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[Music] Hayward’s that welcome back to Hanoi in this video I’m going to be breaking down how expensive things are here in the capital of Vietnam one day’s worth of spending visiting attraction showing my accommodation and transportation in the city you’ll get an idea of how much I spend in one day so to begin with I’m going to break down the currency from the British Pound to Vietnamese stock it’s a little confusing similar to Indonesia hundreds of thousands of Dom we’re dealing with here lots of figures so it can be a little bit off-putting at first but once you get used to it a couple days in you’ll kind of get an idea of how much space so for this currency break down like I’ve mentioned other videos I’m going to use the British Pound because that’s my currency if you use a different currency you can get a rough idea of how much things cost so for one pound it’s twenty-nine thousand eight hundred and seventy eight point eight Vietnamese Dom that’s just about thirty thousand we’ll call it that that makes things easier for five pounds one hundred and forty nine thousand four hundred just about basically you know 150 thousand two Vietnamese dong for ten pounds you can get just honey three hundred thousand Vietnamese dong 20 pounds five hundred and ninety seven thousand five hundred and seventy six fifty pounds that’s just under 1.5 million Vietnamese dong and for 100 pounds you can get just under three million Vietnamese dong so I’m gonna start with accommodation I’ve been staying in luxury backpackers here in the old quarter of Hanoi the room is like a luxury assault as I show this point of view walk you can see here the bathroom with shower and then continuing through you can see it’s very spacious also every bed has two curtain and you also have your own plug here and there is white comfortable towels and on top of that it’s just six pounds a night roughly depending on whether it’s a weekday or weekend around a hundred and eighty thousand dollars a night that’s the same price as a cheap hostel anywhere in the world but here in Vietnam it handle you can get this hostel and it’s luxuriant for that price in addition to all of that luxury backpackers also give you a free breakfast and you get to choose from a number of different dishes in the morning today as you can see I went with a lagoon filled with egg and cucumber and tomatoes also a banana from the buffet as well as tea they also have watermelon sometimes that’s a really good way to start the day you’ve only spent one hundred and eighty thousand on six pounds and you’ve already got a luxury place to stay and a free breakfast so right now I’m making my way to my first attraction for today which is wallow present and it’s well known pictures lots of Vietnamese were shattered during the French Indochina revolution and Wars and also American soldiers were kept there during the Vietnam War or American War so there’s lots of stories within the prison and you can go inside visit today apparently it’s very interesting so just walking there from my hostel it’s not far just under 10 minutes through the busy streets of Hanoi early morning activities everywhere you look food people selling things people going to work so for one person to enter while a prison 30,000 dong my case just one pound we’re very interesting go and check it out if you’re interested in history of French Indochina and also the Vietnam or American War I’m now heading for lunch somewhere and I’ll show you the prices you can expect to find on the menu of a sit-down restaurant not street food and show you just how cheap it is if you want to actually they more comfortable not just outside on a small stool or chair so as you can see here comfortable seated found restaurant let’s have a look at the menu bomber number which is rice noodles 55 thousand don’t lunch are 45,000 vibrate which is very popular 50,000 forgot which is with chicken not be 50,000 as well all these different stir-fried dishes 60,000 top two thousand forty and fifty so generally we’re speaking mm is one pound around 2 pounds roughly and just under for most dishes curry chicken [Music] nice is all Vietnamese food [Music] do you have some western food french fries 60,000 and for me they also have vegetarian options 45,000 from top to stop right instant noodles 55,000 salad 55,000 vegetarian for a noodle 50,000 noodles with deep-fried tofu just 40,000 and a few what about drinks for a tube or in 25a water just 10k soft drinks about 15k fresh tuesd that’s a five forty five thousand dong for the bum Tron shake which includes vermicelli noodles bean sprouts deep fried tofu there’s some peanuts and onion sprinkled on there too and also ten thousand for the bottle of water so fifty five thousand in total so it’s now a little bit later on during the day I took temporary refuge in my hospital room as it rained for two or three hours now it’s a little bit darker I’m about to show you what a supermarket is like in Vietnam annoy specifically of course all in commence following food so they sell a range of stuff and yeah let’s see what the prices are like so starting with the basics just over four thousand dong four different types of small bottles of water