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Handle It – Whisky Syrup Bacon Pancakes

what’s up internet welcome to handle it instructional cooking show where the guys from Epic Meal Time show you their secrets of the culinary arts today we’re going to making whiskey syrup and bacon pancakes makin bacon pancakes stick the bacon in you I’m here with my boy Prince Atari what up did you know the Greeks created pancakes no I thought they just meant to ask haha Prince Atari you want to let us know which tools and ingredients we’ll be using to fill be meeting the epic Meal Time frying pan sauce pan spatula the flipper from the Epic Meal Time knife cutting board you cannot include it and the ingredients we’re gonna be needing for these bacon pancakes is obviously bacon flour three teaspoons of butter one egg a teaspoon of salt three teaspoons of sugar two tablespoons of baking powder and the ingredients we’ll be needing for our whiskey maple syrup Jack Daniels and maple syrup alright first thing up is the whiskey maple syrup I think the proportions are what three to one liquor two syrup whatever you want well that’s right this is how I do it I like to do by I by I I mean I not give it an i out of use about that much I’m gonna bring this over to the stovetop but we’re gonna heat it up a bit alright so I set down the crack digas onto the stovetop put it to medium heat and we’re gonna let that get to a rolling boil well hardly is handling the liquor over there bring it to a boil I’m gonna be getting bacon bits ready for our bacon pancakes you want to start taking your knife and make nice little cuts in that bacon so you get that bacon bit effect get that on the close-up sexcam oh now that I’m done cutting up all my bacon for bacon bits I’m just gonna bring this to the heat and bring Harley the maple syrup so he continued thanks dog legitimate Canadian maple syrup right here remember if it don’t say Quebec on the bottle it ain’t legit pour one part maple syrup to your three parts yok Doug Knowles and while that’s going I’m gonna get this bacon to a sizzle putting it on high heat make that nice and crispy make sure to keep the bacon fat inside the pan to help make the cake in extra crispy yeah but I like my bacon soggy the same all right so we’re gonna take our whiskey maple syrup we’re gonna let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes or until the room starts to smell like your drunk alcoholic uncle’s hot breath and with these bacon bits want to make sure that you let them cook to a crit all right so our whiskey maple syrup is settled and we reduced and which we let this chill for about ten minutes and we got our bacon nice and crispy so you just want to make sure you extract that from the pan so you don’t have any grease why are we separating the bacon from the grease cuz you’ll want to have the bacon grease interfere with any of your dry ingredients this is a silence right here totally science so whether you’re cooking math or you’re cooking bacon it’s all science homey and for our pancake batter we’re gonna start with our dry ingredients first flour baking powder sugar salt butter egg to get the right consistency add a bit of milk you getting this all the sex through porno cam you want to start giving that a little stir before you add the bacon bits bacon no yeah man okay I’m sure bacon now yeah it’s ready after your whisking this is definitely the consistency you’re looking for make it rain now this is all mixed up perfectly we got our bacon bits all mixed into our pancake batter Dallas times bring it to the frying pan I’m coming too now save little bacon grease left in the pan to help lubricate and also give it some our pancakes additional flavor and now you are ready to put in your pancake batter now cooking pancakes are two tips to tell you that they’re ready to flip good keep your eye out for the surface when it’s bubbling or could always take a spatula and take a little peek underneath on the bottom yeah these bad boys are ready for a flip and there’s your triple stack so we’ve got our finished product bacon pancakes and some whiskey maple syrup what’s up with that dress girl I got you off a little nugget up you’re like a saucy surgeon but yourself I’m saying what’s up with my fingers because I’m good like that these pancakes will get you drunk thank you for watching handle it intern instructional cooking show I’m Harley I’m a mirror we just showed you how to make bacon pancakes with whiskey maple syrup mother ah it’s the man’s cooking show make sure you pick up the epic meal time cooking Oracle so you can follow along more easily in the future click subscribe cuz every Mouse in a week we bring a new recipes that’s what’s good you
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