History Buffs: Dunkirk Trailer Impressions

[Music] hello everybody my name is Nick Hodges and I thought it’d be fun to give you my impressions of the Dunkirk trailers but first may I just say how awesome it is to see the hype for this movie I mean like how often do we see a historical film headlining as a summer blockbuster especially when competing against our usual array of superhero movies and franchise projects a big reason of course because the director of Dunkirk Christopher Nolan gave us the greatest superhero movie of all as a result his name is just as much drawing powerful audiences as the Dark Knight himself but you know what if that gets more bums and seats to watch a historical film then I’m all for it especially when that movie concerns such an important moment in history that’s your average movie-going audience is mostly unaware of now of course since Dunkirk hasn’t come out yet I cannot possibly tell you how accurate it is so what I like to do instead is to point out what I hope to see in the final film based on what actually happened the possible exclusion of these moments and events may not ruin the movie for me per se but I feel that there would go a long way in painting a bigger picture for the audience and help show why Dunkirk was one of the defining moments of the Second World War but before we do that let me give you a quick summary of what the movies actually about as we all know the official start of the Second World War began with the German invasion of Poland just a few days later on the 3rd of September 1939 Great Britain and France declared war on Germany but despite the serious level of commitments by both Allies was an eight month period of relative inactivity on the western front no substantial effort was made to liberate Poland in the first weeks of the war resulting in its form and then again in April 1940 the Allies were unable to stop the German conquest of Norway and Denmark this period was known as the phoney war called the such by the Allied armies as they dug into defensive positions across the Maginot Line their commanders still thinking tactically that they were fighting the previous war waiting for the enemy to attack first but in the process the Germans were given the initiative and precious time to wage a new kind of war blitzkrieg lightning war from the 10th of May 1940 the Germans smashed through the Allied lines with dense concentrations of armored infantry personnel followed by dive bombers providing close air support the Allies were taken completely by surprise and retreated within weeks they were surrounded with their backs up against the French coast outflanked and cut off from their supplies in Normandy 400,000 Allied troops will now have to evacuate to the harbor of Dunkirk along 27 miles of beaches up to Ostend in Belgium and this is pretty much what the movie will be about and you can see a lot of what I mentioned shown in the trailers when it finally comes out in the cinema I’m interested to find out which version of history will be presented on screen will it be the one focusing heavily on that famous Dunkirk spirit how the British public pulled together in its darkest hour to rescue its trapped armies from the jaws of certain defeat or will the film take a bleaker approach highlighting key military blunders made by the high command and also show just how chaotic this evacuation really was in the early stages that was drunkenness looting insubordination and even desertion this of course doesn’t reflect on every soldier given the extraordinary circumstances most behaved admirably but there were examples being disciplined personally I’d like to see a balance of both of one hand it was a colossal military disaster at the same time it’s wrong to dismiss the amazing achievements that successfully saved hundreds of thousands of lives I’m also curious to see the role in which the RAF will play in this movie historically they’ve been strongly criticized for not doing enough to protect the men trapped in those beaches often by the very soldiers those pilots were trying to protect wait the bloody airport it would be interesting to see these allegations met head-on and get a balanced perspective it’s true that many the RAF pilots were young eager and inexperienced but they were all so outnumbered and faced battled hardened veterans of the Luftwaffe German pilots who had flown in the Spanish Civil War who had fought in Poland and Scandinavia who are now gunning for them it was indeed a trial by fire but it would prepare them later for the most important battle the RAF would ever face the Battle of Britain but as important as seeing the evacuation and Dunkirk I also hope that the film shows what was going on in the homefront particularly in Downing Street and the War Office consider this Winston Churchill only became the Prime Minister 16 days before the evacuation began he is witnessing the fall of France and quite possibly the fall of Europe he is within a hair’s breadth of losing his entire army and his ability to keep Great Britain in the fight not only does he have to worry about that but he faces strong political opposition both within his cabinet and without you have the American ambassador in England Joseph Kennedy the father of future US presidents John F Kennedy this guy hated the British was vocally dismissive their chances of survival a man who in Britain’s darkest hour would strongly argue against America providing military and economic aid you also have Lord Halifax the man who could have been Prime Minister who labeled Churchill as a war monger and strongly pushed for appeasement and brokering a peace with the Germans the inclusion of one of both historical figures would help show what was at stake at least in my opinion but if he had to ask me what I hope to see most in the upcoming film Dunkirk and that is the crucial 40,000 man French rearguard who stayed behind and defended Dunkirk spirometer buying time for the evacuation they didn’t leave their posts until the last boats have left they are heroes in every sense of the word and their story deserves to be told so that covers all the biggest things I hope to see in Dunkirk I hope you enjoyed this video and you’re just as excited as I am when it comes out now I’m going to crack on with researching my next review I’m going to take a little bit of a break and world war two stuff but in the meantime here’s a little teaser for you [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koUmnIJqrR8

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