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the name empress isn’t really a common name and i know somebody named empress because i was going to tell you that restraining order is still valid it’s love yes lord to the people that matter you 10 feet tall this cigar got me has a [Music] [Applause] who need to call me and talk to me hey what’s going on my name is kevin gates this is the kevin gates helpline this is my best friend and co-host og boobie black what we’re going to be doing today is taking calls from listeners all over the world helping them sort through some of life’s issues make sure you stay tuned because some of their questions may be the same questions you have [Music] who we got next on the land oh my man we got we got damien from colorado put him through what up damien how y’all doing we big old chillin up in here yes sir so today my problem is i was dating this girl she’s like my first girlfriend like real girlfriend you know what i’m saying going on dates and stuff so i like really really loved her she had broken up with me mostly because of my my behavior just being kind of a toxic person and stuff and i got a new girlfriend i love her she does a whole lot for me but it’s like it’s not it doesn’t feel the same i gotta i got a question first how old are you i’m 19. what’s some of the things that you was doing that she said that was toxic i was kind of hanging out with my homeboys and just doing illegitimate things like what talk to me what’s that miss me like i was kind of like running around the streets and stuff so you were in prison no not at all well you know that ain’t a bad thing you know and after that heartbreak now that you’re in your new relationship it’s kind of hard for you to give your all to somebody cause you to be scared yeah i know where you had with it but i’m i’ma say this also if you in something that you don’t really care for and it ain’t no passion now you ought to let that person go be happy with somebody else and you know you just keep trying on shoes and baby you gonna find a pet that fit that’s the hardest thing to pick yourself up off the floor after somebody just walk out your life but at the end of the day hey you gonna learn how to fly again do you still like every night then you be missing this old person and making comparisons like man she do this or she do that yeah that’s another thing that’s another thing you can’t do cause that’s that’s that’s almost like self-sabotage and like you know i had a woman’s i mean you just look at me like you want somebody else to jump out of my face well maybe i do yeah you can’t make comparisons though you can’t do that that’s another thing you gotta really love this person for what it is about them understanding that everybody is different you’re gonna learn how to fly again you’re a big player man you ain’t number 19 you got your whole life ahead of you yeah damien you young you still got a whole life ahead of you you heard me take my mind off this other baby you just this this your stolen face cause you said that was your first girlfriend away yeah that was just your first that was your first time getting off the porch it’s gonna be a lot that you’re gonna bump into it’s gonna be a lot that you’re gonna do yeah cause i’m about to go to college here uh diesel technology program because i want to open up a shop on the d-day next thing you know hey you want to find something you’re going to be here you’re going to be dropping that land against something yeah you’re going to be a big peter bill dog chill you know what i’m saying yeah you’re going to be hauling the dry goods you got to give me a cdl too yeah i need a cdl to operate this big yeah i thought i wasn’t gonna get up off the floor but see once i got my cdl i’m about to park this in a driveway your would have turned out too oh man the reaper trailer yeah thank you all for the help though i appreciate it man you’re welcome you ain’t doing nothing wrong bro we all fall we all have hey we all fall so we can learn how to pick ourselves back up man yeah man all right blessings on your journey man listen to me thank y’all we probably got that one you know you always had that oneness you know that yeah yeah the one that you think got away but god really did you a favor and removed it out of your life [Laughter] it’s crazy how we be looking at too yeah we look at it like man i had a good girl she got away no she you had a beautiful distraction we got on the line oh we got christina from alabama christina from alabama yeah click in let me see what you’re talking about what’s happening christina what’s going on what are you doing all right so i got a question um the man he’s incarcerated so i wanted to know what did like what would he expect of me so what did you expect of drika while you were incarcerated you just expect somebody to be there to the best of their ability when you out of sight you out of mind so when a got beat up you know what i’m saying that’s a beautiful thing but you know i don’t know the details of what i’m trying to say but oh this your first time this your first time holding somebody down on a beat basically yeah how long y’all been together since like with 10 years oh so you didn’t meet this person in jail no i knew him before he went to jail oh okay how long he got he got like eight he’s done he’s done like four already but you know it’s rocky of course i will ask you a question do you love this man yeah sincerely if i was that man what i would expect from you is to be there you know what i’m saying because when you’re in a jailhouse it’s