History Buffs: Childhood Trauma

[Music] hello everybody my name is Nick Hodges and for this very quick video I’m doing something a little bit different now normally I review historical movies but just recently Adam from the channel your movie sucks did a series of videos called childhood trauma where he went to detail about children’s programming they messed him up as a kid then he asked a whole bunch of other youtubers including myself if we would like to quickly discuss our own experiences now I’ve been a fan of his work long before I started my youtube channel in fact his style of reviewing has been one of the big inspirations behind history buffs so when he asked me if I’d like to talk about a film that messed me up as a kid I said hell yes now many of us have recently celebrated Easter and during that time I was reminded of one children’s cartoon that I watched her way too young of an age that haunted my dreams and chilled me to the bone and forever tainted my view of the Easter holidays I am of course talking about watership down all of you Brits out there I’m sure that at least some of you will be able to empathize about why this scared the ever-loving [ __ ] out of me as a kid but for the rest of you who might be unfamiliar with it here’s the basic rundown watership down is a 1978 children’s movie based on the book of the same name by Richard Adams it focuses on a group of cute bunny rabbits who embark on an exciting adventure across the English countryside as they look for a new home there’s all the staples of a great animated feature with rich characters and intricate plot a fascinating law where the rabbits had their own unique religion and mythology but it has one feature that he won’t find in ravaged Disney movie [Music] now before you say anything yes this is a children’s movie when it came out it was and still is rated U for you Americans out there that’s the equivalent of a G rating oh by the way isn’t it hilarious how misleading this poster is because I can assure you it’s less like a family adventure you’ve ever seen and more like a brutal horrifying struggle for survival as we see these cute bunny rabbits get picked off one by one I mean like everything will be fine one minute we see a rabbit just chilling out and looking at the flowers and then suddenly throughout the entire runtime we see pretty much anything and everything trying to kill these little buggers we have badges we have rats cats owls and dogs and don’t even get me started on the dog in this movie [Music] now there’s this one scene that absolutely terrified me as a kid where Holly talks about how their Warren was destroyed by humans what happened Oh Warren destroyed destroyed in the Burroughs [Music] yeah too bad runs blocked with dead bodies everything to it bad if there’s anything that can give a child nightmares it is this just seeing these rabbits suffocate to death deep underground of being unable to push forwards due to the corpses blocking your path and unable to go back with the other rabbits frantically pushing into you I hit like it’s still send shivers down my spine and if that’s not bad enough they also have to worry about another group of rabbits called Africans they’re basically like a fascist Spartan like society that rules through intimidation and fear if another rabbit steps out of line they literally rip him to shreds and they’re led by an insane dictator called general wound word who for the longest time as a young boy I saw him as the personification of true evil like once he has you in his sights there’s no stopping him as he lives for violence and is incapable of reason independence kill him so without wishing to spoil more this is the film that gave me childhood trauma with its brutal violence and apocalyptic imagery of English fields running red with blood and it was obviously way too young to have watched it when I did but I’m thankful that I had I mean like it was a cool thing to talk about with your mates in school and terrifying as it was it didn’t stop me from re watching it again and again so enough so that I eventually overcame my fear of it so I highly recommend that you guys check out watership down when he can but just have a think first before you show it to your younger siblings maybe let them hold on to their innocence a little bit longer and I would also like to thank Adam for inviting me to collaborate on his childhood trauma videos if you’re interested you should definitely check out the series that inspired this one and the other big youtubers who will also be adding their own they’re all available on a playlist in the description box below now I’m going to crack on with researching my next historical movie review until then take care guys
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESND_eBNqfI

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