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[Music] hey what’s up welcome back to London in this video I’m going to be breaking down how expensive things are here as you can see I’m just in the underground at the moment actually this is an overground station 55% of the London Underground is actually over ground I’m gonna start with my hostel so I stayed in a Facebook pass to Kensington which is near Bayswater underground station that cost me just 13 pounds a night and as you can see from these pictures it’s actually quite comfortable 13 pounds tonight London is actually very good in terms of hostels if you want to need them back to one you can expect to pay 20 pounds 225 pounds possibly even more if you’re looking at a hotel but if you’re on a budget like myself if you’re gonna finance the camping turned to be just about right in terms of comfort and price for breakfast I just went to a famous chain which originally started here in London but it’s all over the UK will correct and I just had a hummus and salad wrap with a banana and also some still water that came to five pounds ninety-nine and here I’m going to show you the prices of some of the other things in prep you can get you can see here the price of the sandwiches four pounds for flat bread three pounds for the rats three Palpatine and the baguettes 325 or 5350 lots of through three pounds to pound 35 yogurt Chia pots drinks big Stillwater 150 juice like the three pounds I’m smoothie three pounds 69 a nil pricey compared to other countries but for the UK that’s actually quite as you can see I’ve got my raincoat on today is chucking it out I’m so sure you can tell see if I can focus the screen anyway yeah so I’m gonna have to do a lot of filming inside today as it’s supposed to rain all the way up until 4:00 p.m. and then calm down a little bit I’m now in an area called South Kensington very nice part of London Kensington is actually one of the most expensive areas in the whole of London but that’s not the reason I’m here I’m here to show you a few of the museums which you can enter all for free all in this area there are a few to choose from some outside the Natural History Museum which is free to enter here in South Kensington and it’s only a Thursday we’ll check out the queue on any rainy day all of the museums are going to be packed because everyone’s going there and so I’m not going to go inside I’m going to move on to some of the other museums in this area which are also Freetown so I’m now here at the much more peaceful Victoria and Albert Museum actually finding somewhere is therapeutic and this grand is quite hard to do because everywhere that’s good is usually really densely populated with people there’s so many free things to do in London and I just wrote a few down on my phone here take modern the Science Museum the Natural History Museum the British Museum the Imperial War Museum the Victoria and Albert Museum then you have all the parks Hyde Park Greenwich Park Regents parks and James’s Park Green Park Kensington Gardens and on top of that you can also just roam around like in the video I did yesterday there’s still so much you can do here without having to fork out a lot you can walk down Oxford Street I guess the same goes everywhere around the world but particularly somewhere as expensive as London it can really make a difference children so it’s a bit later on now and as you can see it stopped raining I went to a traditional British pub for lunch called the bunch of grapes here in hi Kensington South Kensington I stay for ten pound 49 I got a Thai red curry which to be honest tasted very good but the portion they gave me was really nine up considering price anyway here’s a look at a few things on the menu sandwiches at six seven pounds three Griffin fries by the ten eleven twelve pounds state up to fifteen pounds classic pub food around ten pounds and over and all for five pounds so right now I’m heading towards the London Underground to show you what it’s like it’s very famous part London they didn’t cover in my previous video and we’ll add up the costs for my trip so you get an idea of how much transportation is to pour the underground so you can either buy a ticket from here or you can use your own debit card you can also get something cooler than wasting mine that you can pop up but usually if you use a contactless card and just charge one journey time so you’re not taking the underground along with the paper that’s a better idea but if you’re taking you’re on the ground using an oyster card many times that may be an oyster card is going to be the better option anyway training we so having took the underground I’m now here in High Street Kensington and I’ll be walking towards Hyde Park which is only five or ten minutes or so from here and it’s huge Hyde Park absolutely massive winter wonderland is held there every year in December it’s an amazing event if you ever come during Christmas time I recommend that you can go to anyway onwards so now inside the Kensington Gardens area of Hyde Park as you can see very peaceful lovely for a stroll because it’s been a rainy day of course and not that many people here now which is good because I don’t like crowds too much Kensington Palace is just around the corner [Music] if you want to go inside Kensington Palace you