HB Mini: The Admiral Roaring Currents

for this video I thought I would try something new as he well known my big reviews take a long time to make so from time to time I’m gonna try my best to upload smaller videos to help satisfy your history buffs fix focusing on historical films that are not as well known but I highly recommend and which better want to start off with than with the Admiral roaring currents’ this is a Korean film that has some of the best naval battle sequences I have ever seen I actually put it up there with master and commander so you know it’s going to be good set during the Indian War in 1597 this was a conflict where recently United Japan invaded Korea after a hundred years of civil war the samurai resolved their differences and joined together under a campaign of conquest their invasion kicks off to a very good start almost wiping out most of the Korean Navy at the Battle of chil Kyo Liang allowing their troops to land on the peninsula unchallenged as they march inland a Japanese armada of war than 300 ships sails ahead to hangsang modern-day Seoul their mission is to capture Korea’s Qing and resupply their advancing armies all that Korea has to oppose them are merely a dozen ships that managed to escape that disastrous defeat they’re quickly put under the command of the real-life historical figure admiral yi sun-shin who is probably one of the greatest Admirals in world history this guy would give Horatio Nelson a run for his money he was that good and it was this battle the battle of myeongnyang don’t make him a legend and the annals of naval warfare Kiba putana Toronto Bakura could affect young generation better [Applause] outnumbered ten to one he would use his enemy’s numbers against them by fighting the me Anyang straight unknown to the Japanese its waters conceal treacherous currents there regularly shifted throughout the day making sailing extremely difficult further constricted by the narrowness of the strait that served as a bottleneck when the battle finally begins in the second half of the film you can begin to understand why the Koreans were able to put up such a good fight and the action sequences are just bloody spectacular if you’re is unfamiliar with Asia naval combat as I am then this unique style of fighting might be something you’ve never seen before which was certainly the case for me I’ve only seen ships like this in pictures of museums but they never really struck me as actual warships for more like floating castles built for the purpose of transporting troops and boarding enemy vessels so seeing them in action adjust what they’re capable of in this movie was a unique experience the hands hand fighting is ruthlessly chaotic that feels real and gritty the film also does a great job of bringing you to the heart of the action in one minute and in the next a tactical view of the battlefields without it being too jarring now I’ve watched a lot of historical war films but my list of favorite ones usually stays the same the Admiral warring currents doesn’t quite make it for me but it is one of the recent few to come close the only negative thing I could say about it is that it can be pretty cheesy at times even though the whole movie is in Korean it Stern reminds me of something out of a Roland Emmerich movie for example the film often cuts to Korean civilians watching the battle on the shore but instead of being bystanders the film directly involves them in the action whether it be to Warren Easton Sheena Burton incoming Japanese fire ship or to rescue his flagship from getting sucked in a whirlpool by pulling on it with ropes from their little boats but my favorite part is when they get inspired by yi sun-shin bravery where are they going exactly are they gonna swim to the Japanese ships I mean you have to admit this is pretty silly it’s obvious that the film is trying to be very patriotic and the civilians are supposed to symbolize the Korean people making this battle a Korean victory just as much as the east of the sheets taking that into consideration it does make me doubt whether every battle sequence is a hundred percent accurate that they’re probably exaggerated for dramatic effect our ship has been destroyed all hats are lost now admittedly I cannot say for certain since I haven’t spent weeks researching this movie this is just my initial impression based on what I’ve read so far in the movie the Koreans are kicking ass but they’re just holding on by the skin of their teeth suffering many casualties in the process but based on my research it looks like the real batter was a lot more one-sided from what I was able to find the Japanese lost 30 to 31 ships and suffered between 8,000 and 12,000 dead and wounded the Koreans on the other hand didn’t lose a single ship their casualties were only two dead and three wounded if these numbers are true then it might not translate well on film if Yi sun-shin is effortlessly kicking arse and the Japanese can’t fight back then it would suck all the tension out of the movie but that’s just my opinion like I said this isn’t a regular history bus review this is simply me recommending a good historical film but I think you guys would enjoy perhaps someday I might return to the Admiral roaring currents’ and turn it into an official review in the meantime if you’re looking for something fresh and exciting with everything a Hollywood blockbuster can offer then definitely check this one out for the rest of you have seen it what do you think is as good as I’m saying it is or am I talking rubbish let me know in the comments section anyway thanks for watching history buffs and I’ll see you again next time
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJGXWKH8iX4

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