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Glad it didn’t work
out this morning. Oh, it’s coming
together in my brain. This is so cool. You guys are awesome. Oh my goodness. Sweet. You made it to say hi too. It’s like you
planned it this way. It’s like you measured
it or something. Mel and Curtis have this
very cool urban vibe to them. It’s remarkably visually light. It’s black iron. And you would think
that would look heavy. It doesn’t. Here we go. This is the centerpiece. This is the showstopper. They have really hit it out
of the park on this one. They really have. Oh, that’s so cool. Oh my goodness. So the handrail is off
cuts from the shelves. The shelves had a
lot of rod in them. And we went ahead and
poured it with black epoxy, and then when we trimmed them
to length, these came off. So that’s black epoxy. Yeah. I feel like this needs
to go this direction. Actually, I would
do it the opposite. Would you? Because it’s so light up there. Now do you want us
to level that off, or do you just want
it at the angle like? You know what? Yeah that would be flat. I feel like I’m comfortable
trusting your judgment on that. The guys do have the wood for
the handrail that’s gorgeous. We’re going to leave them to
do their business because we got other things to do. And I’m really excited to come
back and see it completely 100% put together and done. All right.
Thank you. Thank you guys.
It’s beautiful. I love it.
Oh, you guys are so nice. Take care. It’s like a nice clean
little layer, fluffy. We’re putting the
finishing touches on Mal and Curtis’s house. And although the landscaping
didn’t change much, a fresh coat of mulch
really goes a long way. It’s like a fresh coat of
paint around the shrubs. The biggest job today is
moving in all the furniture and the finishing touches. And really, the
biggest thing is Gary and his son’s custom
dining room table that we’re going
to be moving in. This table looks bomb. Yeah, but not with
this stuff on it. No. I’ll go grab the fruit. That stuff comes of. Let’s get rid of this. Everything we’re
doing in this house combines this urban
modern edgy kind of vibe with touches of
rustic throughout. And the furniture we chose
reflects that as well. We’re pairing a soft toned
warm couch with a really modern leather chair, alongside the
industrial iron staircase and the handcrafted wood railing. The transformation from
what they had before to what they have now is phenomenal. It’s just so them. It’s such a huge
responsibility when you’re working with
homeowners to get it right. And I feel like we’ve
gotten it right. We’ll know for sure tomorrow
because Mal and Curtis are coming to look at the
house, and hopefully they’re going to love what we’ve done. Good morning. Hi. Hello. I’m so excited. Good to see you. Hi. How are you? Hi. You are doing the whole thing. All right, come on. We’re ready. You guys haven’t actually
driven by or seen the outside? No. She’s been adamant about not
going by, so we’ve been– Good. That’s tough. You guys have more
self-control than I do. Yeah. I would not be able to do that. It’s definitely been tough. I need to see your eyes
when you give the reaction. You can look. You can look. Oh, man. Oh, I love it. Yeah. You can actually
see our house now. Before it was a dirty gray. A gray. Nothing really popping. The front porch had a
little bit of wear and tear. And just none of
it looked, like, exciting and fresh and young. And you guys are cool. So we definitely needed to give
it a more young, urban feel. And I think this color, and we
did the waterfall step down it, it doesn’t feel like
this like little gauntlet to get up onto this
little tiny porch. Agreed, yeah. Yeah, it looks like–
it looks bigger somehow. Did you notice the
different kind of siding that’s above the front porch? Yeah, I love that.
Yeah. Yeah. It’s called board and
batten, and it was just to break it up a little,
give you a little more dimension and variety. Yeah, it looks great. Do you want to go inside?