have to pay for a ticket although you can just go up to the entrance for free like I just did and you can also stroll around Hyde Park and all the other green spaces in London for free I’m now gonna go into a supermarket to show you the typical costs of things I might go in one or two different ones to give more of a balanced view because some are more expensive than others of course start with a Tesco 60p for water or drinks roughly around 1 pound 30 one pound 25 sandwiches two pound 20 two pound 22 pound 50 69p for a packet of tomatoes two pounds for a pot of fruits mango strawberries two pounds 25 pH for a banana 45 pH for an apple just one pound for a loaf of bread again one pound white and brown one about 10 2 pound 34 nuts that’s very niche if wondering about the cost of alcohol for a four pack of Budweiser four pound 30 some Desperados three bottles is four pound 85 and corona five pound 50 bottles of wine you can see the prices here these ones a cheaper you bros a and some white wine so that Tesco was tiny usually there are a lot bigger there’s a lot more choice but it’s one of the cheapest supermarkets in the UK cheap as possible is Aldi or Lidl but I haven’t seen them in London too often they’re usually in more local places from my experience we’re gonna go into Sainsbury’s local now and we’ll compare the prices which is generally Sainsbury’s is a little bit more expensive starting with the fruit it’s 25 P each for a banana for TP for a single lemon pack of apples for will cost you one pound 45 pack of grapes 2 pound 20 55 P for a cucumber 60 p for some broccoli one pound for a pack of cupped mushrooms 1 pound 25 for a lot of carrots dairy milk chocolate one pound fifty one pound ten for Hovis bread one pound five Kingsmill Warburton’s white 95 p dairy milk chocolate one pound fifty regular sized KitKat just 50 P 1 pound 10 for Hovis bread 1 pound 5 Kingsmill Warburton’s white 95 p 85p for a regular sized semi-skimmed milk for dairy free milk 1 pound 55 L pro sandwiches in Sainsbury’s are 2 pound 25 on average ones at the top are 2 pounds drinks one-pound 45 for orange juice bottle of Highland spring this size only 95 people packs of alcohol again is a similar price to Tesco ranging around 5 pounds Strongbow dark fruit cider five pound 25 for hope that roughly gave you an idea about how much things are in general that’s not really just for London I would say prices and both of those supermarkets is the same everywhere else in the UK you’re going to pay a little bit more of you go in a more expensive supermarket if it’s like Waitrose or Marks & Spencer but you can also pay much less if you go to algae or lead right so just jumped on the under and a ponzu quinoa station about to take my train home back to contingent which is nicknamed bruh tried everything all that and just happened in at near in London and accounting this my cost for today to finish things off so a sort of vegetable three nodes English shows some still water that comes to seven pound 95 and you can see here I also recorded the price board from inside another place up here called giraffe you can see the menu just now I didn’t decide to there because have you got a falafel burger something else usually need to add fries and that’s already quite a bit more than me right here hey what’s up is now the following day and I’m back in my home in Huntingdon and the costs of those underground journeys that I was waiting to come through into my bank statement has come through and it’s come to nine pounds eighty for my days underground trips using my contactless debit card you can also use an oyster card I just found contact that’s easier nine pound eighty using zones one to four is the daily cap you’re not going to actually spend more than that they’ll only charge you the limit once you reach it and I reached it yesterday because I took a few journeys so after that I can now add everything together thirteen pounds a night for my hostel $5.99 for my breakfast in pret bunch of grapes red Thai Korean for lunch ten pound forty nine and the London Underground costs nine pound eighty and of course my dinner the burrito I had including the water seven pound 95 adding all of that together my daily total is forty seven pounds twenty three definitely the most expensive how expensive is video I’ve ever made I’m not really surprised as it is London that’s a lot of money considering I haven’t even paid for any attractions on this day I didn’t go in the Tower of London I didn’t pay for the tour of anywhere I just went to free stuff and I still spent basically fifty quit and that’s staying at a cheap hostel stay in a nice place and actually doing activities buying things and actually eating in more expensive places your daily total could reach a high number London is expensive as travelling goes I’m sure you already knew that before you watch this video but maybe you can do it slightly cheaper than you thought because of this video and I hope it’s useful and gives you a good reference for London thank you for watching and I’m leaving for my next country in just a couple of days time that vlog is probably going to come out quite quickly after this one so stay tuned to find out what country I’ll be going to next and I’ll see you then peace [Music]
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