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Handle It – Stuffed French Toast

what’s up late welcome to handle it hey don’t start this is my time to shine welcome to handle it instructional cooking show where we can teach you to be a better human being in the kitchen guaranteed and I figure well you know we can put a little disclaimer saying results or not guarantee yeah we’ll teach you how to cook make sure you got your head from meal time cooking our floor or whatever in utensils you got here’s our kitchen today we’re cooking cream cheese bacon bits stuff french toast pouches stuffed with cream cheese bacon bit french toast I made that up so they well how much tell us what we’re gonna need for today’s episode of handling don’t talk to me like that one we’re in the kitchen here’s what you’ll need Epic Meal Time spatula baking tray Epic Meal Time tongs epic Meal Time knife I’m cutting board at house Toms house pod and Epic Meal Time frying pan alright here’s what you’re gonna need 1 cup of cream cheese tinfoil 1/2 pack of bacon 4 eggs one loaf of white bread cinnamon we’re gonna use 2 tablespoons but we have to buy all the rest of it so make sure you subscribe to see what we do with all this missing cinnamon step number 1 grab 4 eggs and crack them into your pot is going to serve as the batter for your french toast what add some cinnamon to that 2 tablespoon I’m gonna do it by eye zone here if you value what you put in your body maybe you should get a measuring thing go to town go ahead and whisk together your eggs and cinnamon with the reverse end of the spatula with your eggs with the wrong tools just use the reverse side of this cuz it’s easy like that see what’s happening see those eggs they’re becoming a batter with the cinnamon since they’ve lost the head pushing contest I’m gonna go preheat the oven to 350 sparin height while he makes us a drink a bit quietly please I just lined up my cooking tray with tinfoil and now I’m gonna lay down my bacon strips quick slap me in the forehead with it a little better because I’m better than that in that fun scribe for more bacon face slaps you can go ahead and bunch those together on the tray a little bit lardy’s closer I think we could fit more bacon on the tray and I don’t know about you but more bacon is just now what we’re all about right hey you have really high cholesterol the doctor said you should stop being bacon I’m dying I don’t embarrass you so we’re gonna bunch the bacon real close together let’s go ahead and throw that knee up and one handle my meat cuz I’m all greasy from it go ahead and throw them strips in for about 15 minutes so if you’re just tuning in this is the internet we’re gonna decrease the bacon cuz otherwise these bacon strips won’t cook and now we’re gonna flip me before I put them back in like that and we’ll put it back in there’s no pizza here see that that’s success no there’s no pizza go ahead and slide your pork Ling’s off the tray onto the cutting board we’re gonna dice it up and we’re gonna dice them up into bits all right well they’re delicious gonna dice this nicely into some fine little bits make sure not to chop your fingers off it’s very easy to do so with such a sharp knife so we got our two cups of cream cheese I just grabbed the whole home cake your bacon bits jam that in there make sure you don’t miss any crumbs take it you can use a spoon if you’re a fan boy but I’ll use my hands cuz I’m gonna give a five-way now we’re ready to assemble our stuffed french toast take your white bread over there and lay it out got our bacon cream cheese which we made extra chunky you don’t need to make yours extra chunky it’s your life you could do it over you want Matt remember that you know like Davey you have without anyone more soaked you bro I fully had lines to say and you just jacked it all just are you happy with that or not a little bit more cheese seal it up okay so we’re gonna take the other piece put on top to crust off like my mommy do Dave over here at salams job go ahead we have any on any old fort go ahead and grab any old fork and crimp the edges of your toast so crimping is gonna seal it in and give it that little chef boyardee strike don’t forget to do the flip side of it yeah get that backside boy I sounded really mad yeah I hate you for that thanks tore the pan on the stove add a little bit of butter to grease it up so that your french toast doesn’t stick now that the French toast squares are ready let’s go ahead and dunk them into the egg wash and throw them on the pan until they’re at a golden brown color in the event you enjoy making a ton of french toast squares go ahead and rebut er your pan before applying new squares see that that is the golden-brown color you’re looking for all right that’s our final meal right there our cream cheese bacon bit stuffed french toast mother hope you enjoyed yourself because you just learned something today I’m Harley I’m cousin Dave make sure you pick up the epic meal time cooking arsenal so you can follow along on future recipes I like to enjoy mine with some Jack Daniels whiskey maple syrup make sure you click the annotation to see how we cook that previous episode alright and remember one thing you don’t need to know how to cook to know how to cook you just need to know how to do origami yeah we did good job Oh you
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