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Home – Day 0 – Welcome Home | 30 Days Of Yoga

(upbeat gentle music) – Hello, everyone. Welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. I’m Adriene, this is Benji. And I am so excited because today is day zero. Alright, so you can
relax your shoulders now. We’re not doing any yoga today. And this is really a 30-day yoga
journey tradition that we just take a moment before we
begin tomorrow to connect and collect ourselves. And I just want
to offer a few tips, things that might help you
along the ride then we’ll take a couple deep breaths together
and then meet tomorrow for yoga. So first thing’s first, this is
like a little orientation video but this year,
in light of our theme, it really is a heartfelt welcome from my home to yours but also, there is an invitation maybe
for you to just kind of feel, you know, welcome
yourself into this experience, feel that you’ve
made this commitment. Right, so it’s
not just the doing. Sometimes it’s like
noticing how it makes you feel. So maybe you’re kind of
scared for the next 30 days. You don’t know how
you’re going to fit it in. Maybe you’re excited,
you’ve really needed this, you know, kind of accountability
to show up for yourself. So whatever’s
bringing you to the mat, we’re gonna really kind of
uncover in the first couple of days of our practice. But you can get ahead of the
game by just thinking about welcoming yourself back home. You can imagine rolling out a
little welcome mat and placing your feet on it,
feeling the texture, brushing it off. I was an only child and I was
a theater kid so forgive me. And you know,
we’re getting ready to step inside to see
what that feels like. So you can start
to kind of just get, you know, get
those feelings going, be open to
noticing those feelings. Like, why am I really doing this and what am
I really doing this for? In addition, there are some
other practical things that might be helpful as you set off
on this journey home and that is that you might want
to wear comfy clothes. I encourage people, especially
with at-home yoga practice, to wear clothes that you can
move in that you really feel kind of comfortable in, right? Not too constricted. Something you feel good in. So plan it out if you
need to pull some old clothes. You don’t need
any fancy clothes, just something comfy
that you can move in. In addition, if you
have a yoga mat, bring it. We’ll use it. If you do not, you can practice
this program on a hard surface. There will be some days where
I invite you to bring a towel or a blanket, something that you
can sit up on or pad the knees. Again, you don’t
need anything fancy. A bath towel will do.
A beach towel is great. If you have a yoga blanket,
awesome but just something to sit up on or pad the knees. Then there will be some days, not a lot so don’t get
too excited, just kidding, where I’ll invite
you to bring a pillow. And same thing, just
grab a pillow off the couch. Grab a pillow off your bed. If you don’t have a pillow, you
can use that blanket or towel that will suffice
just as well. Alright? So just a little reminder,
no experience necessary, no prerequisite. This is designed for us,
all of us, to come together as we are
and uncover and see what we can discover about ourselves
that’s already there, right? So we may be coming to
this program wanting to, you know, trim and
tone the body, you will. You’re gonna get strong. You may be coming to this
program because you want to heal something that’s
been aching you. Maybe you will but there is
also this really beautiful opportunity that comes with
this amazing Yoga With Adriene community and that
is to recognize that you are not alone. That there is usually someone
out there experiencing something similar to you. So keep that in mind as you go
along and let that inspire you to engage in the comments or
the conversation on whatever platform suits you best. Alright, so wherever you are,
if you’re laying in bed with the laptop on your lap or if you’re
sitting on the couch or maybe you’re on your mat,
wherever you are, I’d like to invite you to just lengthen up through the
spine so you can sit up tall. If you’re laying down,
snuggle your shoulders down, away from your ears. We’re gonna take three deep
breaths and then that’s it. We’ll close today’s practice and I will see you tomorrow
for our official first day. So wherever you are,
relax your shoulders, maybe sit up tall. You can close your eyes
if you’re feeling brave. Trust me.
Trust yourself. Trust this process. And we’ll take a
deep breath in together. And exhale out
through the nose or mouth. Are you doing it with me?
Come on. Here we go.
Big inhale. Check it out, big exhale. And whatever this means
to you on this last one, just surprise yourself.
Here we go. Big inhale. And big exhale. Awesome. Thank you so much for
saying yes to this journey. I can’t wait to
see what happens. Myself, for me and for
you and for us together. I look forward to
seeing you tomorrow, Day 1. Take good care
from my home to yours. Namaste. (upbeat relaxing music)
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