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Homemade Celebration Cake | Keep Cooking & Carry On | Jamie Oliver #withme

So today is a very very special day, it’s
little baby Petal’s birthday she’s 11 years old.
I haven’t got everything that i would normally have to do a birthday cake, but
the fundamentals are here. It’s an amazing chocolate cake
that is so simple, so reliable, so delicious, now let’s just start the story. I’ve got some golden caster sugar here I only had
130g, I’ve literally run out of sugar and then i made it up with 70g of icing sugar. So it doesn’t matter
if you go from white sugar, golden sugar icing sugar, it’s all good guys so
200g of that. Then i’ve got 200g of butter going
straight in, in this pan I’ve got an inch of water and i’m bringing it to a simmer.
Just put a bowl on top of that, don’t let it touch the water
and we’re going to melt the butter, the sugar and the chocolate, normally I would
say oh 70% coca solids but guys 200g of the
best chocolate you can get your hands on. Although I kind of got a feeling that
there’s a fair amount of chocolate in the cupboards around the country. So
let this melt for about 5 or so minutes give it a stir
every now and again, it’s going to be amazing. While that’s doing its thing I
have a little heart shaped mould. I want to
show you how you make it so that the sponge
does not stick to the tin. Now you can get some greaseproof paper I haven’t got
any. That little bit of leftover butter just
rub that generously around the edge, a tablespoon of flour
into this knock it around and you see how it’s sticking to the
butter and that will protect your cake, give it a tap out so that is
ready and raring to go. The next stage we’re
going to add to this bowl the chocolate, have a
look at that. The butter, the chocolate and the sugar has all melted
all of that chocolate goes in every last bit use a spatula for this guys.
So after a couple of minutes this chocolate mix would have cooled down a
nice little bit, we’re gonna add 6 eggs, crack those in and then we’ll
go from a spatula to a whisk. So i’m gonna stand up for
this it’s now gonna do beautiful things right
we’ll whisk in that first egg and then we’ll crack in the second, next
one. Last but not least egg number six, that’s
the basis for the most amazing chocolate cake. What
we can do at this stage is flavour it, so I’m gonna add in 2
teaspoons of vanilla paste or extract and then i’m
thinking chocolate, chocolate orange. All you need literally all you need is
two or three little gratings of orange. To give it the structure i’ve
got 200g of self-raising gluten-free flour, if you
don’t need to be gluten-free just use the regular self-raising flour.
For now, Petal is gluten sensitive I’ll sift that in,
I’m just going to now fold this flour into the mix,
chocolaty gorgeousness and i’m going to pour this into our mould.
We will bake that for about 50 minutes at 160 degrees celsius
and then i’ll show you what to do next. So I now have a new cameraman,
and that’s little Buddy come around here Buds, uh Mum’s gone to do some jobs,
River’s running around um so it could go into chaos now.
But the buttercream part of this recipe is very very simple, so bro
back to your post, so I have melted in the same fashion over a little water
bath, 200g of chocolate again. Just get right, be really curious buddy.
I’ve just used any chocolate I can get my hands on, sit on
the end if you want, come sit here. Dad, can I have a lick of this? Yeah, you can have a lick in a second. 200
g of icing sugar Then we’re going to go in with our
chocolate here, Dad can i have a little bit of chocolate? Are you going to be a good boy? I’m going to go in with 200g of
butter. I was going to get Buddy Buddy is so jealous right now,
no that’s all i’ve got, that’s all i’ve got You can have the bowl, there you go
that’s your bowl you can have that later. So I need actually, a spatula but
that’s got spit all over it. Can I have a spatula? River, is like chaos So now what we’re going to
do is just mix it all together. I want chocolate.
No, there’s a camera, darling there’s a camera. A little pinch of salt okay, so guys that
is the buttercream, yes! Guys come on, just let it cool down Once it’s got to room temperature, in
about an hour’s time i’ll show you how to fill it
and dress it. So this is all very exciting the cake has now cooled down
and sometimes, it kind of souffles in the oven and then
it sags, you can see it’s done that now. Please do not
worry about that at all okay, you can do 1 of 2 things, go with it and just
fill that gap no trouble at all i’m going to do that,
or you can just trim it off. So we’re going to put that on our platter here we
have our lovely buttercream, look at that, and
almost butter it, it will be amazing. Look put some raspberries in there, cover
up a 1000 sins. Do you think it looks like a heart buddy?
Yeah it looks like a heart let’s try and get birthday right. Put that chocolate up to
your side, get a flat knife and just drag it towards you all the little folds, so Jools we’re done. That’s so, that’s amazing, she’ll go mad. So there you go
lovely birthday cake… breathe. What’d you reckon Pets? It’s really good! Do you like it? It’s so nice.
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