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and now this is the second video that really got you attention Cleopatra’s still wrong shut up that’s good well no you know because see here’s the thing is with with great attention comes great responsibility everybody listen okay so it was very nice of all of the people in the Vikings subreddit who gave you some attention and then right after this this review you got quite a bit of attention and I got you into contact with some people which is really nice this is when you blew up this is the history buffs blow up moment where reddit started paying a bunch of attention you and the history subreddit started paying a lot of attention to you and hating you it’s Sunday yeah let me like I’m actually really surprised there was this episode in particular because like it’s a very underrated film I absolutely adored I think it’s one of my favorite films of all time simply because what it achieves yeah in terms of spec we look at that shop right I know yes but see that’s the thing is when when no one I guess this is a not a lot of people know about this movie yeah we look I I knew about it just because my dad was showing me this movie and Zulu and I mean look at that that is so or severed out the amazing power that is lost Soviet you okay some people at the comments section wrote like the Soviets have beaten us in regards with extras and movies we need to beat them there’s no $20 extras you will not be when did this movie come out it was 1970 I think not yeah you’re not you’re not gonna be like 60s to right around 80 you’re not gonna beat the Soviets thing no they were they were like military mode on what they were film maker mommy they just like um you know the I guess that the directors sergei bondarchuk i think his name was he’s like well we need some extras like there’s no problem we get Soviet Union Army and they just like had the soldiers camp out by the sets and they just fed them army rations I mean they say a lot of money by using just the Soviet Army to play as the extras and I am grateful ever since it’s such a young film no no nobody does that now I mean now it would be all CGI yeah no I got it would be all CGI and then some people have a good we were saying like you make all CGI sound like crap it’s not true I think CGI is best when you aren’t aware of it but it’s just it’s overdone today I think Brian yeah so not to it well yeah and a lot of it’s just sort of poorly executed the thing is the people who over use CGI I think would also poorly utilize practical effects if they if they didn’t have CGI they would just be doing poor visuals practically too but what it comes down to is I guess if something is not to get into a whole CGI thing cuz there’s a little off track but uh yeah they hit the idea of like you can’t you can’t tell me that it isn’t more impressive to have a whole actual army they’re like that’s amazing it is and there are some things that CGI can’t really replicate like the sunlight glinting off an Army’s weapons in the distance so it just feels so much more authentic you know like I could I could tell it’s real or or even even even if it could even if we yet and of course we’ll reach that point it’s someday yeah that we have totally realistic CGI but there is there is something about talk about getting off track you know what I watch it recently blood I watched because now we’re just gonna you now we’re we’re like three episodes deep we’re gonna get into just full conversations I watched the towering inferno what the hell is that have you seen the towers that – aw man it’s like a Steve McQueen and it’s like about this huge building in San Francisco and it’s there’s a fire and they use real fire and like it’s you know all practical because it was like 1974 right okay it was an Allen Irwin movie it was made by the same director as the 1970s King Kong okay made uh alright made the towering inferno just before so it’s this big epic movie and it’s it’s very heavy on using real fire and stuff like that and you watch it’s like oh she’s like these people are in danger it’s just different you know it’s it’s not about the visual so much as its something’s registering it well it’s that it’s your mind in your head of like oh you guys it’s it’s almost like you guys really shouldn’t be doing this have you ever seen the movie tora tora tora I have I think I have I’m right it’s about the attack on Pearl Harbor you know it’s it’s the good Pearl Harbor movie and there’s a scene where like a plane crashes on the runway and it’s obviously went out of control and nearly killed an extra and you could see it on the screen I’m like holy crap oh really died and you well that’s like uh you know the further back in time you go it’s like it’s not because you can’t you can only [ __ ] on CGI too much before you get to that point where you go well at least people aren’t dying so much what me you talk about like the old versions have been her and where they just flooded and killed a bunch of people it’s like Jesus thank you guys really of course like you could always take it a little bit too far I mean like you know there’s another thing all to point out that not all old movies I particularly like I don’t particularly care for films made in the 40s and 50s and I think it’s they’re gonna get in trouble I know I know it’s get in trouble it’s just the the hammy acting I think is what bugs me and you get to like the 60s and everything just it’s just everything just sort of clicks and it’s like we’ve talked about this before we’re like you like that kind of your sweet spot hits around right 60s 70s yeah absolutely yeah which falls right in line with kind of like the auteur director oh you mean like the new revolution of the film directors coming right yeah and