History Buffs Threatened Copyright Strike! (UPDATE – Egeda Released Claim!)

hey guys it’s Nick Hodges here the other day I uploaded my latest review for the film Agora unfortunately not many of you might have known it as it’s been blocked by a company called a guida on copyright grounds now I’ve been dealing with copyright claims made by film companies ever since I started this channel usually what happens is that I dispute this claim and it gets lifted or I appeal a rejected dispute and it gets lifted the reason they always do get lifted is that my videos fall under fair use I’m reviewing these movies and informing you guys about the real history these films are based on their transformative enough to offer you something that the original films don’t however this is the first time my appeal has been rejected and now I have a big problem I was messaged by a guida saying that they have given me the opportunity to cancel my appeal within seven days or I will receive a strike in my account this is called a takedown notification and the reason why it this is a problem is that if I get a strike on my account first of all there’s still no video period and I’ll only be able to upload future videos of up to 50 minutes in length and I will lose a bunch of features for example I will no longer be able to make any money from my videos and I will lose my livelihood even further if I were to receive two more strikes my channel can be terminated I can send a counter notification to the copyright strike but if that gets rejected I can get sued that means no more reviews and no more history buffs now you guys know that my videos fall under fair use and it’s really unfair that companies like a guida are abusing the system to block videos protection against fraudulent claims like this are still really lacking after all this time and what’s even more ridiculous as I was praising the [ __ ] film I was telling you to go watch it so as you can imagine I’m a bit stressed about the whole situation I’ve dealt with claims in the past but this is new to me sadly the same cannot be said for a guida I don’t want to worry about this stuff I just want to make videos I was already supposed to have started researching my next film which is Saving Private Ryan but I heart until this matter is dealt with so I’m making this video in case my channel gets terminated and I have no way of reaching you guys except for Twitter and Facebook if you are already subscribed I would strongly urge you to follow me on either of these right now in case that happens a lot to be sharing any updates as this progresses links in the description box below if I decide to fight this there is a very good chance that this might be the last video of mine you’ll see for awhile it’s really unfortunate timing that right after I upload a video receiving my civil play button from YouTube for reaching 100,000 subscribers abuse of the system in this way still goes on some of you have already mentioned Fupa which is a wonderful organization started by h3h3 for circumstances like these they represent youtubers being sued for wrongful reasons particularly in cases of fair use it’s a great cause and I would recommend you guys to donate to them if you wish to support your favorite youtubers however I haven’t been sued yet or received a copyright strike for the moment I’m very stressed about the whole situation and I want to let you know what was going on I haven’t been on YouTube for that long so I am lacking a little bit of experience in these situations I’ll be emailing if you youtube for support so we’ll see what happens there I can honestly use little help fortunately Adam from your movie sucks or YMS was kind enough to speak to me last night and he was telling me he had dealt with agita before for the exact same reasons not only that be he has beaten them many times and has never been sued so he recommended that I fight this since my videos are clearly within fair use now I’d like to ask if you guys think this is the case are my reviews any different from YMS from nostalgia critic from I hate everything from red letter media I don’t think so and I have to make a decision whether to fight this or back down so anyway please share this if you can I would really appreciate it thank you to everyone for your support and wish me luck
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1hqh0P_2kM

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