HB Retrospective: Zulu Review Commentary

hello everybody my name is Nick Hodges and I’m joined today by a good friend of mine Brian McHale hello I thought about doing these little mini commentary tracks for my previous episodes and I realize how unbelievably boring would be by myself so I was Brian if you could help me out with so appreciate my welcome no problem welcome to the next month’s worth of videos that most of you will skip yeah like this movies look I’m the Heartless hardcore fans will probably be watching why no it’s good cuz it’s like it’s been so you’ve been doing this officially for a year since two days ago um yeah yeah the first episode I would this actually this episode came out on the 4th of July 2015 son of a yeah trying to take away our anniversary maybe I should have done Patriot first you know to get that much more special see and ever everyone might have been psyched now because they saw the old intro oh god don’t even get me started on the intro No so like this is fine because now I guess I don’t know if you want to give the context of the reason you’re doing this is because you’re gonna be away yeah well uh well I’m gonna be uh traveling for like for a few months I’m going to America I’m actually going to comic-con like around the 20th July like I’m doing a gig for Vikings yeah like the History Channel’s gone back in touch with it want me to do more stuff with them and then kind of after that I’m gonna do like a little road trip around America so I’m not gonna have time to really you know devote myself to making these episodes so I thought maybe I could just do some audio commentaries instead yeah so to fill in the gap this is sort of like a retrospective this was one of the first films that triggered my fascination with history so it only seems right to look at both the film and the actual history behind the film this is Zulu and starting at the beginning yeah yeah yeah like a yeah okay I was gonna say I haven’t seen this for about a year it’s like you should know this like what do you spend so much time in the editing process you kind of get really sick of your own stuff up there right watch you get a hundred different times no I’m sure all these video yes look somewhat awful in in a way worse I do man like I recorded this with the crappy rock band microphone and well also because you spent so long which is the other thing we’re gonna get to because I look at this yeah so it’s it has been a year it’s been a year 2015 yeah which is insane because I remember you talking about this show since when oh dude I think it must have been like around 2000 and 2011 maybe no no no I think it it happened like around 2013 when the loading bar the work the job job I used to have it spilled calm that got canceled right and you know I was thinking about maybe I should try this YouTube gig and the problem was that I love movies right and the thing is on YouTube it’s kind of everyone’s doing a sort of movie review show and I thought like if I had any chance of you know so making it a career to do something a little bit different you know and at the time I couldn’t find any channel that only reviews historical movies and I thought maybe that could be my niche no one else not many other people doing right yeah and it’s actually kind of funny cuz like you this is the this is like the second or third version of this episode that was made you were actually helping me out but I was I was in the process of editing one of them yeah when I was gonna be more involved and then I remember to putting like all these kind of like animations in it and it was just way too much work for the output that you wanted to have I still have like clips somewhere on an external hard drive what that was originally gonna be like you had a co-host that yeah it was a much more like freeform thing yeah which didn’t work no it didn’t work and I listened to your advice wasn’t very I decide yeah it was just not a good idea and then there was a second version that’s how I shot by myself and it was gonna be kind of like a vlog I like the nostalgia critic we’re just gonna be cutting to me in my bedroom was like that and to be honest with you like I thought there’s there was nothing especially interesting about it you know so that kind of went out the window so it kind of smell like a year just like working on and off on these different versions so kind of what you see now is the third and final version when I’m like oh maybe some here really basic animation even just a little bit might capture people’s attention make it stand out a little bit so that to everyone listening who hasn’t made a show yet it’s it’s okay it takes a while because oh my god like I mean I was like I still want to do my own thing which is we’ll see when that happens but that kind of oh you’ve been talking about it for ages I’m really excited I can’t wait what that is so that’s that’s the same thing as we both been talking about doing our thing and then yours happened but it was like a long time I remember seeing you we met up in New York and we were still talking about it and it still hadn’t happened and was still just this episode just this movie yeah you know and and it was like okay so that’s that’ll happen someday and then like it didn’t this it finally have like a still a year later yeah it did and it’s just I I think like for anyone who’s listening to this and wants to do their own YouTube channel like I would just kind of recommend so go for it and also like make a show that you would want to watch yourself you know yeah hold yourself to the same standards you would hold everyone else so yeah and then just make the goddamn show because on it cuz honestly after you after like you got this stuff I mean you had like there’s some stuff that you have to do in a first episode to kind of you’re establishing who you are it’s like introducing yourself so it is and it’s actually kind of interesting watching this again like the structure of my episodes haven’t really deviated that much from this one but really yeah like you got part 1 part 2 and you know little animation things although this is a has a lot not as much humor I don’t think has any humor whatsoever I would still try to figure that it’s just like I really like the movie I really like Michael Caine in the movie yeah yeah uh okay that’s one thing that something changed already I don’t really talk about the actors performances anymore I mean like not that much room but I kind of just tried to stick with the historical stuff ya know I do like Mike okay this this is the first his first like movie right like his first breakout it is yeah it was his breakout role I mean I don’t think he did something before like I remember hearing a story that when he auditioned for the part Stanley Baker who’s the director of the movie and who plays that bad guy surcharge I think it shows uh he didn’t want to hire him so but because he was cockney yes and he couldn’t picture him playing a British officer and then the the producer of the film was American I believe said well he looks like a British officer yeah so that’s kind of how he he got the part its own yeah but this isn’t so much to talk about let’s talk about the reason stuff like that but I did end up watching this movie because of this because when I was editing it early on I hadn’t seen Zulu so that was the first time I’d seen it I think I watched Zulu and then Zulu dawn for the other Clips I just watched both the movies I also got like a whole like mini documentary series all about the Zulu and things like that so that’s why I mean it’s like you know to pace yourself because ended up doing way too much work for an episode that never aired and then this one is much more well I I appreciate it bro like you know it was a learning experience and definitely helped out in the end to to doing this a good its gonna start with this is still one of your higher you’d videos that surprisingly yeah yeah I mean like you know compared to some of my other episodes I think this one definitely so holds out but I did have a whole year dedicated to just doing this yeah cuz I used to have a crappy retail job so like it I’ll just come back at home and you know for a couple of hours like just play around with the script or with the footage and that kind of thing so that that’s that’s the key there for people who obsess about like everything needs to be perfect like after this one you kind of got that out of your system and then you’re like oh okay I can just make the show now so yeah but don’t get me wrong this episodes not perfect I could find plenty of stuff to critique about it yeah is there a is there any more to talk about with this episode because I’m now I’m just trying to think about um cuz we’re gonna go we’re gonna go through a few yeah yeah no we’re gonna go a few but yeah no I think that’s about it yeah you know I mean I I’m quite fond of this episode obviously but yeah pretty much it yeah you give it a fair shake you say you know it’s kind of accurate but funny has a lot of it’s got a lot of that old Hollywood classic cinema to it it is yeah I’m not like I really love these movies from the 60s because they do have like this on epic scale to them and and the small things they could say is historically inaccurate people have a go at me for saying like the location of the the Battle of Rorke’s drift is nothing compared to what you’ve seen the movie but I don’t really give a because it looks amazing oh yeah oh well we’ll talk we’ll talk about we’ll talk a little bit more about that as we go people calling you out for historical next night this is such a fun okay it’s just gonna be like a whole bunch of episodes where just like defending myself with every please please uh so I guess that’s enough for zoo yeah okay cool alright let’s move on to the next one right thanks for watching you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWG1kFMROME

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