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we are sorted a group of mates who have your back when it comes to all things food from cooking battles to gadget review and as the worker and cookbook challenges to a midweek meal Pat’s app breaks we uncover the tools that will help us all cook and eat smarter join a community where everything we do starts with you hello welcome to Bridget camp I’m Jamie this is Mike in today’s episode to unsuspecting normals go head-to-head to try and create amazing macarons without a recipe and this is them finding out the first time it could be us yeah it’s me yeah it’s not me haha you know how these work we have weighed out a bunch of ingredients for you that are required for one particular recipe which the pair of you now have two hours to prepare rescue –less we would like you to make macarons we’d like half a dozen identical macarons with a filling of your choice prepared in two hours and your time starts now great straight off two hours is a long time but that is because there’s lots of a very relaxing and cooling um have these been weighed out yes they’ve all been way down and Mike have all of your hands why have you Oh berry Taylor’s going with confidence big confidence if you are moving too quickly for me are you doing you’re just doing stuff I just saw this this is here obviously for a reason I remember you start by blitzing your almonds and your ice sugar together is that true mmm that’s a pineapple oppa don’t you think that several reasons well okay Mike we starting off um I still don’t know what to do so what I know I need to do is sieve the icing sugar and while I sip it I’m gonna try and remember what on earth happened because rubbish macarons have a lumpy batter really cotton think what I mean do you not like that’s it no interested can you empty this fine by right all right wait wait wait and I’m you’re holding there where my almond you got plenty you could share the rest of my almonds in there where’s the pole we can do with them I’m gonna put that in there I only want to put half of that in there yes so do I but I can’t work out how to I just separate home they’re so gloopy is gue really hard they go look it up he’s in you’ve gone in nice bold Oh just remembered don’t stir it ground almonds icing sugar sift pass my egg whites I think that might be two egg whites in leave it don’t need to stir it doesn’t make difference leave it okay so I know that we’ve got make a sugar syrup and that’s got to get up to something like ah we’ve done this before like 117 degrees see you’re copying me no you’re gonna mean you’re copying me while that’s heating up I’m whisking up egg whites to stiff peaks that guys who is policing this what’s wrong what you drained me what did well there’s heat up so now you’re taking you take it out over something over holy tastes quite chipper in here no it’s not boiling boys you got about an hour left ah I have an issue here well this only goes up to a hundred like I’m going for it I hope no let’s go help a lot happens in the chemistry of sugar crystallization between 110 and 120 ad I think I might go away with it I did point out one thing though I am so sorry I am a dirty hypocrite I’m surprised my ex has worked if it only went to one time now you’re gonna think I’m just saying this but that’s actually what I was looking for 1:18 go pop off and dribble it what I should have done is add the color while it was in the mixer so I’m just gonna go for it and then we beat it and if I over beat it there’s no going back you’ve ruined it so my thinking here is I’m gonna go for a fiery hot ginger macaron Wow in a yellow shell mmm yoky so unlike a lot of confectionery pastry desserts when you’ve whipped hair into something this is one of the few things that you actually it’s not problem to get rid of some of that as you work in it is going to lose its consistency is gonna become a little looser you don’t want it running it’s not turning white at all so if I can get it as white as possible with this luster I’ll be happy and then it will just have to be all about taste and texture so yes I’m screwed what kind of diameter you looking for no good I [Music] look how shaky I am got one hour 15 remaining let them sit for basically long enough to face don’t you get a skin moving outside okay white feeling it’s thinking about feeling what we’re thinking I think it was a lemon and ginger hot ginger into what what’s your vehicle is gonna carry these flavors cream every 10 or tensed everything’s that’s not to say that these guys couldn’t do that today but yeah I consider had a brainwave right so I’m going to make it possible Oh brilliant I’m back in the game hot ginger ice cream to go into Mama’s hot ice cream interesting blah say ice cream it’s just cold cream not unless like it’s it’s not gonna be so do you think I don’t know any well sorted down Mike how you gonna win this battle berries just won it for me what I’m gonna do is make something that I know will work a chocolate ganache it’s the right consistency to go in the middle it will hold it will cool it will taste lovely I’m going to chop up some dark chocolate and I’ll keep some cream up and then I’m going to melt the chocolate using the cream in a bowl I feel like when it comes to the personalization bit that’s the time to play to your strengths because the theme itself macarons or Swiss or whatever that is might not be your strength as I’m going in which ones you want don’t know my mate whether you want going oh I was thinking of infusing Michener with something a little bit Northy whoa kisses it’s her there’s Kirsch what are you playing at that’s right sir bottle since mouth literally can’t even get standing on the sides right how is that my fault I did they’re in a bottle that says Kirsch on it that was more than a hopeful how long have you met froms hat they’ve had 10 minutes 10 minutes how long do they need to have I think 10 minutes okay oh no I look terrible those look makes a little plate sir oh I’ve had a shocker here bats I’ve had a real shocker they have not gone well 35 minutes left I want this to cool up in time just to start to solidify so I’m going to whack it in the fridge for a little bit not too long just found some crystallized ginger really they’re really more what’s amazing about these formats is that you watch us mess it up and learn the lessons so that if you ever do this hopefully you don’t make the same mistakes oh no not so good this one don’t worry buzz this is between me and the audience no as I’m telling you now 20 minutes remaining you can only screw this up cocking up but I can’t happen how close are you to finishing I’m literally just having money getting else in the cupboard I found some cherries soaked in Kirsch I might shove them up good check is there buzz thank you very much to go on that method they lit up basically pedal off gradually little gray a little bit holy one minute left [Music] 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 [Music] let’s get me to the sixties [Music] [Music] well what a tough two hours that was what’s a watch yeah which ones we start with let’s go here it’s funny so before we even cut into it a nice flat top glitter shine not sure if that’s done quite what you wanted well quite right more shiny very passive-aggressive every some good feet a P ed and a good filling and you wouldn’t call me cut up mom but I want to show you the cross-section so we’ve definitely got that outer shell what hopefully might be a little chewy but maybe the melody very soft berry flavors are amazing on that really good well it didn’t really matter how that went because now we’re about to eat Oh straight off I like the shine of the ganache I like the shaving of chocolate because I actually think that it’s worked better than the glitter also got a fairly flat top also got feet my thumb’s already gone through it they’re a bit softer yeah these were face the exact amount of time an exact temperature in the same oven Oh [Music] a bit chewy a bit softer still eats well though yet not my best work I saw the grating of chocolate at the top I didn’t see the sprinkle of salt but I taste it if there was plenty of it and that’s quite good things otherwise it’s a very very very heavy rich ganache F&E a bit more chewy as opposed to mail to the mouth so a few degrees on temperature and a few grams here and there on mismatch of ratio and it’s amazing the difference it makes but today I think we probably in agreement here I think so I think that’s fair now winner is the lemon and ginger wanna marry comment down below let us know what should we tackle recipe us next recipe let us know what should we be cooking recipe nurse next did it again what should we be cooking recipe loose next time be careful how you say and if you want to give tried and tested macaron recipes ago then we’ve got a couple of line using various different meringue methods or our latest one into the beat cookbook links down below wow that was quite a journey all of these themes come from your ideas so thank you very much for sending them please keep commenting down below what recipes should we do recipe list next to keep punishing each other yes to the beat is available bright now it’s a load of great recipes styled themed and chaptered by genres of music from punk to country and classical to pop is bold it’s a load of fun and comes with bespoke Spotify playlists for you to play whilst you cook so go and grab it now at sorted Club and now a blooper so confusion began when the French macaron was moved into the English language and in the English language we much prefer the double-o
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