HB Retrospective: Vikings Review Commentary

and the first with the dreaded hated answer the wrong Cleopatra oh shut up now you’re just [ __ ] up everywhere that was the new intro they’ve been working so hard on because I was getting a lot of grief for the old intro that it was like way too long and pretentious long Nick yeah and then as soon as you start using the New Age show what the old intro Nick oh that guy Carsten I’m just like you know fine forget about it you know just look isn’t the content the most important thing when he’s episode no no of course not maybe talking about maybe I should just like upload the same old intro again and again each you know each week maybe people will be concerned just go back and forth but this is the review or I guess well and predictions that got you the attention of the History Channel and a lot of cool things happen with this one yeah I know it did I mean like um because the wig thing is that Brian like when I got got contacted by any networks like they messaged me through YouTube not my private email address and and usually when I get contacted by various companies whatever there’s always the the logo so it’s like oh this is official there was nothing like that with this a email and I was like okay I’m gonna double-check the guy’s name and see if he’s you know legitimate and he was too turned out and I got like this amazing gig they they they they really liked the episode and they wanted to do um like a podcast series promoting the next season of Vikings and they were just it was all sort of last-minute thing because their original II they had a guy who was like a voiceover actor and that unfortunately fell through well fortunately for me for me you know that right for you is who you is pretty good yeah it was pretty good and yeah I just got the the best sort of job out of it like I got to go to Thailand and you know visit the sets and you know interview most of the cast which I’ve you know really enjoyed and hopefully not still you’re gonna still you’re gonna be going to comic-con yeah I’m gonna be go to comic-con so that’s why I don’t know like whether I’ll probably be in comic-con already by the time this episode comes out um but yeah yes I’ll be there and I know well they said to me that they want me to come back to island like sometime after the summer for the next season that they’re shooting and so like last time when I went to Ireland it was like at the tail end of the shoot I was only there for a few weeks so they kind of want me there almost pretty much from the very beginning to have more time on the set and talk to the actors as much as possible right which is insane like I never thought that I would have this opportunity to do that because I absolutely love this show and to meet these guys in real life was one of the high points in my life I’ll say yeah and everyone is still demanded cuz don’t you have a thing where they don’t really want you to make too many more predictions that’s exactly right they know you’re not supposed to feel because here’s the thing so you come out with this episode and then everyone’s like oh we want more we want more Vikings predictions and then meanwhile history comes up to you and they got don’t hey you’re not allowed it’s funny cuz like people saying to be good like after I make this episode I was about to start doing these mini episode reviews where like the first season of season 4 came out and I reviewed that then I got contacted pretty much that same night they’re like we want you to come out to island but also a guy but you can’t do any more Viking stuff it’s like oh really why is it cuz you can be doing it it’s on the the history website like oh [ __ ] no I go I fine you know yeah so anyone wondering you know what if you want more Viking content from Nick you can go straight over to history yeah just Google histories Vikings podcast and it’s on the History Channel websites and you’ll see like there’s a podcast for every single episode that oh the first half season 4 done I think though in the second half of season 4 when I do when I work with the History Channel again they will be video because they asked me like what I’d like to do to sort of improve how I like to be done for me I said well it’d be kind of cool if people can actually watch this stuff you know to actually see the actors and me interacting with the set and all of that and not that I’m exactly comfortable with it I know I’ve got on you know shitty on-screen persona you know that’s why I ended up with a cartoon character myself but I figured that people would be more interested in actually watching it rather than listening to it yeah so that that concludes the commentary of this sponsored by history video yes yes yes history and A&E networks and all checks in the mail and they’ve asked me that you watch Fighting’s and then makes it and also come support me when the those episodes come out I don’t know exactly when it will be but oh sure posted up on the history buffs channel at some point but hopefully you’ll see me on that thanks for what now the sagas were the stories of the exploits of famous and great Vikings often told around the fireside or in their great halls these stories would you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsMHHCu3-Js

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