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welcome to xfit daily I’m Jason chargin we’re going to start with our warm up so everyone at home start out and join us as well so today Erin and Asia are joining us for the hot seat workout and it’s called the hot seat workout because as you can see we’re going to be using a seat right here the exercises we’re going to be doing today are going to be squats dips crunches step ups and pushups on the chair each exercise is going to be performed for 30 seconds non-stop and we’re going to go three times all the way through all right ladies you ready let’s start with the squats we’re going to stand right in front of the chair feet are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart elbows are straight ahead squat down and then right back up we’re going to do it for 30 seconds non-stop this exercise is going to be great for your glutes your quads and also your core when you look straight ahead and keep that nice balance the whole time now I’m going to go ahead and join these ladies for the first time through and for the second and third times through I’m going to monitor their form and see if they’re making any errors in there so I can tweak those okay we have five seconds left keep it up ladies four three two one and relaxed the next exercise going to do is dips so go ahead and get position and get started right away dips are going to be great for your triceps the back of your arms one key you want to note here is you want to keep your back is close to the bench as you can when you come all the way down so you might brush up against it just a little bit at the bottom but that’s okay it’s better that than being too far away because then your triceps aren’t doing as much work you also want to make sure coming down as far as you can pause for a second come all the way up okay three seconds just get a couple more ladies two one and rest third will reduce focus on abs just regular crunches but our feet are going to be up on the chair so go ahead and get started 30 seconds we’re crunch it up and now the reason we have our feet up on the chair right here is what that does is that helps take our hip flexors which are right here out of the equation for the exercise that makes sure that our upper abs right here which we’re targeting are doing all of the work all right come crunch up and hold for one second at the top each time okay we’re down seven seconds ladies keep going and five four three two and rest excellent go ahead and stand up there you have step-ups next hands on your hips go ahead and step up with your right and then step both down we’re going to switch each time so we’re going to lead with our left for the second time through and then alternate back and forth and we with the right for this one keep your hands on your hips and keep your shoulders nice and tall the best idea is to look straight ahead or slightly above and that’s going to help keep your balance don’t be overly concerned with which the leg is coming down just make sure that you’re alternating which like you’re stepping up with each time okay just one more time here and good last but not least we’re finishing up with push-ups put your hands on the handles right hit and go and start ladies hands on the handles right here come all the way down at 90 degrees push all the layout inhale on the way down exhale push all the way up each time inhale exhale excellent and for this one can you keep your body in a straight line round so you want to make sure from your shoulders all the way to your ankles it’s in a nice straight line eight seconds that’s going to ensure your core your abs and your lower back are being engaged at the same time okay there’s one more rep ladies excellent two more rounds to go okay so start back with the squad so it’s nonstop there’s no rest that I’ll keep going start with a squat and I’m going to monitor your form and make sure you’re doing everything properly excellent and if you can if the first time I didn’t feel like as much of a challenge feel free to go a little bit faster so if you get I mean I think you could both go a little faster at this point just go down quick and come up quick and son the idea is when you get to the end of 30 seconds for all these exercises is that you should feel burned out but not entirely exhausted okay we have three seconds to one excellent we’re going over to the dips now hands are on the bench right there so no rest right to it this one you want to keep your body as close as you can to the chair and keep your knees locked in your body and a straight line so it should look kind of like this all the way throughout the exercise come down and pause for just a second at the bottom come as low as you can depending on your strength you might not be able to come all the way down but if you can come all the way down that would be the best way to do it to the most benefit out of it and work your triceps right here the most okay we’re down to three seconds three two and excellent next we have the crunches so feed her up right there and for this one a general rule of the thumb whenever you’re doing any expert whenever doing 80 of crunches where your feet are elevated is you want to keep your legs at 90 degrees so by 90 degree is what I mean is that your knees are going to be directly above your butt or your hips right there perfect and then we’re going to crunch it up pause for just one second right there this for crunches you also want to be aware of your head on the way down just be careful that you don’t bump when you come down to always come down slow and controlled and keep your neck back forward just slightly time just two more seconds ladies one more excellent well going over to the step ups now let’s start with the right leg so get going as quick as it quickly as you can how you feeling so far excellent Asia how you feel excellent all right not just good not great