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Hannah’s Pantry Sweep Skillet Cookie

welcome to supermarket swings [Music] hey it’s me hannah and today we’re doing something a little different because i could not be more excited that leslie jones is taking over sunday nights with the all-new supermarket sweep on abc prime time supermarket sweep was my favorite game show when i was a kid and i want to get my kids just as pumped for the return as i am today we’re doing our own version of a little game show pantry sweep to celebrate supermarket suite premieres sunday october 18th at 8 7 central on abc here are the rules i have a recipe for a homemade rainbow sprinkles cake using only ingredients i already have in my pantry but it’s up to my two boys jackson and wyatt to figure out what those ingredients are by answering a few clues first then they’ll have to race against the clock to sweep through the pantry and find all the ingredients for this recipe but here’s the thing i can only use the ingredients that they bring me even if they bring me the wrong stuff so this should be interesting to say the least but let’s get started i’m ready to go are you guys ready to answer some questions i’m yellow but i’m not a rubber duck i come in a stick shape but i don’t grow on trees i can be spread on toast but i’m not jammed butter butter butter butter you guys butter awesome next clue humpty dumpty was one of these before he fell off the wall hey yeah yeah that’s good y’all are killing this game i love it all right this is a two-part clue are you ready yeah yes the first word is what you see after it rains yes excellent okay part two my name and what i do are the same word but i taste the best when i’m on top of ice cream sprinkles you got it now that you guys got all the clues are you ready to find your ingredients yes all right get set go wow butter you got it all right don’t give up and you got me baking powder oh no baby what you doing what are you doing what are these wyatts sprinkles sprinkles sprinkles okay that is how you play the game i think i have all that i need to make a delicious dessert so the boys gave me rainbow colored cereal instead of sprinkles and marshmallows so that gave me the idea to make a marshmallow cereal treat and that’ll incorporate into my bigger dessert and i think it’ll taste really good now i’d intended to make a rainbow sprinkle cake for this recipe but i have a few wild card ingredients here that’s the cereal the marshmallows and the brown sugar brown sugar works way better in cookies so i’m going to take these ingredients and pivot completely i’m going to create a stuffed skillet cookie the first thing i’m going to use is this rainbow cereal the marshmallows and some butter i’m going to make some marshmallow cereal treats these are really simple they come together so quickly you basically melt it all in a pot stir in your cereal press it into a pan and cool that so once it’s cool i’m going to cut these into small squares and i will use these in my cookie moving on to the cookie dough i’m going to start by combining my dry ingredients we’ve got flour baking powder baking soda and salt so the wet ingredients are brown sugar butter vanilla extract and one large egg and two large egg yolks so here’s a tip for separating your eggs so you can get nice clean yolks do it when the eggs are at room temperature they’ll separate really easily so now it’s time to combine the wet and the dry ingredients and i’m going to stir those up until it’s just mixed because i’m adding more cereal to this and i’m going to mix it again you don’t want to over mix your dough you want it to be just combined so you get a nice delicious fluffy cookie time to press this down into the cast iron i’m using about a third of the dough mixture then i’m going to take my little squares of cereal treats and press those into the dough that’s going to be the stuffing for this skillet cookie and then use the rest of the dough to top them now this is key when the cookie is still hot gently press the remaining treat squares into the top of the cookie i’m gonna scatter some marshmallows from my cereal over the top and let this cool in the pan for about 20 minutes it smells amazing i can’t wait to see what the boys think um yes [Applause] good i like it better than cake well that was the most fun i’ve had in the kitchen in such a long time and that cookie turned out delicious thank you so much for challenging me didn’t it turn out good i didn’t like it i loved it make sure you try this pantry challenge at home and don’t forget when you’re at the checkout and you hear the beat think of all the fun you’ll have on supermarket suite on supermarket suite the more you spend the closer you get to that hundred thousand dollar jackpot y’all killing this game you
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