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[Music] here we are it is so charming already this is in our budget it’s a technically a steal it’s a four bedroom one bath how many square feet it’s 13.80 and it’s priced at 40 000. wow what are the comps at so the comps are coming in at about 80 85 per square foot 85 times 13.80 over 115. that’s pretty impressive i don’t really understand why stop asking questions about it so i mentioned to see inside and to see what is wrong with it because nobody driving don’t say that positive thoughts positive thoughts so in my experience every time a house seems too good to be true that’s because it usually is so check out the living room oh that fireplace keith look at that fireplace that is nice right and it’s a nice size but this room is large enough to have a large fireplace it feels like open but not cavernous and this dining room is huge right yeah this is massive i mean and the windows are like so good i love having a sideboard under a window like that they’re old but they’re in fine shape really good conditions yeah all right show me more this is interesting yeah you may want to watch your step because there’s like a three inch difference between the dining room and the kitchen oh and i also see some weird dip here you can feel this oh wow there’s like a big gaping sink hole something strange is going on here this beam does not look big enough for the span and then you can see the beam going into the cabinet this is bizarre yeah is it fixable i mean every everything is fixable this is the question of how much time and money you want to put into it [Music] all right bathroom is pretty big it’s disgusting but it’s a nice size another weird room [Music] i mean one other thing is that these bedrooms are kind of small i think there’s room to play with it we knock this wall down that would give this a big big main bedroom there’s definitely some risk with this house considering that it is listed for 40 000 and then there’s those unknowns with the beams and the sinking floors so it makes me a little nervous do you think high-end we’re going to spend 60 high-end i’m just preparing myself for like a lot of hidden issues that’s fair and maybe we’ll be able to push it for higher than 85 a foot i think so shea’s thinking that we could at least list it for 110 000 but maybe we could list it for 115 maybe 120 and then at that point it’s starting to become worth it [Music] why do you have to finish niller i don’t know you don’t need to bring that in i’m going designers so we put in an offer at 40 000 and we got it so now we have to make sure that we actually have a somewhat decent investment want to get in there and check it out and make sure that we didn’t buy a dud we need to gut this whole ceiling because we need to see what’s going on with the joists and what’s going on with that header and how it’s built into this wall because there’s something funny about how it’s joining this wall [Music] oh okay that’s okay so they have the stud facing the wrong direction among other issues [Music] what this little beam they built it’s kind of looks like it had water damage to it yeah everything has water damage in here i say that like i’m surprised ew my god okay that explains it oh wow when we opened up the ceiling everything was completely rotted out it was just destroyed that was a shocking amount of i know everything is so rotted out support joists that are crumbling from water rot are bad enough but of course the bad news didn’t stop there so this looks like this is some sort of addition going here which means that these joists are resting on this beam which is only made out of two essexes the entire back part of the house is resting on two tubistics that are improperly installed yep that’s not good [Music] the solution to this problem is the same as it always is just some sweat equity that’s good you have to replace the second story floor joist plus we have to reframe all the walls in the kitchen this house is a higher price point than we’re used to which means that the expectations on resale are going to be higher people are looking for the nicer finish out so we really have to pay attention to that on the design this house already has a gambra roof which of course is typical of old cape cod style homes so i’m going to make this one my classy cape cod lots of exposed wood cedar shake high-end flooring the kitchens are always light and beautiful in cape cod style homes elegant light fixtures big fireplaces it’s just all around a classy home [Music] it’s really really elegant looking [Music] i think it’ll be a nice compliment to the fireplace too the fireplace will also be a showstopper when the ceiling came out in the living room at the very top there was a little peak of brick so the color was beautiful so i decided to tear out all the old paneling to expose that brick we’re gonna do a new walnut mantel and then we’ll pair it with a bunch of really polished finishes they’ll give like that old world rustic air i’m excited to see how it comes out i can’t wait do you like i love the ceiling oh my goodness thank you it looks very high-end thank you still working on the trim out but it’s getting there i love it i love it well let’s take a look at the kitchen i haven’t decided what we’re going to do with the ceiling because there’s this beam here and i’ve got to figure out how to make it look like a design feature instead of what it is well i can’t wait to see it yeah [Music] we’re about a week before the open house and there is still a lot to do in the kitchen we’ve installed this elegant marble backsplash i just like the texture of it like makes you want to touch it and to fix that ugly beam running across the middle of the kitchen we installed faux beams to make it look more like a design feature not a mistake stainless the same as the countertops and the fireplace it is definitely bringing some class we also wanted to make a big statement with the exterior of the home this house definitely has pushed us into a new kind of level of design this is a big chance for our business and the block so it’s really important we deliver a stunning product [Music] it’s beautiful oh so pretty wow i love it i wish i could touch that oh my goodness [Laughter] i love exposed brick it just gives a historical value i love that they chose to stain the mantel the same color as the ceiling this is custom made mm-hmm oh wow i promise you no other house on the block has this so this is already like really striking and it’s just like very smart really attractive it’s homey it’s warm it’s very warm this is gorgeous right oh look at that chandelier it is high class so you might recognize this color i do color oh my goodness this is beautiful renovations now are like gray and white i know and this actually feels like somebody thought about living here there’s so much counter space there the island you know wait a minute does this color match what’s out there it’s the same stain of the fireplace and the ceiling in the living room it’s that type of detail it works and then you have these gorgeous wood beams on the ceiling oh just makes it so warm and homey just noticing the backsplash yep and this is marble wow this is marble yes mark oh yeah maybe leather just a little bit more than the cabinets oh my gosh gorgeous we grew up near this neighborhood and i know this color is very much kind of native to a lot of the houses in the communities i feel like you kept it very classic to a detroit style home this is the main bedroom so bright yes [Applause] [Music] it gives you tons of space and tons of options with what you can do with the space is this a city area yeah take your feet take your feet hey girl how’s it doing i had a wonderful day i want to see this beautiful house made the headboard too cool this is just really nice thank you i wake up and i’m in luxury yes on the west side of detroit this is awesome everybody really seemed to appreciate the work that was put into the house the carpentry work that we did the extra tile work all the details that we really poured into this one it’s a great neighborhood it’s a great house and it’s worth pouring some love into there’s been a couple other houses that were rehabbed and it’s been a blessing brings people in and community is what we need right community is such a great word to describe what we’ve felt since we moved to the city of detroit normally we’re pretty excited to get a house under contract but i think i’m really good at just hanging out here for a little bit longer it just feels like home i mean the open house was great but maybe we’ll be the buyer [Laughter] in the end we decided it was time to retire the old shopping cart box for the potholes and settle down into the new classy cape cod [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFQOI3j2Wa0

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