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Hot Sausage Pastry Pockets Recipe

have you ever wanted to learn to cook but just didn’t know where to start well we’re the guys from sorted food and we’ve teamed up with coops great now cooking a free online course to show you how to up your food game so head over to now cook it to get started but for now check out this video from the course sausage past it and know they’re not just sausage rolls these are amazing pasties from the wicked pork filling but we’re going to show you how to work with pastry so first of all though we’re going to look at the filling because we’re going to take regular sausage meat and we’re going to take it up again personalize it with some brilliant Italian flavors so to start off with one onion we’re going to top tail cut it in half and then peel the onion before dicing as fine as possible now raw onion can be a little bit too overpowering and crunchy on the texture so if you’re making homemade burgers or in this case a pork filling for our pasties we want to cook them so a small pan that’s got a lid we’re going to place it in there with a tablespoon of olive oil and we’re going to sweat it off for about five minutes until they’re soft and smelling sweet by threat we mean fry from underneath because the oil can steam from the top because the lid whilst the onions sweat we can do the rest of the filling so per pasty one chunky pork sausage all we want to do is get the meat out of it if you can squeeze that into a bowl basically sausage meat is already nicely seasoned and then to that seasoned pork meat we’re going to add our own flavors Kyra italian-themed so some dried oregano a pinch of chili flakes and then some fruit and nut in this case pistachio and raisin and we want to chop those up as fine as possible all of the chopped raisins mustachios can go in along with our softened golden onions then get a fork in there to mix it all up so there’s no pockets of sausage meat without all those additional lovely flavors and now to work with our pastry this is a short crust pastry cream stop you there why is it called a shortcrust pastry because last time I checked pastries don’t have crusts but it becomes crusty so is the crust of a pie or a tart or a flan or eight however in this instance is going to develop the entire filling pasture style so you can make your own we’ve done a whole video on that if you want to make it if you’re working with it as a pre bought option then the same rules apply when it comes to working with it one get yourself plenty of space that’s nice and clean so you’re not distracted by other mess number two it’s all about the temperature you want to work with this at if it is too cold then when you unroll it or try and roll it with a rolling pin if it’s your own it will crack too hot and it will just melt and be really difficult to work with because it’s short crust it’s got lots of butter in there okay that’s what makes it short and crumbly find yourself something circular that’s about 15 centimeters and cross for these particular capacities and then what we want to do is cut out disks and now we want a heat tablespoon of filling in the middle so that is the equivalent to about one sausage okay plus all the flavorings so four sausages four passes then all you need to do is fold the other side up and over but in order to get it to stick we’re going to use what’s called an egg wash all that is is a beaten egg if you’ve got a pastry brush perfect you can use that to brush around if not it’s so simple you can just do it with a dabbing of a finger we can wrap it over and press it down and what you want to try and do is move out as much of the air as possible you have got new pockets it’s just literally coating that filling and then we’re going to lift that up and transfer it to a baking tray which we’ve got lined with nonstick paper and then what we want to do is make sure those edges are completely sealed the egg is going to help but what makes it perfectly safe it’s just a little crimp with the prongs of a fork if you want a shine on it more of the egg wash on the whole thing and then you repeat the process with the rest of the pastry with shortcrust pastry to make sure you’re not wasting all of these bits we can scrunch up and press it out one more time just the one but any more than that you’ve overworked the pastry then it becomes chewy [Music] at this point you’ve got a couple of options the obvious one is straight into an oven that’s preheated at 200 gree Celsius for about 15 minutes to bake until they’re golden on top crispy where you’ve crimped them and the inside filling is cooked through alternatively you can put that tray into a freezer couple of hours once they’re frozen up solid you can then take them put them in a plastic bag of food bag and store them as frozen pasties that you can then defrost in the fridge and bake off whenever you want so relight movie to get ahead these ones out there going into the oven 15 minutes once they’re fake you’ve got that lovely golden color you want to just ease them onto a cooling rack that will enable them to cool without the bottoms going soggy which they may do if you’re not careful but you should have nice cold and color on the base as well now these are piping hot inside so let them cool down a little bit although they’re best served warm alternatively chill them right down store them in the fridge and you can take them at pack lunch that’s everything you need to know to make sauces puffy [Music] sometimes a nap yes that’s what you’ve got packed full of meat we’ve got the nuts the root because it’s sausage meat it’s seriously succulent you can only transform everyday sausage into something spectacular and the pastry rich buttery crumbly if you only give this a go or even making you need is down below give them a go it’s so easy [Music] [Applause] you
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