a little bit more expensive for the big ones of course but not too much eight thousand dong or so or two liters mushrooms thirty-six thousand this type 21,000 16,000 sugar snap peas 24,000 baby sweet corn 18001 red pepper from the supermarket just 12000 whole broccoli 20,000 28,000 just underneath 1 pound 4 pack on 6 eggs a carton of milk is $35,000 just over 1 pound for Brett $35,000 for a stack rather than a loaf of white bread if it’s the same as China this is more likely to be on the sweet side can see here cakes for 17,000 15,000 and 30,000 packets of Swiss roll a can of beer small ten thousand eight hundred nine thousand five hundred thirteen thousand seven hundred fourteen thousand for a pound of tiger all the soft drinks in this section you can see here they’re all around ten thousand pounds again down here 10,000 pounds or so this one’s a bit cheaper actually for the fizzy drinks like Fanta you’ll find a 8000 bottle of coke 8100 what about the red wine 86,400 Allah I know a place in Vietnam is called de laksa maybe this is Vietnamese wine just under three pounds divani red wine is actually just over two pounds for a bottle but you can see the prices do increase a lot depending on other places here but do you know what is still very cheaper wine I’m willing to wager that’s actually expensive because it’s a modern supermarket in the middle of the capital city Hanoi and I think most Vietnamese people grow their own vegetables or buy them from local markets and they’re probably half the price of that but anyways traveler and if you go to one of those supermarkets they’re the kind of cost you can expect to find although it’s not really worth cooking your own food or buying many ingredients from there because buying food outside is so cheap and easy you wouldn’t really need to go to supermarket they in general you can see the prices there so what about the cost of your sightseeing here in Hanoi well earlier on I paid thirty thousand two hands a how low prison many things are free you can go see Ho Chi Minh and his mausoleum and you can actually walk in you have to queue for a couple hours to see his body there in glass cabinet and he’s all dressed up a very amazing experience I’m planning on doing it tomorrow morning you can go around the Old Quarter for free back in our temple for free you can visit the markets and just do the main things that the most interesting are actually just free to do like to be honest in most cities and why say in most of these videos so what about transportation costs in Hanoi well I spent the last four days walking the city within the Old Quarter everything’s within a 15 minute walking distance you don’t actually need to take public transport if you want to reach different areas of the city so you will need to take a grab motorbike or taxi it’s up to you I’ve only taken one once and that was a taxi grab an eight minute journey and it cost me twenty five thousand song so was an evil one pound which is amazing so just came off the street into this pretty empty restaurant but it does have vegetarian dishes which sue me let me just go through the prices rice cake with minced pork 12,000 rice cake 30,000 vermicelli with mushroom 30,000 salads 50,000 rolling of vermicelli 10,000 but not on a flower salad 50,000 rolls or 10,000 fry jackfruit 55,000 and fried pineapple 40,000 sounds pretty interesting fried rice four to five thousand mobiums soup for 40,000 in permit so basically everything here is between one and two pounds by vegetable with mushroom 45,000 how about drinks 20,000 for ice coffee tea here just 20 and 25 K wrong shakes and yogurts 55,000 for higher avocado shakes here 4 to 5,000 – lemon juice 35 fruit plate 60 and annoy beer 30 K little bit more expensive was in a restaurant and Heineken for just 35 over 1 pound that’s the cheapest I think I’ve ever seen Heineken beer to be honest but that’s only for an account banana suit with the story $40,000 never seen banana seat in my life before I wake oh sorry sweet and savory at the same time the regional food is vegetarian because look quite clearly it’s a Buddhist place in the frame [Music] lots of [Music] but it’s things one a little flying around in the music as well very spiritual it’s way better than expected this place was empty so just finished having my dinner in the Buddhist restaurant next to the temple here and now I can add up all my costs for today spend here in Hanoi so in total the whole of today that comes to three hundred and forty thousand dong which is 11 pound 37 so there you have it just over 10 pounds for one day here in Hanoi you don’t need to spend tons of money to have a good time here of course a lot of you probably already know that about Vietnam Auto annoyed but I think it’s worth highlighting the exact prices just so you can make your own plans and hopefully this was useful if you want to follow my trip around Vietnam over the next 30 days then you can check out my Instagram for my pictures and stories I’m uploading every day and yeah subscribe the channel for future videos tomorrow I’m taking an overnight train from Hanoi I’m heading to sapa in the north so it should be fun see you then until then bye you
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