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Homemade Minestrone Soup | Keep Cooking & Carry On | Jamie Oliver

This recipe is something that I’m making
my family every single month at least, we love it. We always go back for seconds
and maybe even thirds It’s a classic minestrone. So it starts
here in a big pan, we’re gonna get that on a nice medium high heat, we’re gonna
kick it off with 4 rashes of smoked bacon, that smokiness is like a secret
ingredient. So in this pan nice big one, we’d go in
with some olive oil, we sprinkle in the bacon. Look look what’s happening
straight away, we’re creating golden little nuggets of smoky bacon
that’s called caramelisation right, and that is gonna happen with the veg and
everything that you put in here until you add the wet stuff. Let’s start off
with some lovely carrots. This recipe is brilliant embracing what you’ve got in
your fridge, you know you might have a bit of swede or turnip I don’t
know, I don’t know what you’ve got it could be some savoy cabbage, white cabbage, kale. right
all of this stuff can be welcomed into the wonderful world of minestrone. So I
just chunk up the carrots it’s all good, a couple of garlic cloves I’m just gonna
roughly chop into the pan. If you look in the pan by the way as the bacon gets
golden, then I go in with the garlic. I’m using bay leaves dried or fresh it
doesn’t matter of course, you could put rosemary in there beautiful flavours. I’m
gonna go in with the carrots, just mix it around it smells amazing already. I’m
gonna use celery, just like a couple of little stalks. Let’s get the onion in,
2 small onions or 1 big one. Your cup of garden soup or minestrone should
reflect what is available to you, and it doesn’t matter whether that’s frozen or
down the markets. As that is frying up this is kale, purple and green they’re so
beautiful aren’t they. What I like to do is take these tough stalks off, chop them
up and get them in there in the base so nothing goes to waste,
finely slice these all in there beautiful. So I got savoy cabbage here, so
you can give them a nice little wash. These outside leaves are perfect for the
job again I’ll cut the stalks out
and slice them up, literally nothing is gonna go to waste. Now look that’s what you’re talking
about can you see all the caramelisation
happening in there. So I’m gonna go in now with a little cheat, so of course I’d
love to use a beautiful, you know chicken broth I haven’t got one. Right so I’m
using a little organic vegetable stock cube, sprinkle that in and now we’ve
earned that colour which is big flavour. I’m gonna get 2 ingredients in, first
is gonna be some nice tinned tomatoes. So we’re breaking the frying now and now
we’re going into boiling okay, so I’ll fill this up with some water as well. In
with the water and then I’m gonna use some butter beans, nice and chunky and
then cannellini beans. So I’ve used butter beans and cannellini beans but
you can swap out any bean you like, you can get tins of mixed beans as well
which are absolutely brilliant and then onto the cabbage. So I’ll just roll it up
like a kind of cigar and just finely slice it like that, so that will go into
our pan beautiful. Then the kale, look at that and then what
I like to do is top up this soup with some boiling water about a pint.
Let that simmer for a couple of minutes with a lid on top and then let’s talk
about pasta. So I tend to put all my odds-and-ends normally in a little jar,
but then what I like to do in this soup is just get a little tea towel and pour
the pasta into the tea towel. I just take up the sides and give them a ruddy good
banging right, go over to our beautiful soup hold it like this and in it goes. So
all you’ve got to do now is just simmer this for the time that it takes to cook
the pasta, it will thicken slightly but that is going to be a really nice hearty
bowl of minestrone, and it’s gonna taste gorgeous. Okay so it’s at about 10-15 minutes the
pastas cooked and it’s thickened but it’s still nice and brothy, look at that
beautiful. So let’s get a nice big old spoon in the bowl, really really good
little bit of Parmesan cheese on top or cheddar cheese of course if you haven’t
got it, this is a dish that I think people love. Look at that, pastas
brilliant little bits of bacon. Mmm, absolutely gorgeous.
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