Hb Update 21st July 2015

hi guys it’s Nick Hodges here and I guess this is the first sort of podcast that I’m putting on my channel although it’s not actually really a podcast but more of an update of what’s going on behind the scenes so first of all I just want to say thanks to all of you for subscribing and I can’t tell you how much joy brings to me when I read your comments and the positive feedback has been wonderful it really does motivate me in these early days and I promise that I’m gonna be working my ass off to make sure that these reviews continue improving with the writing and with the way I speak I also want to let you know that every single one of your requests I do write them down and I add them to a list of films to review most of your requests so far have been actually really convenient because I already happen to have these movies on my DVD shelf at home so they’re all waiting to be reviewed and it doesn’t look like I’m gonna be running out of content any time soon now the thing I need to let you guys know about briefly is unfortunately some of the problems I’m going through with uploading these videos since this is a brand new channel it’s going to be a bit of a bumpy ride until I learn how to deal with these issues the biggest one is that whenever I upload a review it gets picked up by YouTube’s Content ID system I’m sure most of you know what that is but for some of you who don’t I’ll quickly explain YouTube’s Content ID system is like a fingerprint scanner every time someone uploads a video on YouTube it detects any audio cue or frame rates that match up with any content they have on their database this is to stop piracy of course however it affects me because I’m reviewing movies now what’s happened recently is that I’ve picked up two copyright claims on gladiator and Zulu I disputed both since I’m reviewing them under fair use and that gives me the right to review these films and use footage from them without permission from the copyright holders however on Saturday the 18th both disputes have been rejected resulting in Gladiator being blocked there was absolutely no reason for this other than the studio’s wishing to bully people into not using their content now I have appealed both videos releasing the block and gladiator and unfortunately it takes up to 30 days me to get a response from them either that they are dropping their copyright strikes or that I’m getting a takedown notice this basically means that if I get two strikes in my account and if I get a third then my YouTube account is terminated which means that I have to dispute their takedown notice one last time with the exact same explanation that I’m reviewing these films under fair use at this point it’s like a copy and paste sort of thing I just reload the same message over and over again so at that point they have to take down that strikes down because they have to take down their strikes or they have to sue me which is [ __ ] because these videos are clearly under fair use these videos are these videos follow the same style and format to the Nostalgia Critic and red letter media and YMS this takes a long time to do as you can imagine because each time it can take up to 30 days if they’re really being stubborn about it this [ __ ] system puts all the power in hands of the studios until I call their bluff which unfortunately takes forever now how this affects you is that in these early days whenever I upload a review there’s a good chance it can be blocked within a week until I finished my other Appeals poor previous videos and appeal new ones for the moment I am working on trying to edit my reviews in a certain way that they don’t get picked up by the Content ID system I’m also looking into having a backup at website one day and a totally different place I won’t have to deal with this [ __ ] but for the moment this is unfortunately the situation so when you see a new review watch it as soon as you can in case it gets blocked because it might take a while for me to unblock it they usually do this like within a week so other than that I am really happy with how things have been going I’m really excited that people have generally just as interested in this shows concept as I am the reason why I did it in the first place is because whenever I watch a review of a historical movie it was always done by a generic film reviewer and all they do really is just to give their opinions on it it’s not that there’s anything wrong with that there are also many articles online discussing the historical accuracy for film but it’s never done on more than one movie it’s always written by someone who specializes in that period of history and that is the setting of the film that they’re writing about so I thought that this could be kind of a different take of historical movies and I also think it’s a bit ridiculous to lump historical movies with all the other genres people have been asking me if I worry about running out of content and whether I am pigeonholing myself by doing such a niche thing well I ask them to consider all those other critics who just do horror movies or just do science fiction movies or just do anime if history is a nice genre then it’s a genre that covers up to 7,000 years of recorded history and a lot of [ __ ] happen in that time and they also consider any film to be relevant to the show if it’s discussing something that actually happened this can be from Braveheart to Jersey Boys any film is relevant as long as it’s based on something that actually happened if you considered it that way then I have loads of material to work with and that’s not even mentioning all the movies that are being made every year so since no one else is doing something like this then I thought that this show could be something different and interesting now as you can imagine it takes a while for me to produce the show right and above all research it I don’t want to be that [ __ ] who doesn’t care about giving false information regarding his history videos and you’d actually be surprised how many historical documentaries are wrong or based their research on general misconceptions this means that I have to watch these documentaries and read books and sometimes they conflict with each other biggest tip I can say is do not take the History Channel at face value but you guys probably know about it with its wonderful shows like ancient aliens or swamp people but in any case people have been asking if I could upload podcasts between the weeks when I’m making a show I’d be really up for doing that but I would also really love to know what kind of podcast do you want should it be an email show why answer your questions or should I talk about various topics regarding history or should it be a kind of free-for-all [ __ ] show where I discuss discuss a general life for the co-hosts this is a brainstorm kind of thing and I would love to hear your suggestions or opinions or you can tell me to shut up and just figure it out for myself whatever please just let me know in the comment section and I’ll have a think about it so once again thank you all so much for your support and keep an eye out for my next review which will be on Saturday the 1st August thank you so much guys love you all
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OALs9xWvhlo

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