HB Mini: No Man’s Land

despite what the title of this movie suggests it was not set during the first world war instead it takes place during the Bosnian war of the 1990s and aside from its setting none of the events you see in the film really took place it is actually something more of a parable a very simple story that authentically illustrates just how completely insane that whole conflicts was so the movie begins with the Bosnian relief squads heading for the front lines but they get lost when a thick blanket of fog rolls in unable to see more than ten feet in front of them they decide to call it a night and push on a daybreak when hopefully the fog will have cleared by then by the time the Morning Sun creeps over the horizon the fog is lifted but then the Bosnian relief squad realize that they have made a fatal blunder during the night’s march instead of reaching friendly lines they have stumbled upon their enemy the Serbians who in quick fashion almost wipe out the entire squad seemingly the only survivor of this is a bosnian called chickie who is taking shelter in abandoned trench and is now stuck between the Serbian and Bosnian front lights effectively making this no man’s land hence the title of the movie the Serbs decide to send a couple of their guys to confirm their kills the older one seems to be a battle-hardened veteran and the other is a rookie called Nino together they head to the middle trench to look for survivors but chikki is able to hide in a nearby storage room thinking that they’re safe the veteran decides to show Nino what he likes to do with Bosnian corpses set in one of their feet he booby traps it with a bouncing mine knowing that of other Bosnians returned to the trench and recover their fallen comrades the weight lifted from the mine will set it off and exploded their faces knots like in this one bit cheeky comes out spraying killing the betterand Serb was only wounding Nino instead of finishing the job Chiqui decides to spare Nino and use him to try and signal for help [Music] you’re mashing oh yes now if you see when I get you touch more it through the or Zambia as the to wait for help they are shocked to discover that the dead Bosnian is very much alive and is from this point on that the film really kicks off cheeky refuses to abandon his traps friend Sara and he also can’t afford to let Nina go because he knows that the moment he does both he and his friends are at the mercy of the Serbs that’s not even mention the possibility that it could all blow up at any moment so very quickly things escalate and it’s not long before a local squad from the United Nations Protection Force gets involved when they hear about people trapped in no-man’s land the thing is they’re not sure if the trapped people are civilians or military which further complicates things because the United Nations official peacekeeping mission was to give humanitarian aid to oversee a ceasefire between all Balkan forces and yet remain neutral in the conflict they weren’t allowed to get involved or pick a site despite where the troops were seen on the ground they were only allowed to use their guns if they were fired upon now if these mission parameters sound at all vague or limiting then you can get a fair idea of just how useless the UN was in Bosnia perfectly well there’s nothing that I can do without the approval of the General Assembly of the United Nations I don’t think the General Assembly of the United Nations is going to convene itself specifically in order to deal with the problems of two unknown individuals trapped in no-man’s land there’s nothing I can do I just don’t have the authority anyway like I was saying a UN Squad hears about the traps people and they want to go help because they’re frustrated about their roles as mere bystanders so in an APC the squad drives to the middle trench and they meet cheeky Nino and Sarah but within less than five minutes of their arrival the commanding officer calls them up on the radio and orders them to pull out frustrated the squad obeys and leaves until they come across a cable news reporter who has had the entire conversation over the radio and demands to know what is going to be done about the trapped men and the rest of the movie is pretty much about this media circus with the UN before trying to not lose face with the whole world watching but also not get involved and the entire time you’re left wondering if cheeky Nino and Sarah are gonna make it out of this alive it’s a very absurd ludicrous situation but it is a perfect parable for how the Bosnian war was handled by the UN and despite its serious and dark subject matter the movie is also pretty funny we we came for people people you know okay people between lines yes yes okay where are they yes yes okay the co you understand nothing buddy yes you speak English English right we are here for people between lines people yes yes my absolute favorite bits are cheeky and Nino as they’re both bitter enemies in a tragic war and yet they have to talk to each other during this entire ordeal and some let’s abolish the course coil assume he’ll be missed as I said he’ll be missed as a ministry zeros to the patinas thermal police believed till the tsunami movie to be poacher poacher that cannot Mays for butternut to avoid further spoilers I don’t want to say anything else just know that this is a film they’ll make you laugh they’ll grab your attention and it will also piss you off there’s absolutely fantastic and well deserving of his Oscar that had won back in 2002 the first time that a Bosnian film had ever done so and now I would like to recommend it to my fellow history buffs so I hope you enjoyed this video and until next time take care guys
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS-q6NqJgoE

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