not amazing oh that’s what I thought that’s what I thought I can see the sweat dripping down all right to put the set the step ups are going to be great for the quadriceps and you’re right in your left side as well as your butt right here in your glutes and it’s also going to be great for your posture and decor by keeping yourself upright right path and just like the previous exercises go a little bit quicker if it’s a little bit too easy for all right well done with this one we’re good last but not least is going to be the push-ups here all right so grab onto the handles slowly come down and then push all the way up right there let’s go a little bit quicker this time ladies one should be totally burned out at the end of the 30 seconds so just like I was mentioning before all these exercises are scalable meaning that no matter what difficulty level you’re at what strength level conditioning whatever you want however you want to term it you can modify the exercise very simply by the speed or the angle so that you can get through the workout have a great and effective workout every single time excellent all right one more time through one more X 2 that’s 2 so make it count no holding back at all this time I’ve seen you can do if you’re cheating all know so we’re starting with so great to the squats quit so we should be able to get about 20 squats during this 30-second time period perfect touch all the way down and come right back up even though you’re going quick still try to paste your breathing to match the movement so they’re breathing in on the way down right here and exhaling on the way up it gets a little bit trickier as you go a little bit faster but it still should be pretty manageable to do throughout the entire 30 second time period okay we’re down to four seconds three two one excellent back the dips right here back to the dips I see a little bit of sweat but not as much as I was hoping for come on ladies push little harder push a little harder come on air all the way down quick great job she’s doing if you can see she did a great job of keeping the back straight right there great job of keeping her knees black hair like straight right there perfect and a modification you can do for this one as well is instead of having your legs straight you can bend your knees and put your feet flat on the ground and that’s going to make it slightly easier if you’re more of a beginner or don’t quite have as much upper body strength as these two ladies do we’re down to two seconds okay we’re going right to the crunches next feet are going to be up on feet are going to be up on the chair right there most importantly just like last time we focused on legs are going to stay at 90 degrees perfect so you want to suck your stomach in at the beginning tight crunch up so you feel your shoulders come off the ground each time hold it for just a moment and slowly come back down and just be aware of your head and your neck on the way down so you don’t into your son is a little bit quicker this time they squeeze the tape Asia how you feeling how your abs feeling today excellent just keep your hands on your shoulders right there perfect three seconds three two one and relax last time with the step ups I know you probably thought this motor never come but it’s here last time step it all the way up keep it quick 30 seconds and for this one if you’re using the chair just make sure because you can see the chairs are moving a little bit just make sure the chair is stable and then you have good balance if you’re doing this so the chair is securely locked into the floor and or in a good position because you don’t want any accidents to happen it’s good not to have it on a slippery surface as you can see we have an attached to the mat right here so that it stays basically locked in place for the entire 30 seconds okay three seconds to just one more all right push up this is it no holding back as many as you’ve got let’s see you can do the most I’m counting I’m counting let’s go one count on your head for me I can’t watch you both simultaneously 34 last 30 seconds make it count make it count excellent perfect keep those buys them a straight line come all the way down to 90 excellent keep it up lot this is that this is it ladies hips got to come down and hips got to come down here we go there we go she’s cheating them because you say competition people start cheating that’s how life works all right five seconds three two one and nice work excellent work all right guys that was our hot seat workout as you could tell you really don’t need much equipment at all to get a great full body workout no matter what fitness level you’re at so be sure to subscribe to xfit daily and you can work out with us every day until next time I’m Jason charge and see you next time I’m xfit daily I really like the work out the hot say it was a good combination of arms abs and legs and it was really good using the chair it’s really different I loved it it works my arms my core and my legs it was really great that I could work out all of them I loved using the chair because it was something different something I could do my home my favorite exercise at the hot seat would definitely be the set up to the chair I really liked how it focus on your limit to your body my favorite exercise be the crunches I really liked putting my feet up on the chair because it really did take off a lot of the strain on my hip flexors and I was able to focus a lot on my core the most challenging exercise for me would probably be the dips because I don’t work my triceps very much so I felt the burn a lot yeah and I would have to agree with aarón definitely the as well I have very weak upper body strength and the movement it’s a little bit more strain on your wrist opposed to doing them on the floor so I thought that was a little bit more difficult or challenging
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