Yeah. Yes, please. Come on. Wow. Through your new front door. Oh my God, oh wow. Whoa. This is great. This is amazing. This feels like a new house. This is awesome. It’s cool because this is a
completely new space you’re in. Pretty much. I mean, your front door
was just past where it is. Yeah. And now you actually have a
little bit of an entryway. You come in, and you
have all this open space. Oh my gosh, there’s your bar. Yes, and it’s open. This is amazing. This is crazy. It looks so much better. And where you had your
real buggered up header, we now have one giant one
that spans the whole space. This feels safer in here. I don’t feel like it’s
going to collapse on me. Look at the shelves
and get excited. These super, super
cool live edge shelves were made by two
brothers, Dustin and Caleb, and their dad, Gary. They make really cool stuff. And we got these to match
the custom dining table. Yes. Look as you grown ups
with a dining room table. This is metal. Like, they inset metal. Cool. The custom wood work is awesome. That light edge
and everything, it looks fresh, and especially with
the iron incorporated with it. It looks really, really cool. I’m really excited about that. I had no idea, so. Yeah, I love that. All right, let’s
check out the kitchen. Oh my God. Oh my God. That’s amazing. Oh my God, it’s
completely different Yeah. This is amazing. Yeah, this is great. Look at the countertops. So we went with this combination
because the green cabinets and the butcher block
really kind of play into that organic vibe
that you guys like, where the subway
complements it well, because then it takes it
a little bit more urban. I’m just, I’m shocked. This is great. It’s amazing. So we made the windows bigger. Yeah, it is. Which think helps give
that big wide open feel. And the walls are lighter. This being open is huge, because
your door was right here. So now you’ve got all the
light coming from the back. But I think, even
with the uppers, it feels bigger than it did
after you guys did your demo. I like the small subway tile. It’s cute. We went with the dark grout. It kind of makes it a
little more urban feeling. I love that.
A little edgy. Yeah. Yeah. Next up is your living room. And I’m super excited about it. You want to take a look? Head this way. Wow. Oh my God. This is crazy. This is amazing. I know he wanted an iron
metal stair railing. How incredible is this? What do you think about
how that got interpreted? Is this the same
people that did– Yeah.
Yeah. That looks awesome. They are so talented, you guys. That looks so good. That’s better than I
could have imagined. It’s a cool element. This is so different. But also the dog has
a really nice space that goes all the way around. That’s awesome. And then the cat has its own
spot with the little stairs up into the nook. He’ll love it. If you step into
the living room, you have a brand new fireplace. Oh my gosh. What? Surprise. That’s amazing. I’ve been wanting a
fireplace for so long. So that was his request. He said he wanted to do a
little special something. Thanks. It looks so much better. There are a lot of new
additions to the house that I’m really excited
about, the fireplace, for one. The fireplace is great. That’s amazing. And then that little nook
for the dog and the cat. I like the stairs. I’ve always wanted to
utilize something there because it was wasted space. So it’s the same footprint. But I feel like your issue
before is it felt so small. Yeah. And the light
paint, the furniture placement changing a little
bit I think really helps. And you worked so
hard on the ship lap. We did. We had to have that stay. Awesome. You guys want to go check
out your master suite? Kind of. Yes. Well, you remember what
it was like before. I don’t even know. All right, your master suite. It’s so bright. I love this light fixture too. That’s awesome. This is great. I just like–
yeah, I’m so happy. Before this didn’t exist. Your bedroom was this small
space, and that was it. So this was all
created because we were able to do the front porch. Awesome. We’ve got nightstands. Nightstands, yeah. And you have plenty of room
for storage right behind you. All right, go ahead and
check out your en suite. All right. Oh, man. Oh my God. There’s a bench in the shower. A nice shelf for you too. Yeah, my product shelf. Oh my God, this is amazing. This is great. Wow. Amazing. Not only did you have
no vanity before, now you have a double vanity. Double. Your whole bathroom
is like a shower. So we did the tile
integrated into the floor. Yeah, I saw. And I feel like it
makes it feel so big with just that cool
piece of glass separating it. I love it. Oh, yeah, it’s glass.
That’s amazing. Oh my gosh. Oh, I love this so much. We were a little
terrified giving Mina and Karen the reins. We told them what we
liked what we expected, and the end result is
above expectations. I love it. It’s just great. They killed it.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfU7l5IssRE

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