like you’re you’re somebody in the wheelchair you need help you know so it’s like i don’t know what you what you got going on or what you you know how you’re living but um every night then you know you know send them something every night then send them a send them a letter you know i’m saying send them a call or whatever you remember when he don’t agree it’s just about being there for him you know i’m saying and he appreciate that more than anything you gotta understand that when when a person in confinement it’s just them and their emotions even if he get mad at you for nothing sometimes it’s just going to be him in a projected tour stage because i’m guilty of that too like i’d be on the phone and i’m not getting the type of energy that i feel like i want from the person at the time like why you ain’t saying that you know what i’m saying or i’m guilty of those things projecting what are you expecting from this this man and he honestly gave me what i said he still tried to take care of me while he’s in there he lets me know that he loves me and all that is just i just want to make sure i’m available for him and his emotions all i can tell you is just be patient be patient with him and understand that every day not gonna be a good day he already in them yeah he under pressure not already in an uncomfortable situation stop putting all that pressure on yourself and know that you’re doing the right thing see i’m trying to build that stop beat up myself and know that i’m doing you know i’m doing good so yeah i’m i’m here i’m gonna be the first to tell you you’re doing a great job i appreciate that four years they got out there ain’t gonna be there for four hours four days i just want you to know you’re a good woman i salute you hopefully y’all be blessed and have everything that y’all wanted y’all live a good life well thank you i appreciate it yes i appreciate you man thank y’all for taking my call today thank you for calling this is on your journey blessings she too real to know that she real yeah you know what i’m talking about it’s just in her yeah we had some we had some interesting people called today this cigar got me has a say what we got on the line oh man we got emperors from georgia emperor’s from georgia yes indeed sounds like somebody i know um what you want to do click in or what yeah click in click ahead let me show emperor’s from georgia click them in let’s see i just want to see all right let’s see what’s happening hey hey how are you guys well great how are you i got a question yes do we know each other no i wish we did but we don’t the name empress isn’t really a common name and i know somebody named empress okay cause i was gonna tell you that restraining order is still valid okay no just hey i’m just with you you ready to help me i’m ready to listen so my past relationships have ended because of i guess just being unfaithful and i literally just ended my engagement because he was being unfaithful and also searched and i found google searches of him looking for escorts and prostitutes is there any warning signs that i should look out for to avoid being hurt like that again to help you answer that question i gotta talk about me first i was always commitment shy i would do things to self-sabotage a relationship once my feelings got too heavily involved and the reason i would do these things because a good woman is very very intimidating when a good woman come in my life and she do everything and she so perfect i look i used to look at that like responsibility so sometimes it was easier for me to just it up because i couldn’t fail if i didn’t try right when you look at look for an escort or a prostitute you know after i net the thrill is gone and there’s no commitment i don’t have to act responsibly i don’t have to care about that person’s emotions or anything because it was a wham bam thank you ma’am you could scram you never know what kind of emotional traumas and patternistic behavior that he probably had that stemming from his past but i’m gonna be honest once i was provided with the space to be honest about everything it elevated me to a love i’m talking about out of this world well i kind of learned some of that from you when you say um you never know what you can get unless you ask baby i know we have an agreement but i just want to amend the terms yeah empress you got to talk about the situation with them you know what i’m saying let them know what it is let them know how you feel and let them know what you want to do you know what i’m saying oh yeah a lot of people don’t miss their water today we’re running dry but need that they got some me and i’ll tell you what they really love on you we love your mindset empress and we love your name yeah i’m loving your mind see thank you thank you you have a blessed day on your journey you’re a good woman thank you yes ma’am thank you all right love you too all i want to say is i with her yeah i with us man that more people in the world was like oh man the world will be a it’ll be a building even more beautiful place cause it’s beautiful it’s abundant yes thank you for tuning in to the kevin gates help line i’m kevin gates this is my best friend and co-host og boobie black and let me leave you with this protecting your energy is not a crime [Music] so would these be bloopers i like bloopers you know like on step brothers dumb and dumber they had a bloopers they showed after the movie yeah like on rush hour they had the bloopers oh no is will pharaoh the dude that played an anchorman [Music]
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