History Buffs: Total War Three Kingdoms Demo Impressions

so here’s a very special video to talk about the upcoming game from Creative Assembly total war three kingdoms now I’ve never covered video games in this channel before since I’m more of a film fanatic and a casual gamer at best because reviewing and researching historical films is my full-time job usually the only games are tend to play are the ones I already own and many of them happen to be from the Total War franchise I’ve been playing them since the very first Shogun and it’s my favorite strategy series so when Creative Assembly invited me to come down to their office and play the Three Kingdoms demo before the general public does you’re damn right I’m gonna jump at the opportunity and since many of you been asking me for years to do total war game I figured what better time than now so enough of my rambling let’s get into it for those of you who don’t know Three Kingdoms is set at ancient China in one IT ad this is when the Han Dynasty was about to fall and the Empire would split assuring in a hundred years of Civil War and much like the title suggests its heavily inspired by historical book about the period called Romance of the Three Kingdoms which is generally considered to be one of the most important novels in Chinese literature but because it was written over a thousand years later in the 14th century there are huge chunks of the book which are heavily romanticized and it almost reads like mythology for example you could compare it with Homer’s Iliad about the Trojan War we know the city of Troy did in fact exist but if there was an Achilles he probably wasn’t a demigod the same thing goes with the Icelandic sagas at the famous Viking Ragnar lothbrok who probably existed but I doubt that he killed a giant snake to rescue a princess in any case this blend of history and mythology will be incorporated into the game there’ll be two modes one is the classic Grand Campaign where you just focus on building your armies and economy to conquer the entire map the second mode is called Romance of the Three Kingdoms which will have all those fantastical elements from the book and has more of a story and your generals are all based on real historical figures you have Sal Sal who was like the Chinese equivalent of Julius Caesar yes soon Ren a noble lady who was also a great warrior and her brother son Shuang the founder of the state of eastern Wu and a great military commander in his right they all exist at the time but there are mats of the three kingdoms mode they possess what I can only describe as superpowers that you inflict on the enemy for example soon Ren is able to shoot an arrow that is strong enough to take down a few ranks of men the style of gameplay was first introduced in total war Warhammer and has now made its way into their historical games and the impression I got from Creative Assembly as to why they included it is because these features are within the spirit of the book the idea being that the common foot soldiers would hear secondhand stories about the skills of their generals and would heavily embellish on the details when telling it to others almost to the point where these guys would unrealistically be able to cut down a whole platoon by themselves so anyway in the game generals can also challenge each other in single combat which is pretty cool and during these jewels none of their men gets involved however just because you kill their general don’t expect the enemy army just to automatically throw down their weapons and swear allegiance to you even though that would be pretty sweet on occasion from what I can tell the battles play out the same way as almost every other total war game which is perfectly fine with me because I hate learning new controls in an already established franchise however I was caught a little bit off guard with the archers what’s different this time is that archers are now mixed between bowmen and infantry and unless you click on a certain button they don’t automatically start shooting where the enemy comes into range which is why I’ve got the crap kicked out of me here I mean honestly this is why I’m not a gamer because he wants to watch me on a let’s play when I completely suck at playing video games so in any case you’ll have to get used to a few new changes but if you’re a total war fan then this shouldn’t be a problem another new feature I was told by Creative Assembly is that the campaign map now has a day/night cycle which is okay with me I was able to see much of the map though just the flyover you’re seeing right now so I don’t know how large the map of China will be I don’t know if have the Silk Road if have deserts or jungles but I certainly hope so it would also be kind of cool if we get to send trade envoys to the Roman Empire but Creative Assembly wouldn’t confirm this with me the biggest change they’re excited to tell me about but weren’t ready to show me is that you’ll be able to use spies for the first time and in a very complex way and the cool thing is you can recruit spies from an enemy faction and the further up the ranks they climb the more information you’ll be able to gain on your enemy or ally and they can also do the same thing to you so there might be a circumstance where one of your best generals could in fact be a spy and unless you find out you will never realize it now I’m not exactly sure how you’ll be able to discover enemy spies in your faction like all you need to have enough information before you accuse someone or can you just point and them fingers at people and have them executed on the spot allowing you to rule your country through fear in an almost communist way a bit sadistic I know but it would be cool if they included it the one thing I do know is that when you discover a spy in your ranks you can recruit them to become a double agent and feed back false information to your enemy which is such an awesome idea and I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out well that’s about everything I know about this game from the short time I was able to play it I hope you found this video interesting and I’d like to say thanks to Creative Assembly for inviting me down to that our office now as to whether I’ll do another video on this game or something else in the future maybe I’m not planning to any time soon since reviewing historical movies is the focus of my channel but let me know how did in this video and I’ll ever think about it anyway thanks for watching history buffs and I’ll see you again next time
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDHxFxqonlw

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