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How 1.6 Million Tonnes Of Paper A Year Are Made In Portugal | Big Business

[Music] these trees will be transformed into giant reams of paper the navigator company is europe’s largest manufacturer of printing and writing paper it produces 1.6 million tons a year most of the pulp comes from eucalyptus trees in portugal but summer wildfires threaten the forest we visited a field a nursery and one of their paper mills to see how navigator is turning this into this for the past 30 years navigator scientists have been genetically enhancing a type of eucalyptus tree they chose the species because it grows well in a variety of temperatures absent agents says 12 million new plants a year are born in navigators through nurseries the sprouts are cut and then brought to the bio factory where workers give the leaves a special cut to prevent mold they’re then placed in individual substrates after a quick dip into a hormone solution to help the plants grow strong roots after this they’re transferred to the shade room while they’ll hang for a month getting constant baths until the roots are fully developed [Music] icelanders eventually each sprout will be replanted in fields like these after 10 to 12 years the trees mature and can be harvested bobcats with chainsaws cut the trunk close to the ground and then chop it into smaller pieces the pieces are collected and sent to the paper mill [Music] every day 200 trucks line up at this facility to unload around 4 500 tons of wood the process starts by turning the eucalyptus trunks into wood chips okay the paste is then dried in bleach to create the cellulose fibers used for making sheets it all happens inside this 200 meter machine which could fit four airbuses in the control room workers make sure everything goes smoothly cameras inside show the cellulose fibers being flattened together at a speed of 60 miles per hour they come out rolled into rooms 33 feet wide and almost 13 feet tall this facility can produce an average of 1 800 tons of paper per day which is over 4 million books these 80-10 jumper reels are cut down to become a recognizable stack of office paper cadets pillars of perforated company they’re then boxed and shipped to 130 countries in order to create this much paper navigator has to plant a lot of trees man-made plantations like this one have increased europe’s total forest area by 17 million hectares in the last 30 years preventing these trees from going up in flames is pretty important but eucalyptus gobulus is often seen as a villain when it comes to wildfires since the species burns easily which is why a navigator spends over four million euros a year in prevention import salient arc 90 while the paper industry is more sustainable producing it does have an environmental impact but things in europe are shifting manufacturers are complying with europe’s plan to become carbon neutral by 2050 and navigators ahead of this transition today seventy percent of the energy that powers its mills comes from biomass made with discarded wood and produced opportunity [Music] you
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