like the Rat Pack and everything yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and we sit like kind of getting back on track so like when this would came out okay I guess a lot of people I guess a lot of Americans for example had never even seen Waterloo and you know all the comments of like I’d have even heard this movie I’ve got to get it right now and I’m like wow okay and this is the video that got me attention ya know all that no gladiator no Braveheart but was water mate what if you kind of expected it you’re like well I’m not really that surprised I can understand how come you are not surprised and I was well because I mean you can’t just like bring this to the party it’s like you can’t just show up with Waterloo and not expect people to sort of look and going wait I didn’t even know this was here this is crazy like oh so it’s it’s that kind of thing but also this was just like the latest this happened to be the latest video that you had uploaded at the time when you got attention from reddit for bike yeah yeah like Vikings was definitely I think it’s my highest viewed video to this date I’m pretty sure person so that started the ball rolling but it was definitely Waterloo that the hardcore history buffs on reddit like posters up then I was getting crazy man of you so that’s that’s what it is what’s going on with this movie is that if you are at all interested in historical movies like you are you and you haven’t heard of Waterloo this is the movie where it’s like this is a history buffs dream is to have this movie this is what you want this is like the top shelf it is and like this hardly any historical inaccuracies I was able to sort of find I mean of course there were you know here and there and you know but but for the most part it is a very authentic film and like I highly doubt that we’ll ever get a film like Waterloo again where they paid so much detail to big thick to the characters and the famous lines they say in the costumes and the battles and all of that they did they really worked their ass off for now and you could see it and appreciate it right yeah and and it makes the movie it’s better that that’s the thing we’re and we’ll talk about this more there’s like that kind of riding the line of trying to decide cuz I have because we’ve seen some people when you were getting a lot of the comments some people were saying that you didn’t know what you were talking about but there were also other saying well it’s irrelevant because a good movie is a good movie yeah which I think you stand by uh yeah I mean like let’s be honest here like I said gladiator a good film it’s full of [ __ ] though let’s be honest you’re you know and you know Ridley Scott is not exactly an you know said two things I can click much of the guy because two historical movies the gladiator is just lightning in a bottle for some reason it works well and so Waterloo is one of those where it just it happens to have best of both worlds it has it’s rooted in this fascinating history and then it also is just a complete amazing spectacle I mean when you look at those shots you just see ah just so much so much like amazing production there it would this would be an amazing spectacle if it was completely made up well actually yeah well in fact that it has basis in realities really the thing is though it did really badly when I came out which is such a shame I did it oh god dude when it came out of the cinema people thought it was like overdrawn pretentious and I’m like you smug pricks like you have no idea how good you had it back then apparently since Waterloo did so badly that was the reason why Stanley Kubrick didn’t do Napoleon right he was gonna do the movie Napoleon and he backed out because of how badly Waterloo did which that’s why I thought it was just that Waterloo existed that here no way are you kidding me like Stanley Kubrick gives two shits about like you know oh I can’t I have to be original you know of course he doesn’t think that way we thought that way no you’d be like I’ll just do it better I get I mean maybe he looked at this and was like I guess people don’t really care about you know Napoleon no that they don’t want to see a movie about him and was like no it’s just it just came out at the wrong time like if this came out today with you know modern actors it was done exactly the same way people would go ballistic mate they would eat it I don’t know man it’s I don’t see a single superhero in here what are you talking well I guess for the hardcore history buff fans I guess you know people would eat it up yeah I guess you’re right if it aired on HBO yeah it was yeah if it was a mini series on HBO people would just like love it was with that transition I was actually gonna say one of my favorite jokes is in this episode as well or the Bill and Ted oh yeah just cuz like Bill and Ted is one of my favorite movies and I wish thought like a beat hilarious if like the poly looks this telus company sees military everyone everyone listen up because then this will be the marker will you’ll know where eventually when that Bill and Ted review comes out I’ll got yes yeah maybe I think about be funny one day to do like a spoof episode of history buffs and just have a crack at Bill and Ted until got all that historical inaccuracies we’ll see yeah let’s then I guess we’re done talking about Waterloo but no it’s good good movie watch it yes that’s it for this one yeah well I’ve got a lot of fond memories of this very thankful for it oh and not [ __ ] it we’ll talk about more lair next one alright let’s do the next one okay so Napoleon being Napoleon decided the best defense was a good offense you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnKzl71sb78

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