of the most expensive ones they had like seven or eight different things in it I had so many spices so many flavours sweets they gave me extra rice tap and buttermilk at the end as well it’s an absolute beast for 150 rupees it’s one of the most local places you can eat and cheapest for values people crammed together in tight spaces eating their Carley’s at lunchtime now in an area called Crawford market check out the scene this guy’s calling the over take picture all of this going on in one face nice thank you sure hey what’s your name name nice to meet you I’m Jason [Music] as you can see this market is pretty bonkers a lot of stuff going on not too much traffic just people and bikes mainly coming through so ask the sightseeing in Mumbai there not too many things to see as per se there’s the Gateway Ali the rest is calab a causeway quarter market chill Bazaar and dairy all these places you can go shopping try the street food and all those things I mentioned are free to do so that’s the good thing about them fight he won’t burst your wallet for sightseeing [Music] provide full of noise on people [Music] [Applause] there’s always time for a nap [Music] [Music] he wants me to take a picture of his boy hello nice to meet you Jimmy asked for a selfie yeah well three of us cool street shade hello this whole area is like one big workshop everybody’s doing work it’s quite fascinating it’s like going back in time in a way and there’s not too many cars around this area [Music] another modern Indian restaurant let’s have a look at the prices snacks doces Punjabi dishes all beneath 200 all these other Punjabi dishes reasonably-priced knows to choose from just 18 for rathi to Patty a and all the Narns and cultures a doll just over 100 rupees steamed rice 100 rupees 145 for biryani desserts around 100 rupees during sweets lassi juices milkshakes and ice-cream so for dinner I have a fade-in Bartha which is like onion and garlic with eggplant in a sauce and also some butter garlic naan so in total for today my spend comes to 1414 rupees becomes a 16 pound 41 that includes my hostel my book Marmite breakfast my chai that includes two train tickets 10 rupees each way pancham charlie by dinner and 2 bottles of water so tomorrow I’m leaving India and flying back to London I’ve had an amazing 2 months in India thank you so much you’ve been following the videos go back and watch them in the playlist if you’d like to India’s an incredible place thank you and see you in the future [Music]
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